Commit fdfc7a41 authored by Frank Winklmeier's avatar Frank Winklmeier Committed by Graeme Stewart
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Remove obsolete shifter link from summary table (TrigValTools-00-04-25)

	* bin/ Remove obsolete shifter link
	* TrigValTools-00-04-25

2016-05-21  Stewart Martin-Haugh <>
	* bin/ fix overflow finding
	* TrigValTools-00-04-24
parent c0130000
......@@ -339,13 +339,6 @@ function showBuildFailures(failures,link) {
print "Nightly wiki page name using postfix: $nightlywiki\n";
# print HTMLOUT "<p>Shifter: before modifing the wiki test that you are authenticated <A HREF=\"\" onClick=\"return popup(this, 'notes')\">here</A><br>\n";
# doesnt' work print HTMLOUT <A HREF=\"\"> logout </A> \n";
# print HTMLOUT "Update wiki with problems common to multiple tests <A HREF=\"$nightlywiki#Current_issues_in_nightly_ATN_te\" onClick=\"return popup(this, 'notes')\">here</A> </p>\n";
print HTMLOUT "<p><b>Shifter:</b> <a href=\"[]=101&assigned_to[]=0&date[]=1900-1-1&priority[]=0&resolution_id=3,4,5,8,100,101,378&severity[]=0&status_id[]=1&release[]=&fix_release[]=&date_op[]=%3E&advsrch=0&msort=0&chunksz=150&spamscore=5&report_id=378&sumORdet=&morder=resolution_id<,bug_id>&order=bug_id#results\">Click here</a> to get a list of Savannah bugs flagged as affecting ATLAS nightlies. Please create a new bug report, with \"Affects ATN\" set to true for all issues not listed there.</p>";
print HTMLOUT "\n<table class=\"sortable\" id=\"ATNResults\" border=1><thead><tr>
<th title=\"Click to sort by test suite\">Test name</th>
......@@ -17,11 +17,11 @@ def timing(hist):
if hist.GetEntries() == 0:
return "0"
mean_plus_err = str(round(mean,3)) + " +/- " + str(round(error,3))
overflow = str(hist.GetBinContent(hist.GetNbinsX()+1))
if overflow != 0.0:
overflow = hist.GetBinContent(hist.GetNbinsX()+1)
if overflow == 0.0:
return mean_plus_err
return mean_plus_err + "\nOverflow: " + overflow
return mean_plus_err + "\tOverflow: " + str(overflow)
def match(pattern, name):
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