Commit e3d7986b authored by Adam Edward Barton's avatar Adam Edward Barton
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Merge branch 'master-ATR-20931' into 'master'

Generate json L1 menu for all menu types (ATR-20931)

Closes ATR-20931

See merge request !30558
parents a953dddd b5995dea
...@@ -234,11 +234,15 @@ class L1MenuConfig(object): ...@@ -234,11 +234,15 @@ class L1MenuConfig(object):
return None return None
def menuToLoad(self,silent=False): def menuToLoad(self,silent=False):
menuToLoad = self.menuName """ resolve the menu name to the menu files to load"""
if menuToLoad == "LS2_v1" or menuToLoad == "pp_run3_v1" in menuToLoad: menuToLoadReq = self.menuName
menuToLoad = "MC_pp_v8" from .Menu.MenuMapping import menuMap
if menuToLoadReq in menuMap:
menuToLoad = menuMap[menuToLoadReq]
if not silent: if not silent:"Menu LS2_v1/*_pp_run3_v1 was requested but is not available yet. Will load MC_pp_v8 instead. This is a TEMPORARY meassure")"Menu %s was requested, but will load %s as specified in TriggerMenuMT.L1.Menu.menuMap", menuToLoadReq, menuToLoad)
menuToLoad = menuToLoadReq
return menuToLoad return menuToLoad
def _checkMenuExistence(self): def _checkMenuExistence(self):
menuMap = {
"LS2_v1" : "MC_pp_v8",
"Physics_pp_run3_v1" : "MC_pp_v8",
"MC_pp_run3_v1" : "MC_pp_v8",
"Physics_pp_v8" : "MC_pp_v8",
"Cosmic_pp_run3_v1" : "MC_pp_v8",
"Physics_HI_v4" : "MC_pp_v8",
"MC_HI_v4" : "MC_pp_v8",
"PhysicsP1_pp_run3_v1" : "MC_pp_v8"
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