Commit fc4465a7 authored by Mark Hodgkinson's avatar Mark Hodgkinson
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Bug fix for ATR-20919 to avoid FPE.

Some calorimeter cells have zero volume (e.g presampler and TileGap), and so one cannot construct an energy density
for them without an FPE occurring.
parent 48f16bae
......@@ -197,6 +197,10 @@ void eflowLayerIntegrator::measureCluster(const xAOD::CaloCluster* clus, const e
void eflowLayerIntegrator::measureCell(const CaloCell* cell, const eflowTrackCaloPoints& trackCalo) {
const CaloDetDescrElement* caloDetDescrElement = cell->caloDDE();
if (!caloDetDescrElement) return;
//very rarely a calorimeter cell has zero volume - in such cases one cannot calculate an energy fensity.
//This is expected to happen for certain cells, for example presampler barrel or some tile gap cells.
//See for discussion of this bug.
if ( caloDetDescrElement->volume() < 1e-6 ) return;
eflowCaloENUM layer = eflowCalo::translateSampl(caloDetDescrElement->getSampling());
if (eflowCalo::Unknown == layer) { return; }
......@@ -220,7 +224,6 @@ void eflowLayerIntegrator::measureCell(const CaloCell* cell, const eflowTrackCal
eflowRange etaRange(dEta - etaWidth/2.0, dEta + etaWidth/2.0);
eflowRange phiRange(dPhi - phiWidth/2.0, dPhi+phiWidth/2.0);
// const double weight = m_integrator->integrate(etaRange, phiRange);
const double weight = m_integratorLookup->integrate(etaRange, phiRange);
m_singleClusterIntegral[layer] += weight * cell->energy() / caloDetDescrElement->volume();
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