Commit d45b5bc3 authored by Tim Martin's avatar Tim Martin
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Don't doTrigger if we are just reading an AOD (legacy)

parent 6c061ad6
...@@ -58,12 +58,11 @@ if not ('RunningRTT' in dir()): ...@@ -58,12 +58,11 @@ if not ('RunningRTT' in dir()):
rec.doCBNT=False rec.doCBNT=False
from RecExConfig.RecFlags import rec from RecExConfig.RecFlags import rec
rec.doTrigger=True rec.doTrigger=False
from RecExConfig.RecAlgsFlags import recAlgs from RecExConfig.RecAlgsFlags import recAlgs
recAlgs.doTrigger=True recAlgs.doTrigger=False
from TriggerJobOpts.TriggerFlags import TriggerFlags from TriggerJobOpts.TriggerFlags import TriggerFlags
TriggerFlags.doTriggerConfigOnly=True TriggerFlags.doTriggerConfigOnly=False
rec.doWriteAOD=False rec.doWriteAOD=False
rec.doWriteESD=False rec.doWriteESD=False
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