Verified Commit ed1ae513 authored by Tadej Novak's avatar Tadej Novak
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Remove redundant static_cast in the PixelDigitizationTool

parent e5bf4809
......@@ -136,9 +136,8 @@ StatusCode PixelDigitizationTool::digitizeEvent() {
// Create the identifier for the collection
ATH_MSG_DEBUG("create ID for the hit collection");
const PixelID* PID = static_cast<const PixelID*>(m_detID);
Identifier id = PID->wafer_id((*firstHit)->getBarrelEndcap(),(*firstHit)->getLayerDisk(),(*firstHit)->getPhiModule(),(*firstHit)->getEtaModule());
IdentifierHash wafer_hash = PID->wafer_hash(id);
Identifier id = m_detID->wafer_id((*firstHit)->getBarrelEndcap(),(*firstHit)->getLayerDisk(),(*firstHit)->getPhiModule(),(*firstHit)->getEtaModule());
IdentifierHash wafer_hash = m_detID->wafer_hash(id);
// Get the det element from the manager
const InDetDD::SiDetectorElement* sielement = elements->getDetectorElement(wafer_hash);
......@@ -71,7 +71,7 @@ class PixelDigitizationTool : public PileUpToolBase {
bool m_HardScatterSplittingSkipper{false};
Gaudi::Property<bool> m_onlyHitElements{this, "OnlyHitElements", false, "Process only elements with hits"};
const PixelID *m_detID{};
const PixelID *m_detID{};
TimedHitCollection<SiHit> *m_timedHits{};
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