1. 10 Oct, 2015 40 commits
    • Iwona Grabowska-Bold's avatar
      Update LVL1 HIV3 xml to TE and J5 items (ATR-12136) (TriggerMenuXML-04-01-05) · 21bee6cb
      Iwona Grabowska-Bold authored
              * Update LVL1 HIV3 xml to TE and J5 items (ATR-12136)
              * TriggerMenuXML-04-01-05
      2015-09-03 Yu Nakahama
      	* Update LVL1 HIV3 xml to add Run-2 monitoring items (ATR-12136)
      	* TriggerMenuXML-04-01-04
      2015-09-03  Arantxa Ruiz Martinez  <aranzazu.ruiz.martinez@cern.ch>
      	* L1 menu updated corresponding to TriggerMenu-00-13-27 (ATR-12163)
      	* TriggerMenuXML-04-01-03
      2015-09-03 Yu Nakahama
      	* Update LVL1 HIV3 xmls to align thresholds with the ppV5 menu (ATR-12136)
      	* TriggerMenuXML-04-01-02
      2015-08-25 Nils Ruthmann
      	* Change L1 menu to use the right threshold on correct EM22VHI_FIRSTEMPTY ATR-11898
      	* TriggerMenuXML-04-01-01
      2015-08-25 Mario Campanelli
      	* bug fix for the previous change
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    • Richard Hawkings's avatar
      modify pileup Pythia configuration for Pythia 8.205 (FastChainPileup-00-00-07) · 8d67e78b
      Richard Hawkings authored
      	* share/FastPileup.py - modify to use MC15-style joboptions
      	  based on MC15.361037.Pythia8_A2MSTW2008LO_minbias_inelastic_low.py
      	* This solves crashes with Pythia 8.205
      	* Tag as FastChainPileup-00-00-07
    • Tomasz Bold's avatar
      reduced HI CaloCorrectionTool verbosity (no INFO messages every event) (TrigHIHypo-00-00-63) · 7e1db43f
      Tomasz Bold authored
      	* reduced HI CaloCorrectionTool verbosity (no INFO messages every event)
      	* TrigHIHypo-00-00-63
      2015-08-31 Tomasz Bold
      	* refactored Vn hypos to obtain configs from python
      	* TrigHIHypo-00-00-62
      2015-08-30 Tomasz Bold
      	* fixed bug wiht the qy shift in VnHypo
      	* TrigHIHypo-00-00-61
      2015-08-29 Qipeng Hu <qhu@cern.ch>
      	* Coverity defects cleaning up (ATR-11108)
      	* TrigHIHypo-00-00-60
      2015-08-20 Tomasz Bold
      	* modified HICellCorrector to copy the cells
      	* TrigHIHypo-00-00-59
      2015-07-27 Tomasz Bold
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    • Edward Moyse's avatar
      'remove include of removed python module' (MuonCombinedRecExample-01-09-01) · f6da58e7
      Edward Moyse authored
      	* share/MuonCombinedRec_myTopOptions.py: remove include of removed python module
      	* tagging MuonCombinedRecExample-01-09-01
      2015-08-017 Niels van Eldik
      	* add configuration for new MuGirl implementation
      	* adopt changes to MuonRecExample
      	* tagging MuonCombinedRecExample-01-09-00
      2015-05-13 Niels van Eldik
      	* add python/TagAndProbeInputSetup.py
      	* add python/ScaleCalibrationInputSetup.py
      	* adding two new flags to enable the production of the ntuples
      	* tagging MuonCombinedRecExample-01-08-22
    • Ewelina Maria Lobodzinska's avatar
      fill signal_process_id (QGSJet_i-00-00-03) · 90ae177c
      Ewelina Maria Lobodzinska authored
              * fill signal_process_id
              * tagging QGSJet_i-00-00-03
    • Ryan Mackenzie White's avatar
