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      added UFO soft jets topq derivations · dd51a6aa
      Serena authored
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      Merge branch '21.2_DataOverlay' into '21.2' · 272cd089
      Oana Vickey Boeriu authored
      First pass at overlay setup in derivations
      See merge request atlas/athena!36325
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      First pass at overlay setup · 913bc618
      Zach Marshall authored and Oana Vickey Boeriu's avatar Oana Vickey Boeriu committed
      Much of our code relies on DerivationFrameworkIsMonteCarlo , which is
      actually not what it means to use. This flag was set based on the
      "input" being "geant4". For overlay, the input is set to data. What most
      of these pieces of code actually want to know is whether there is truth
      information in the input file. Therefore, splitting off a clear
      "HasTruth" flag, including a separate "HasxAODTruth" flag. Migrating all
      clients I could identify.
      This also brought to light a few places where we use MC / truth
      information as a proxy for something else (e.g. an unprescaled or
      different trigger menu). It'd be better if those pieces of code could be
      migrated to check what they actually intend to look for, but that's
      beyond the scope of this MR. Here I tried to add some comments to point
      those places out.
      This should be a first step towards solving ATLASG-1532.
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