1. 29 Mar, 2021 2 commits
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      add SubmitDirManager for EventLoop · c124e9c7
      Nils Krumnack authored
      This combines two updates into one: It creates a new manager, that
      takes care of everything related to handling the submission directory
      itself.  And it defines a series of modes for creating the submission
      The modes for the submission directory are probably more interesting
      for the users.  There are now for modes:
      * "no_clobber": create the directory and if that fails raise an error.
        this is the default behavior we had so far.
      * "overwrite": create the directory, removing anything in the way.
        this was the behavior so far when `optRemoveSubmitDir` was
      * "unique": append a unique suffix to the submit directory name.  this
        is mostly meant for unit-tests in which one may specify the same
        submit directory multiple times or in multiple tests.
      * "unique-link": same as "unique" but create a link under the
        officially requested name to point to the newly created directory,
        replacing any previously existing link.  the idea is that this is
        mostly consistent with the old behavior while not requiring the user
        to remove the submit directory, and indeed keeping a history of all
        past submissions.
      The unique directories will be named something like
      `submitDir-2019-08-22-1438-95f6`, which is essentially the originally
      requested name, the date-time, and some random digits to make this
      unique if several submissions happen in quick succession.  The date
      comes first so that directories are ordered by date-time.  The actual
      date format can be configured, if desired.
      I did not change the default behavior (hopefully), but if people like
      it we could probably make "unique-link" the default mode instead of
  3. 26 Jul, 2019 1 commit
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      drop dictionary for Worker · 04100bc2
      Nils Krumnack authored
      That seems to be no longer working on linux.  However, I also don't
      really use that dictionary anywhere, so I may as well drop it.
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      rework OutputStreamData helper class, and test it as well · 580ab6e2
      Nils Krumnack authored
      The main reason for this update is that we had duplicate copies of
      histograms in our output file, which doubled the size of histogram
      files and meant that user doing a simple loop over all files in the
      output file would process histograms file.
      In order to make the whole mechanism more robust and testable I moved
      all the output stream handling into the class `OutputStreamData` and
      reworked that so that it looks and behaves like a real class, with
      information hiding, etc.  And I added unit tests that made sure that
      output objects indeed make it into the output file and only get added
      once to that output file, plus make sure that all the special logic
      and handling indeed works properly.
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      remove the no longer supported ProofDriver · d9c61328
      Nils Krumnack authored
      It was decided that ASG would no longer support PROOF (and the driver
      was never functional in release 21.2), so I removed it now.  Besides
      avoiding users getting confused this also means I no longer need to
      maintain compatibility with the ProofDriver in other parts of
      EventLoop, giving me some more freedom of how to organize things.
      Former-commit-id: 0f7964a9994c0232ffe31d9b4261405fb0ad718d
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      remove tests to run manually from ctest · 8556d482
      Nils Krumnack authored
      Some tests were meant to be run manually on specific machines, but
      since the ATLAS ctest doesn't support that, these were causing problems
      in the nightlies.  After talking with Attila, I now removed them from
      the ctest list, but still compile them into stand-alone programs to
      ensure that the code doesn't grow stale.
      Former-commit-id: ee135c79ddcd6223ee49a2dcfbd2dc946f44cbff
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