      persistency key (TrigEgammaHypo-01-01-33) · 5e191000
      Ryan Mackenzie White authored
      	* Fix persistency key problem
      	* TrigEgammaHypo-01-01-33
      2015-07-12 Ryan White <ryan.white@cern.ch>
      	* Update LH tunes
      	* TrigEgammaHypo-01-01-32
      2015-07-10 Ryan White <ryan.white@cern.ch>
      	* TrigEgammaHypo-01-01-31
      2015-07-06  Arantxa Ruiz Martinez  <aranzazu.ruiz.martinez@cern.ch>
      	* TrigEFMtAllTE.cxx updated to include TrigPassBits
      	* TrigEgammaHypo-01-01-30
      2015-07-05 Ryan White <ryan.white@cern.ch>
      	* Update LH tunes for 25 ns
      	* TrigEgammaHypo-01-01-29
      2015-06-30 Ryan White <ryan.white@cern.ch>
      	* Migrate EFTrackHypo to xAOD::TrackParticle
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    • Marcin Jerzy Nowak's avatar
      Merge PyUtils-00-14-43 (PyUtils-00-14-34-07) · 151cc1b2
      Marcin Jerzy Nowak authored
      	* Merge PyUtils-00-14-43:
      	*   python\scripts\diff_root_files.py (main.tree_infos): fix
      	    scanning of leaf names
      	* Tagging PyUtils-00-14-34-07
    • Marianna Testa's avatar
    • Stefano Rosati's avatar
      add check of roi consistency (TrigL2MuonSA-00-02-19) · fc58cbe4
      Stefano Rosati authored
      	* tagging 00-02-19
      	* add a check of the Rpc roiWord consistency
      2015-08-28 Masahiro Tanaka<mtanaka@hep.phys.titech.ac.jp>
      	* Tagged as 00-02-18
      	* Fixed bug for pt selection
    • Rolf Seuster's avatar
      considerably speeding up the Fast mode, by avoid doing absolutely unnecessary... · ce483537
      Rolf Seuster authored
      considerably speeding up the Fast mode, by avoid doing absolutely unnecessary operations (AthenaAuditors-00-00-10)
      	* considerably speeding up the Fast mode, by avoid doing absolutely unnecessary operations
      	* Tagging AthenaAuditors-00-00-10
      2015-09-01  Rolf Seuster
      	* refining AthMemoryAuditor to optionally include stack traces - steered through jobOptions
      	* Tagging AthenaAuditors-00-00-09
      2015-08-17  Rolf Seuster
      	* adding AthMemoryAuditor, an athena aware memory leak checker with redzones.
      	* Tagging AthenaAuditors-00-00-08
      2015-03-11  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
      	* Tagging AthenaAuditors-00-00-07.
      2015-02-27 Sami Kama <sami.kama@cern.ch>
      	* Detailed monitoring option
    • Giuseppe Lerner's avatar
      bugfix in xml file (TrigEgammaValidation-00-08-25) · 23eb88dd
      Giuseppe Lerner authored
      	* Bugfix in cp command in xml file
      	* TrigEgammaValidation-00-08-25
    • Jack Cranshaw's avatar
      Fix bug https://its.cern.ch/jira/browse/ATLASG-242 (EventBookkeeperTools-00-00-84) · 617975b1
      Jack Cranshaw authored
      	* Change to incrementing cycle even if same name on input/output
      	  and to increment incomplete and complete in sync
      	* Add summary output at stop()
      	* Fix bug https://its.cern.ch/jira/browse/ATLASG-242
      	* EventBookkeeperTools-00-00-84
      2015-07-28  Karsten Koeneke  <karsten.koeneke@cern.ch>
        * Add only the default "CutBookkeepers(Aux.)" and "IncompleteCutBookkeepers(Aux.)"
