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xAOD migration (MuGirlPerformanceTools-00-00-26)

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Copyright (C) 2002-2017 CERN for the benefit of the ATLAS collaboration
// MuGirlPerformanceTruthTool.h, (c) ATLAS Detector software
#include "AthenaBaseComps/AthAlgTool.h"
#include "GaudiKernel/ToolHandle.h"
#include "GaudiKernel/NTuple.h"
#include "MuGirlInterfaces/IPerformanceTruthTool.h"
#include "iPatInterfaces/ITruthParameters.h"
#include "TrigMuonEvent/MuonFeature.h"
#include "TrigMuonEvent/TrigMuonEFTrack.h"
class TrigMuonEFTrack;
class MuonFeature;
class AtlasDetectorID;
class Identifier;
class McEventCollection;
class TruthParameters;
class ITruthParameters;
namespace iPatTrackParameters
class PerigeeParameters;
namespace MuGirlNS
/** @class MuGirlPerformanceTruthTool
@author Zvi Tarem <>
class CandidateSummary;
class PerformanceTruthTool : virtual public IPerformanceTruthTool, public AthAlgTool
PerformanceTruthTool(const std::string&,const std::string&,const IInterface*);
/** default destructor */
virtual ~PerformanceTruthTool ();
/** standard Athena-Algorithm method */
virtual StatusCode initialize();
/** standard Athena-Algorithm method */
virtual StatusCode finalize ();
virtual StatusCode printParticle(int i);
virtual StatusCode getTruthMuons(TruthMuonList& truthMuonList);
//virtual StatusCode getTruthTrack(const Rec::TrackParticle* pParticle, TruthTrack& truthTrack);
virtual StatusCode getTruthTrack(const xAOD::TrackParticle* pParticle, TruthTrack& truthTrack,CandidateSummary* summary);
virtual StatusCode bookNTuple(NTuple::Tuple* pNTuple);
virtual StatusCode fillNTuple(CandidateSummary* summary);
//virtual StatusCode fillNTuple(const Rec::TrackParticle* pParticle, CandidateSummary* summary=NULL);
virtual StatusCode getTruthTrack(const MuonFeature* muonFeature, TruthTrack& truthTrack, CandidateSummary* summary);
virtual StatusCode getTruthTrack(const TrigMuonEFTrack* muonEFTrack, TruthTrack& truthTrack, CandidateSummary* summary);
/** member variables for algorithm properties: */
ToolHandle<ITruthParameters> m_truthParameters;
const McEventCollection* m_pMcEventCollection;
StringProperty m_sTrackRecordCollection; /**< The name of the track record collection in the store */
StringProperty m_sMcEventCollection;
BooleanProperty m_doOnlyMuonEntry;
NTuple::Item<float> m_pTruthPdgId; /**< Truth: Pdg_Id */
NTuple::Item<float> m_pTruthPdgMother; /**< Truth: Mother's PdgID*/
NTuple::Item<float> m_pTruthPt; /**< Truth: pT */
NTuple::Item<float> m_pTruthQOverP; /**< Truth: Inverse pt (multiplied by charge)*/
NTuple::Item<float> m_pTruthEta; /**< Truth: Eta at the origin */
NTuple::Item<float> m_pTruthPhi; /**< Truth: Phi at the origin */
NTuple::Item<float> m_pTruthTheta; /**< Truth: Theta at the origin */
NTuple::Item<float> m_pTrutha0; /**< Truth: a0 at the origin */
NTuple::Item<float> m_pTruthz0; /**< Truth: z0 at the origin */
NTuple::Item<float> m_pTruthCharge; /**< Truth: Charge */
NTuple::Item<float> m_pTruthDPt; /**< Truth: (pT(Truth) - pT(ID)) / pT(Truth) */
NTuple::Item<float> m_pTruthDEta; /**< Truth: Eta(Truth) - Eta(ID) */
NTuple::Item<float> m_pTruthDPhi; /**< Truth: Phi(Truth) - Phi(ID) */
} // end of namespace
package MuGirlPerformanceTools
author Zvi Tarem <>
use AthenaBaseComps AthenaBaseComps-* Control
use AtlasPolicy AtlasPolicy-*
use GaudiInterface GaudiInterface-* External
use TrigMuonEvent TrigMuonEvent-* Trigger/TrigEvent
use MuGirlInterfaces MuGirlInterfaces-* Reconstruction/MuonIdentification
use iPatInterfaces iPatInterfaces-* Reconstruction/iPat
use GeneratorObjects GeneratorObjects-* Generators
use TrackRecord TrackRecord-* Simulation/G4Sim
use TruthTools TruthTools-* Generators/GenAnalysisTools
use iPatTrackParameters iPatTrackParameters-* Reconstruction/iPat
use iPatTruthTrajectory iPatTruthTrajectory-* Reconstruction/iPat
apply_pattern component_library
library MuGirlPerformanceTools *.cxx components/*.cxx
use MuGirlCandidate * Reconstruction/MuonIdentification
#macro cppdebugflags '$(cppdebugflags_s)'
#macro_remove componentshr_linkopts "-Wl,-s"
Copyright (C) 2002-2017 CERN for the benefit of the ATLAS collaboration
@mainpage MuGirlPerformanceTools Package
>> Please enter an overview of the created package here: What does it contain?
@author Zvi Tarem <>
@section MuGirlPerformanceToolsIntro Introduction
>> Please enter a brief description of the package here.
@section MuGirlPerformanceToolsReq Requirements
@include requirements
#include "GaudiKernel/DeclareFactoryEntries.h"
#include "MuGirlPerformanceTools/PerformanceTruthTool.h"
DECLARE_NAMESPACE_TOOL( MuGirlNS, PerformanceTruthTool )
#include "GaudiKernel/LoadFactoryEntries.h"
LOAD_FACTORY_ENTRIES( MuGirlPerformanceTools )
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