Commit fcbb2a07 authored by Simone Amoroso's avatar Simone Amoroso
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add new option for the Z_EW process to use s2eff as input to the EW scheme

parent 0f53a7ac
......@@ -383,8 +383,9 @@ class Registry(object):
self.add_default("rwl_file", "", frozen=True, description="XML file used for reweighting")
self.add_default("rwl_format_rwgt", 1, frozen=True, description="Use LHE standard for weights instead of Powheg standard. [1:enabled]")
self.add_default("rwl_group_events", 1000, description="Number of events to group together when running reweighting. [<0:defaults to 1000]")
self.add_default("s2eff", -1, description="")
self.add_default("scheme", 1, description="choice for EW NLO scheme. [0:Alpha(0); 1:G_mu]")
self.add_default("s2eff", -1, description="value of the effective leptonic weak mixing angle")
self.add_default("use-s2effin", -1, description="use s2eff instead of M_W as input to the EW scheme")
self.add_default("scheme", 1, description="choice for EW NLO scheme. [0:Alpha(0); 1:Alpha(M_Z); 2:G_mu; 3:Alpha(q^2)]")
self.add_default("select_EW_virt", 2, description="EW virtual corrections. [0: none; 1: full; 2: Sudakov approx; 3: full - Sudakov approx]")
self.add_default("semileptonic", -1, description="only accept semileptonic decay]. [-1:use Powheg default]")
self.add_default("shortlist_onlyb", -1, description="[-1:use Powheg default]")
......@@ -150,6 +150,7 @@ class Z_EW(PowhegV2):
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