          to the output of all streams, i.e., NOT any more "*"
        * Tagging EventBookkeeperTools-00-00-83
    • Rolf Seuster's avatar
      support for AthMemoryAuditor (RecExCommon-00-14-41) · d76b4ce7
      Rolf Seuster authored
      	* share/RecoUtils.py  add support for AthMemoryAuditor
      	* tagging RecExCommon-00-14-41
      2015-08-26 Antonio Limosani <antonio.limosani@cern.ch>
      	* share/CombinedRec_config.py+ Revert previous tag changes (ATLASRECTS-2395)
      	* tagging RecExCommon-00-14-40
      2015-08-25 Antonio Limosani <antonio.limosani@cern.ch>
      	* share/CombinedRec_config.py+ Remove egLocker (ATLASRECTS-2395)
      	* tagging RecExCommon-00-14-39
      2015-08-17 Niels van Eldik
      	* share/SystemRec_config.py + RecoUsefulFlags.py: remove usage of obsolete flags
      	* tagging RecExCommon-00-14-38
      2015-07-29 Jovan Mitrevski <Jovan.Mitrevski@cern.ch>
      	* share/RecExCommon_topOptions.py: put back OKS_streamAOD_fromESD.py, remove forgotten debugs
      	* Tagging RecExCommon-00-14-37
      2015-07-29 Jovan Mitrevski <Jovan.Mitrevski@cern.ch>
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Katharine Leney's avatar
      Fix for ATR-11126 (TrigBjetHypo-02-00-59) · f66c346b
      Katharine Leney authored
      	* Add new MuJetChain instance to several configs as part of muon-jet chains fix
      	* Part of the fix for ATR-11126
      	* Tagging as TrigBjetHypo-02-00-59
      2015-08-28   Katharine Leney <Katharine.Leney@cern.ch>
      	* Change BjetFex and BtagFex to make ElementLink between BTag and IParticle instead of BTag and Jet
      	* Part of the fix for ATR-11929
      	* Tagging as TrigBjetHypo-02-00-58
      2015-08-26   Katharine Leney <Katharine.Leney@cern.ch>
      	* Add new class to select jets far away from a muon (FarawayJetFinder)
      	* Needed for muon-jet+b-jet chains
      	* Tagging as TrigBjetHypo-02-00-57
      2015-08-20 Carlo Schiavi <Carlo.Schiavi@cern.ch>
              * Remove unsupported online monitoring histograms
              * Tagging as TrigBjetHypo-02-00-56
      2015-08-06 Carlo Schiavi <Carlo.Schiavi@cern.ch>
              * Fix for stupid printout relic
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Dongliang Zhang's avatar
      fix ATLASRECTS-2397 (IsolationTool-00-11-31) · 97e114b1
      Dongliang Zhang authored
      	* Apply patch suggested by Bruno in ATLASRECTS-2397
      	* Tagging as IsolationTool-00-11-31
      2015-03-04 Dongliang Zhang <dongliang.zhang@cern.ch>
      	* Add UseCaloExtensionCaching option to allow not caching
      	caloExtension in the DxAOD making
      	* Tagging as IsolationTool-00-11-30
    • Igor Gavrilenko's avatar
      add new includes (SiSpacePointsSeedTool_xk-01-00-26) · 887d0f88
      Igor Gavrilenko authored
              add new includes
              and tag as SiSpacePointsSeedTool_xk-01-00-26
      2015-08-30 Igor Gavrilenko <Igor.Gavrilenko@cern.ch>
              coverity defects correction
              and tag as SiSpacePointsSeedTool_xk-01-00-25
      2015-08-04 Igor Gavrilenko <Igor.Gavrilenko@cern.ch>
              optimization for large radius decays
              and tag as SiSpacePointsSeedTool_xk-01-00-24
      2015-06-27 Igor Gavrilenko <Igor.Gavrilenko@cern.ch>
              and tag as SiSpacePointsSeedTool_xk-01-00-23
      2015-06-21 Igor Gavrilenko <Igor.Gavrilenko@cern.ch>
              optimization for DBM reconstruction
              and tag as SiSpacePointsSeedTool_xk-01-00-22
      2015-06-19 Igor Gavrilenko <Igor.Gavrilenko@cern.ch>
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • James Frost's avatar
      updates to MDT (dqm_algorithms-00-07-10) · ed169828
      James Frost authored
      	* BinContentComp.cxx: making ignore0 work for fixed value comparison
      	* MDTTDCOfflineSpectrum.cxx: remove hardcoded t0 and tmax
      	* Tag dqm_algorithms-00-07-10
    • John Derek Chapman's avatar
      test/OverlayMonitoringRTT_TestConfiguration.xml: updated Reco_tf.py syntax obo... · 823f51b6
      John Derek Chapman authored
      test/OverlayMonitoringRTT_TestConfiguration.xml: updated Reco_tf.py syntax obo Tatyana Kharlamova. ATLASSIM-2182. OverlayMonitoringRTT-00-02-03 (OverlayMonitoringRTT-00-02-03)
      	* test/OverlayMonitoringRTT_TestConfiguration.xml: updated
      	Reco_tf.py syntax obo Tatyana Kharlamova. ATLASSIM-2182.
