1. 18 Jun, 2021 6 commits
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      add a addPrivateToolInArray function to DualUseConfig.py · 25e7beb4
      Nils Krumnack authored
      Unfortunately I don't have a really good way to test if it works, but
      the underlying C++ is tested, and this is hopefully a close enough
      duplication of what's happening for non-array tools that this is good
      Originally I tried to do something more involved, but that became sort
      of tedious given the logic of the python class.  Maybe at some point I
      will come back and restructure the python class somewhat.  Hopefully
      this is still workable as is.
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      fix AnalysisBase grid submission problems introduced with !42411 · 6b7e137b
      Nils Krumnack authored
      The changes introduced in !42411 required additional dictionaries to
      serialize any of the component configuration objects, which were not
      defined in that merge request.  This is (apparently) not caught in any
      unit tests, but it leads to any sub-tools to be stripped off
      algorithms during batch and grid submission.
      This MR should fix that by defining one dictionary and changing the
      type of one member variable to avoid the need for the second.  At some
      point a new test should be defined to catch these problems in CI, or
      at least in the nightly tests, but for now having a quick fix seemed
      more important.
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      introduce StandaloneToolHandle · ca35da43
      Nils Krumnack authored
      This is meant as a drop-in replacement for `AnaAlgorithm` in
      standalone applications that don't need most of its advanced features
      and just need an easy way to configure and create a public tool.
    • Nils Erik Krumnack's avatar
      change handling of sub-tools, allow configuring ToolHandleArray properties · 6be59910
      Nils Erik Krumnack authored
      Originally the goal was just to allow handling `ToolHandleArray`
      properties, but it turned out to be a lot easier if subtools are
      represented by `AsgToolConfig` in turn.
    • Christos Anastopoulos's avatar
      AsgServices add ATLAS_CHECK_THREAD_SAFETY. 1st it passes it . 2nd we inherit... · 9fed78e9
      Christos Anastopoulos authored
       AsgServices add ATLAS_CHECK_THREAD_SAFETY. 1st it passes it . 2nd we inherit now from it for code to be used in Athena production
    • Nils Erik Krumnack's avatar
      Merge branch '21.2-fixSoftMuonsOnTruth1' into '21.2' · 71f6094b
      Nils Erik Krumnack authored
      AnalysisTop: small fix for using soft muons on TRUTH1 derivations
      See merge request atlas/athena!44486
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