1. 19 Jan, 2015 12 commits
    • Nicholas Styles's avatar
      more fixes for expected and split/shared hits (InDetTrackSummaryHelperTool-02-00-07) · 1df47ad2
      Nicholas Styles authored
      	* Further fixes for shared hits and expected hits
      	* Tagged as InDetTrackSummaryHelperTool-02-00-07
      2014-12-17 Nick Styles
      	* Fixes for shared hits and expected hit
      	* Tagged as InDetTrackSummaryHelperTool-02-00-06
      2014-12-09 Nick Styles
      	* Added method to update specific summary info
      	* Tagged as InDetTrackSummaryHelperTool-02-00-05
      2014-10-22 Nick Styles
      	* Adding filling of Run 2 pixel layer info
      	* Tagged as InDetTrackSummaryHelperTool-02-00-04
      2014-10-16 Anthony Morley
        * Correct the shared hit count when updating only the the number of shared
      	hits and using the TIDE hit sharing startegy
        * tagged as InDetTrackSummaryHelperTool-02-00-03
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Igor Gavrilenko's avatar
      optimazed for only pixels reconstruction (SiTrackMakerTool_xk-01-00-14) · eec4bb9c
      Igor Gavrilenko authored
              optimization for only pixels reconstruction
      	and tag as SiTrackMakerTool_xk-01-00-14
      2014-12-08 Igor Gavrilenko <Igor.Gavrilenko@cern.ch>
              ATLASRECTS-1379 correction
      	and tag as SiTrackMakerTool_xk-01-00-13
      2014-12-04 Igor Gavrilenko <Igor.Gavrilenko@cern.ch>
              correction for new strategy SSS seeds filter(Anthony Morley)
      	and tag as SiTrackMakerTool_xk-01-00-12
      2014-11-31 Igor Gavrilenko <Igor.Gavrilenko@cern.ch>
              correction for new strategy SSS seeds filter(Anthony Morley)
      	and tag as SiTrackMakerTool_xk-01-00-11
      2014-10-31 Igor Gavrilenko <Igor.Gavrilenko@cern.ch>
              correction for magnetic field
      	and tag as SiTrackMakerTool_xk-01-00-10
      2014-10-30  Jiri Masik  <masik@cern.ch>
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Atlas-Software Librarian's avatar
      reverting to original ChangeLog and cmt/requirements (InDetPriVxFinderTool-02-01-05) · 5f34e5bc
      Atlas-Software Librarian authored
      	* New track selection tool.
      	* Tagged as InDetPriVxFinderTool-02-01-05
      2014-11-25 Nick Styles
      	* Fix for ATLASRECTS-1313
      	* Tagged as InDetPriVxFinderTool-02-01-04
      2014-10-17 Matt Rudolph <matthew.scott.rudolph@cern.ch>
      	* Tag InDetPriVxFinderTool-02-01-03 for first InDetMultiPriVxFinderTool implementation
      2014-08-05 Matt Rudolph <matthew.scott.rudolph@cern.ch>
      	* Added InDetMultiPriVxFinderTool (uses multi seeding)
    • Giacinto Piacquadio's avatar
      add sum pT track pT dependent cuts (InDetSecVxFinderTool-01-01-05) · b41757d1
      Giacinto Piacquadio authored
      	* Add track dependent pT cuts
      	* Tagged as InDetSecVxFinderTool-01-01-05
    • Bo Liu's avatar
      Add additional code for d0 cut in TightTrackVertexAssociationTool... · b3a8beaf
      Bo Liu authored
      Add additional code for d0 cut in TightTrackVertexAssociationTool (TrackVertexAssociationTool-00-00-03)
    • Bruno Lenzi's avatar
      Enabling vertex decorations by default (InDetConversionFinderTools-00-04-11) · 97b6286e
      Bruno Lenzi authored
              * Enabling vertex decorations by default
              * Tagging as InDetConversionFinderTools-00-04-11
      2014-11-27 Bruno Lenzi <Bruno.Lenzi@cern.ch>
      	* Decorating vertices with values used in vertex point estimator
      	* Tagging as InDetConversionFinderTools-00-04-10
      2014-11-26 Bruno Lenzi <Bruno.Lenzi@cern.ch>
      	* Keeping vxTrackAtVertex and using instead of pre-fit parameters in post selector
      	* Decorating vertices with values used in track pair and post selectors
      	* Tagging as InDetConversionFinderTools-00-04-09
      2014-09-03 Nick Styles <nicholas.styles -at- cern.ch>
      	* Fix for ATLASRECTS-1269
      	* Tagging as InDetConversionFinderTools-00-04-08
    • Simone Pagan Griso's avatar