      	* OverlayMonitoringRTT-00-02-03
    • Shaun Roe's avatar
      fix coverity 12567 (TrkSpacePoint-05-00-03) · 903069fb
      Shaun Roe authored
      	* Fix coverity:
      12567 09/07/2014 (Low) Recursion in included headers :/build/AtlasOffline-dev/AtlasEvent/rel_2/InstallArea/include/TrkSpacePoint/TrkSpacePoint/SpacePointCLASS_DEF.h in function ""
      	* tag as TrkSpacePoint-05-00-03
    • Ewelina Maria Lobodzinska's avatar
      patch to take into accont new TruthUtils tag (EvgenProdTools-00-02-26) · 9a13d32d
      Ewelina Maria Lobodzinska authored
      	* src/FixHepMC.cxx - replace include of TruthUtils/HepMCUtils.h
      	with "TruthUtils/HepMCHelpers.h for compatibility with TruthUtils
      	trunk. Requires TruthUtils-02-00-09-04 or later.
      	* Tagging as EvgenProdTools-00-02-26
    • Ewelina Maria Lobodzinska's avatar
      patch to take into accont new TruthUtils tag (GeneratorFilters-00-03-29) · 184e4e33
      Ewelina Maria Lobodzinska authored
             * src/BSignalFilter.cxx, src/MissingEtFilter.cxx,
             src/SoftLeptonInJetFilter.cxx, src/HTFilter.cxx,
             src/SusySubprocessFinder.cxx - replace include of TruthUtils/PIDUtils.h
             with "TruthUtils/PIDHelpers.h for compatibility with TruthUtils
             trunk. Requires TruthUtils-02-00-09-04 or later.
             * tagging GeneratorFilters-00-03-29
      2015-08-19 Jim Henderson <James.Henderson@cern.ch>
      	* Removing changes from 2015-07-16 and 2015-07-16 due to MCTruthClassifier issues
      	* Re-adding TrimuMassRangeFilter
      	* Tagging as GeneratorFilters-00-03-28
      2015-07-24 Jim Henderson <James.Henderson@cern.ch>
              * Adding TrimuMassRangeFilter, AGENE-1003
              * Tagging as GeneratorFilters-00-03-27
      2015-07-16 Jim Henderson <James.Henderson@cern.ch>
              * Adding MCTruthClassifier to requirements file, ATLMCPROD-1835
              * Tagging as GeneratorFilters-00-03-26
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Gabriele Chiodini's avatar
      added negative strip in cooldb and Y label for DQ 2Dplots (RpcRawDataMonitoring-01-02-19) · e3dda7f9
      Gabriele Chiodini authored
              *   Tagging RpcRawDataMonitoring-01-02-19 added negative strip in cooldb and Y label for DQ 2Dplots
      2015-08-05  Gabriele Chiodini gabriele.chiodini@le.infn.it
              *   Tagging RpcRawDataMonitoring-trunk added negative strip in cooldb
    • Shaun Roe's avatar
      fix coverity 31070 (TrkTrack-07-01-03) · 953da24a
      Shaun Roe authored
      	* fix coverity:
      31070 29/07/2015 (Medium) Structurally dead code :/Tracking/TrkEvent/TrkTrack/src/TrackStateOnSurface.cxx in function "operator <<"
      	* Tagged as TrkTrack-07-01-03
      2015-08-10 Edward.Moyse@cern.ch
        * Fix for ATLASRECTS-2334
        * Tagged as TrkTrack-07-01-02
      2015-08-04 Edward.Moyse@cern.ch
        * Fixes for coverity: 31066, 31067, 31065, 31064, 31063, 31062
        * Tag as TrkTrack-07-01-01
      2015-07-21 Edward.Moyse@cern.ch
        * Merged back into trunk
        * Tag as TrkTrack-07-01-00
      2015-07-09 Edward.Moyse@cern.ch
        * Now using plain pointers (will take care in indexing in TP convertor)
      2015-06-30 Edward.Moyse@cern.ch
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Ondrej Penc's avatar
      added tida_run2.py (TrigInDetAnalysisExample-00-03-62) · 604ac14e
      Ondrej Penc authored
      	* TrigInDetAnalysisExample-00-03-62
      	* run 2 job options added
    • Richard Hawkings's avatar
      add tests for CondAtrListVec indexing (AthenaDBTestRec-00-08-00) · 0b3b03c3
      Richard Hawkings authored
      	* TestCoolRecFolder.cxx - add code to test indexing functionality
      	   in CondAttrListVec.h - needs AthenaPoolUtilities-00-07-00 or >
