Commit e1d4e7a1 authored by Jochen Meyer's avatar Jochen Meyer Committed by Graeme Stewart
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addressing coverity defect (MuonTruthAlgs-02-12-04)

	* addressing coverity defect 30160
	* tagged as MuonTruthAlgs-02-12-04
parent b1bf430b
......@@ -47,7 +47,8 @@ StatusCode MuonTruthSummaryAlg::execute() {
for (auto seg : *segments) {
const Trk::Segment* tseg = seg;
const Muon::MuonSegment* muonSeg = dynamic_cast<const Muon::MuonSegment*>(tseg);
if(muonSeg) m_truthSummaryTool->add(*muonSeg,2);
else ATH_MSG_WARNING ("Trk::Segment cannot be casted in Muon::MuonSegment.");
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