Commit d9d6bf01 authored by Chris Hays's avatar Chris Hays
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Merge branch 'spg_update' into '21.6'

Allow for Single Particle Guns setups with unstable particles

See merge request atlas/athena!35338
parents 2622e3e7 9c54eefb
......@@ -409,7 +409,7 @@ const HepMC::GenEvent* Rivet_i::checkEvent(const HepMC::GenEvent* event) {
if (!modEvent->valid_beam_particles()) {
if (m_isSPG && modEvent->particles_size() == 1) {
if (m_isSPG) {
// a single particle gun only has one particle without
// a production vertex. In this kludge, we add a
// dummy vertex with an exact copy of the particle
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