      2015-07-27 Antonio Limsoani <antonio.limosani@cern.ch>
      	* tagging AthenaDBTestRec-00-07-04
      	* Address coverity warnings
      2014-08-28 Richard Hawkings <richard.hawkings@cern.ch>
    • Richard Hawkings's avatar
      add indexing functions for CondAttrListVec (AthenaPoolUtilities-00-07-00) · 2a89bcb3
      Richard Hawkings authored
      	* tagging AthenaPoolUtilities-00-07-00
      	* additional convenience funcitons in CondAttrListVec.h
      	  to give list of all channels, and list of pointers to attributelists
      	  in a particular channel, requested by SCT
    • John Derek Chapman's avatar
      src/GenParticleSimWhiteList.cxx - use TruthUtils/PIDHelpers.h rather than... · a269dc86
      John Derek Chapman authored
      src/GenParticleSimWhiteList.cxx - use TruthUtils/PIDHelpers.h rather than TruthUtils/PIDUtils.h. Requires TruthUtils-02-00-09-04 or later. Tag as ISF_HepMC_Tools-00-05-01 (ISF_HepMC_Tools-00-05-01)
      	* src/GenParticleSimWhiteList.cxx - use TruthUtils/PIDHelpers.h
      	rather than TruthUtils/PIDUtils.h. Requires TruthUtils-02-00-09-04
      	or later
      	* tag as ISF_HepMC_Tools-00-05-01
      	representation of AtlasDetDescr::AtlasRegion enum
    • Kenji Hamano's avatar
      binning fix (TrigEFMissingET-00-04-20) · f87305ef
      Kenji Hamano authored
      	* python/TrigEFMissingETMonitoring.py
      	* tag: TrigEFMissingET-00-04-20
      2015-07-27   Allen Mincer <allen.mincer@nyu.edu>
      	* src/EFMissingET.cxx, EFMissingETFromClusters.cxx
      	*     EFMissingETFromClustersPS.cxx, EFMissingETFromClustersPUC.cxx
      	*     EFMissingETFlags.cxx
      	* TrigEFMissingET/EFMissingET.h, EFMissingETFromJets.h
      	* Fixed various coverity issues (dead code, unitialized varaiables)
      	* tag: TrigEFMissingET-00-04-19
      2015-07-16   Florian Bernlochner <florian.bernlochner@cern.ch>
      	* src/EFMissingET.cxx
      	* Fixed problem with masking, c.f. ATR-11794
      	* tag: TrigEFMissingET-00-04-18
      2015-07-14   Florian Bernlochner <florian.bernlochner@cern.ch>
      	* src/EFMissingETFromClustersPUC.cxx
      	* Fixed response of PUC in case no cluster over threshold can be found
      	* to that the event will be rejected
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Marcin Jerzy Nowak's avatar
      THist rebinning fix for ROOT6 (TRT_Monitoring-00-08-23) · 9a81c8f5
      Marcin Jerzy Nowak authored
      	* src\TRT_Monitoring_Tool.cxx: THist rebinning fix for ROOT6
      	* Tagged as TRT_Monitoring-00-08-23
      2015-07-09 Christian Grefe <christian.grefe@cern.ch>
      	* TRTMonitoringTool: re-introduced histrogram scaling factors
          * Tagged as TRT_Monitoring-00-08-22
      2015-07-01 Christian Grefe <christian.grefe@cern.ch>
      	* TRTMonitoringTool: changed monitoring group for aging histograms to per 20 LB
      		* Added several histograms for Argon straws, previous histograms are Xenon only
      		* All histogram titles mention Argon or Xenon if they only apply to those straws
      		* Removed the arbitrary histogram scaling. Integrals for normalized histograms are 1.
              * Tagged as TRT_Monitoring-00-08-21
    • Edward Moyse's avatar
      'Move timing info from double to float. ATLASRECTS-2372' (MuonRecToolInterfaces-03-02-08) · 9cf80a3c
      Edward Moyse authored
      	* Tagging MuonRecToolInterfaces-03-02-08
      	* IMuonHitTimingTool.h - move timing to floats (ATLASRECTS-2372)
      2015-07-24 Niels van Eldik
      	* Tagging MuonRecToolInterfaces-03-02-07
      	* MuonRecToolInterfaces/IMuonRecoValidationTool.h: interface methods non-const
      	* MuonRecToolInterfaces/IMuonTruthSummaryTool.h: add option to match a hit
      2015-07-18  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
      	* Tagging MuonRecToolInterfaces-03-02-06.