      'Updated PixelToTPIDTool to calculate IBL overflow (any hit with overflow... · cd79b3ff
      Simone Pagan Griso authored
      'Updated PixelToTPIDTool to calculate IBL overflow (any hit with overflow ToT)' (PixelToTPIDTool-01-00-03)
      	* Updated PixelToTPIDTool to calculate IBL overflow (any hit with overflow ToT)
      	* Tag PixelToTPIDTool-01-00-03
      2014-10-01 David Quarrie <David.Quarrie@cern.ch>
      	* cmt/requirements
      		Specify required ROOT components for cmake (transparent to CMT)
      	* Tagged as PixelToTPIDTool-01-00-02
      2014-09-16 Shaun Roe
      	* fix unused variable warnings
      	* tag as PixelToTPIDTool-01-00-01
    • Anthony Morley's avatar
      Fixed SCT shared hit bug (InDetAmbiTrackSelectionTool-00-01-34) · f1b0fdd5
      Anthony Morley authored
      2014-12-01  Anthony Morley
        * Update TIDE Ambi
        * Fix SCT shared hits bug (would not allow SCT share)
        * Cleanup code a little
        * tag as InDetAmbiTrackSelectionTool-00-01-34
      2014-11-30  Anthony Morley
        * Update TIDE Ambi
        * Ability to share a differnt number of modules in a ROI (not used)
        * Correct shared hit check on already accepted tracks
        * tag as InDetAmbiTrackSelectionTool-00-01-33
      2014-11-19  Anthony Morley
        * Update TIDE Ambi
      	* More detailed check of the shared hit content
        * Ability to only split hits for tracks in ROI's and with pt> ???
        * tag as InDetAmbiTrackSelectionTool-00-01-32
      2014-10-14 Anthony Morley
        * Add TIDE Ambi tool
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Shaun Roe's avatar
      fix coverity 25075 et al (SiClusterizationTool-04-00-12) · 7c96344e
      Shaun Roe authored
      	* Coverity resource leaks cleaned up (25075 et al)
      	* tag as SiClusterizationTool-04-00-12
      2014-11-26 Shaun Roe
      	* clear up remaining 'medium' impact coverity defects
      	* tag as SiClusterizationTool-04-00-11
      2014-11-25 Shaun Roe
      	* Clean up NnNormalization, separate header and implementation
      	* Introduce package specific exception instead of generic 'throw'
      	* Tag as  SiClusterizationTool-04-00-10
      2014-10-15 Anthony Morley
        *  Correct header file
        *  Tagging SiClusterizationTool-04-00-09
      2014-10-13 Anthony Morley
        * Add the ability to calculate split prob with track info
        * Tagging SiClusterizationTool-04-00-08
        * fix InputsInfo for RunII calibration
        * Tagging SiClusterizationTool-04-00-06
    • Nicholas Styles's avatar
      remove warnings (InDetTestBLayer-00-04-01) · 7cef316a
      Nicholas Styles authored
      	* Removed warning messages
      	* Tagged as InDetTestBLayer-00-04-01
      2014-10-17 Nick Styles
      	* Add new functions for Innermost/NextToInnermost layer (to replace b-layer)
      	* Tagged as InDetTestBLayer-00-04-00
    • Shaun Roe's avatar
      correct requirements file (TRT_SeededSpacePointFinderTool-01-00-04) · d23704dc
      Shaun Roe authored
      	* change requirements to stop checkreq warning
      	* tag as  TRT_SeededSpacePointFinderTool-01-00-04
    • Shaun Roe's avatar
      fix checkreq warning (SiSpacePointTool-02-00-01) · 68ca4424
      Shaun Roe authored
      	* fix checkreq warning
      	* Tag as SiSpacePointTool-02-00-01
  2. 05 Nov, 2014 1 commit
    • Giacinto Piacquadio's avatar
      Add protection for zero significance in distance between two-trk vertex and PV... · 0a07bb81
      Giacinto Piacquadio authored
      Add protection for zero significance in distance between two-trk vertex and PV (InDetSecVxFinderTool-01-01-04)
      	* Add protection for zero significances for distance between two vertices
      	* Tagged as InDetSecVxFinderTool-01-01-04
      2014-10-04 Giacinto Piacquadio
      	* Increase number of iterations for fits (will need to check timing)
      	* Tagged as InDetSecVxFinderTool-01-01-03
      2014-09-16 Shaun Roe
      	* Fix 'unused variable' warnings
      	* Tag as InDetSecVxFinderTool-01-01-02
  3. 19 Sep, 2014 27 commits