      	* cmt/requirements: Fix MuonLayerHough dependency.
      2015-07-17 Niels van Eldik
      	* fix requirements
      	* Tagged as MuonRecToolInterfaces-03-02-05
      2015-07-16 Niels van Eldik
      	* adding IMuonHitTimingTool
      	* Tagged as MuonRecToolInterfaces-03-02-04
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Marcin Jerzy Nowak's avatar
      Fix histogram rebinning for ROOT6.4 (TrigSteerMonitor-01-04-31) · b017f461
      Marcin Jerzy Nowak authored
      	* src\TrigROBMoni.cxx: Fix histogram rebinning for ROOT6.4
      	* TrigSteerMonitor-01-04-31
      2015-07-21 Francesca Pastore
      	* TrigCorMoni: added default bin labels to fill empty bins causing problems online (ATR-11783)
      	* TrigSteerMonitor-01-04-30
      2015-07-15 Francesca Pastore
      	* TrigRateMoni: added one bin in TrigRate20s to monitor acceptance of rerun chians (ATR-11820)
      	* TrigSteerMonitor-01-04-29
      2015-07-10 Francesca Pastore
      	* TrigROBMon: fix correct labelling in Algo histograms
      	* TrigSteerMonitor-01-04-28
      2015-07-09 Francesca Pastore
      	* TrigChainMoni: change sorting of labels to fix ATR-11679
      	* TrigSteerMonitor-01-04-27
      2015-05-27 Francesca Pastore
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Marcin Jerzy Nowak's avatar
      TH1 rebinning API fix for ROOT6.4 (TrigROBDataProviderSvc-00-01-09) · 612e1855
      Marcin Jerzy Nowak authored
      	* src\TrigROBDataProviderSvc.cxx:
      	* src\TrigROBDataProviderSvc_RTT.cxx: TH1 rebinning API fix for ROOT6.4
      	* Tagging TrigROBDataProviderSvc-00-01-09
      2015-06-11 Francesca Pastore
      	* Lower some WARNING to DEBUG to reduce time of test running with WARNING on
      	* TrigROBDataProviderSvc-00-01-08
      2015-06-04 Francesca Pastore
      	* Add histogram CallerPerEvent in TrigROBDataProviderSvc_RTT test and cure one buggy fill
      	* TrigROBDataProviderSvc-00-01-07
      2015-05-29 Francesca Pastore
      	* Adding more histograms in TrigROBDataProviderSvc* and avoid check on L1
      	* TrigROBDataProviderSvc-00-01-06
      2015-03-21  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
      	* Tagging TrigROBDataProviderSvc-00-01-05.
      	* src/TrigROBDataProviderSvc.cxx (initialize): Remove use of
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Semen Turchikhin's avatar
      Fix memory leaks in L2BMuMuXFex (#ATR-12016) (TrigBphysHypo-00-04-42) · b8281559
      Semen Turchikhin authored
      	* Fix memory leaks in TrigL2BMuMuXFex (#ATR-12016)
      	* Fix compilation warning in TrigEFBMuMuXFex
      	* Switch off vertex fitting for Lambda_b->MuMuLambda
      	  in L2BMuMuXFex_EF (synchronize with EFBMuMuXFex)
      	* TrigBphysHypo-00-04-42
      2015-08-05 Semen Turchikhin <Semen.Turchikhin@cern.ch>
      	* Fixes for Bmumuxv3 chains (#ATR-11076):
      	*  - switch on vertex fitting in L2BMuMuXFex_EF
      	*  - make the selection cuts in L2BMuMuX(Fex/Hypo)_EF
      	*    similar to EFBMuMuX(Fex/Hypo)_1 from Bmumuxv2
      	*  - add L2BMuMuXFex_EF_BcMuMuDs
      	* TrigBphysHypo-00-04-41
      2015-07-26 Semen Turchikhin <Semen.Turchikhin@cern.ch>
      	* Fix coverity issues (#ATR-10754)
      2015-07-13 James Walder <jwalder@cern.ch>
      	* Fix for ATR-11781, bin labels added to online mon hists.
      	* TrigBphysHypo-00-04-40
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Alan Watson's avatar
      Remove masking of endcap jetelements by menu in L1EtTools (TrigT1CaloTools-03-06-19) · f486fd31
      Alan Watson authored
          * src/L1EtTools: prevent masking of JE by restricted eta TE thresholds
          * Tag as TrigT1CaloTools-03-06-19
    • Shaun Roe's avatar
      fix coverity 31243 (TrkiPatFitter-02-07-16) · 8002b7f9
      Shaun Roe authored
      	* Fixed an introduced defect:
      31243 15/08/2015 (Medium) Stray semicolon :/Tracking/TrkFitter/TrkiPatFitter/src/MaterialAllocator.cxx in function "indetMaterial"
      	* tag as TrkiPatFitter-02-07-16
      2015-08-10 Shaun Roe
      	* additional component to coverity fix:
      25134 06/12/2014 (High) Resource leak :/Tracking/TrkFitter/TrkiPatFitter/src/MaterialAllocator.cxx in function "indetMaterial"
      	* tag as TrkiPatFitter-02-07-15
      2015-08-03 Shaun Roe
      	* Coverity fixes:
      25134 06/12/2014 (High) Resource leak :/Tracking/TrkFitter/TrkiPatFitter/src/MaterialAllocator.cxx in function "indetMaterial"
      25126 06/12/2014 (Medium) Explicit null dereferenced :/Tracking/TrkFitter/TrkiPatFitter/src/MaterialAllocator.cxx in function "addLeadingMaterial"
      	* tag as TrkiPatFitter-02-07-14
    • Denis Oliveira Damazio's avatar
      Improve histogram JIRA 12025 (TrigCaloRec-00-04-45) · 76fe588f
      Denis Oliveira Damazio authored
      	* fixed medium priority issues from coverity scan
      	* tagged as TrigCaloRec-00-04-44
      2015-08-04 Matthew Beckingham
      	* added RoIWord, l1Id and roiID to TrigRoiDescriptor created in TrigCaloCellMaker.cxx
      	* tagged as TrigCaloRec-00-04-43
      2015-07-28 Craig Wiglesworth
      	* tagged as TrigCaloRec-00-04-41
      	* copied TrigL1BSTowerMaker from branch into trunk
    • Marcin Jerzy Nowak's avatar
      histogram rebinning flag setting ported to ROOT6.4 (TrigDataAccessMonitoring-00-02-03) · bcad6c9d
      Marcin Jerzy Nowak authored
      	* src\MonROBDataProviderSvc.cxx:  histogram rebinning flag
      	setting ported to ROOT6.4
      	* TrigDataAccessMonitoring-00-02-03
      2015-07-08 Stewart Martin-Haugh <smh@cern.ch>
      	* Fix clang warning
      	* TrigDataAccessMonitoring-00-02-02
      2015-06-03 Francesca Pastore
      	* Added SCHEDULED enum in ROBDataMonitor.h
      	* TrigDataAccessMonitoring-00-02-01
    • Mark Hodgkinson's avatar
      2015-08-14 Mark Hodgkinson · 072ed812
      Mark Hodgkinson authored
              * JetVertexTaggerTool: Backport from trunk the  method to update JVT with calibrated momentum.
              * ATLJETMET-376
              * JetMomentTools-00-03-11-04 (JetMomentTools-00-03-11-04)
      	* JetVertexTaggerTool: Backport from trunk the  method to update JVT with calibrated momentum.
      	* ATLJETMET-376
      	* JetMomentTools-00-03-11-04
      2015-06-03 TJ Khoo
      	* Port over LeadingClusterPt and individual moment flags for JetClusterMomentsTool
      	* ATLJETMET-366
      	* JetMomentTools-00-03-11-03
      2015-06-02 TJ Khoo
      	* ATLJETMET-374
      	* Add JetConstitFourMomTool
      	* JetMomentTools-00-03-11-02
      2015-05-27 David Adams
      	* JetMomentTools-00-03-11-01
      	* ATLJETREC-338
      	* JetECPSFractionTool: Add this tool.
      	* cmt/requirements: Update per checkreq.py.
    • Jochen Meyer's avatar