1. 10 Oct, 2015 40 commits
    • Marcin Jerzy Nowak's avatar
      updated bs-streamerinfos.root with the fixed checksums for xAOD containers... · 25ec1cbf
      Marcin Jerzy Nowak authored
      updated bs-streamerinfos.root with the fixed checksums for xAOD containers (TrigSerializeResult-00-01-51)
      	* updated bs-streamerinfos.root with the fixed checksums for xAOD
      	containers from 20.1.6
      	* Tagging TrigSerializeResult-00-01-51
      2015-09-22  Marcin Nowak  <Marcin.Nowak@cern.ch>
      	* python\dictwrite.py: fix streamerinfo checksum generation for
      	xAOD containers
      	* move to cppyy (but not yet ported to ROOT6)
      	* Tagging TrigSerializeResult-00-01-50
      2015-04-08  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
      	* Tagging TrigSerializeResult-00-01-49.
      	* AthenaBaseComps migration.
      	* Tagging TrigSerializeResult-00-01-48.
      	* Tag change liststreamerinfos.cxx change from ricab with no
      	ChangeLog entry.
    • Ewelina Maria Lobodzinska's avatar
      fix for ATLASSIM-2154 (HepMCAnalysis_i-00-01-07) · 36ae98df
      Ewelina Maria Lobodzinska authored
              * fixes to fix for TruthUtils changes ATLASSIM-2154
              * tagging as HepMCAnalysis_i-00-01-07
      2015-09-23 E. M. Lobodzinska <ewelina@mail.desy.de>
              * fix requirements (add HepUtils)
              * tagging as HepMCAnalysis_i-00-01-06
      2015-05-12 Nataliia Kondrashova <natalia.kondrashova@cern.ch>
      	* tagging as HepMCAnalysis_i-00-01-05
      2015-05-08 Nataliia Kondrashova <natalia.kondrashova@cern.ch>
      	* histogram for low M_ll added to LeptonJetAnalysis
      2014-11-27 Nataliia Kondrashova <natalia.kondrashova@cern.ch>
      	* histograms for high pT range added to LeptonJetAnalysis
      2014-11-13 Nataliia Kondrashova <natalia.kondrashova@cern.ch>
      	* binning updated in ParticleContentAnalysis, LeptonJetAnalysis
    • Walter Lampl's avatar
      add dummy iterator in CaloClusterCellLink (CaloEvent-01-08-54-01) · ac0573be
      Walter Lampl authored
      	* Branch for release series 20.7.X
              * Merge in changes CaloEvent-01-09-01 -> CaloEvent 01-09-02
      	  (add dummy iterator in CaloClusterCellLink)
      	* branch tag CaloEvent-01-08-54-01
      2015-03-18  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
      	* Tagging CaloEvent-01-08-54.
      	* CaloEvent/CaloCompactCellContainer.h (set): Protect against
      	undefined behavior in bit shifts.
    • Matthew Henry Klein's avatar
      Fixed METReco in RootCore (xAODMissingET-00-02-03) · 88b2f3a6
      Matthew Henry Klein authored
      	* Fix RootCore METReconstruction
      2015-09-22 Teng Jian Khoo <Teng.Jian.Khoo@cern.ch>
      	* Fix getObjMask behaviour
      	* Tagging as xAODMissingET-00-02-02
      2015-09-09 Teng Jian Khoo <Teng.Jian.Khoo@cern.ch>
      	* Merged 00-01-28-branch into trunk
      	* Remove debug statements
      	* Tagging as xAODMissingET-00-02-00
      	* Remove superfluous method
      	* Tagging as xAODMissingET-00-02-01
      2015-09-03 Teng Jian Khoo <Teng.Jian.Khoo@cern.ch>
      	* Object bitmasks
      	* Explicit MissingET constructor to avoid bugs with pointer-reference confusion
      	* Dictionary for AssociationMap_v1
      2015-09-02 Teng Jian Khoo <Teng.Jian.Khoo@cern.ch>
      	* Schema evolve association maps -- remove no-key implementation
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    • Teng Jian Khoo's avatar
      'build MET terms with object constituents' (METInterface-00-02-00) · 451f09b4
      Teng Jian Khoo authored
      	* Tagging as METInterface-00-02-00
      2015-08-27 Matt Klein <matthew.henry.klein@cern.ch>
      	* Allow use of object constituents to build MET term in place of object
      2015-08-04 TJ Khoo <khoo@cern.ch>
      	* Actually fix the compilation warning...
      2015-07-17 TJ Khoo <khoo@cern.ch>
      	* Remove a compilation warning
      	* More sophisticated helper for making objects invisible
      	* Tagging as METInterface-00-01-12
      2015-07-03 TJ Khoo <khoo@cern.ch>
      	* Added systematic declarations to assist optimisation
      	* Tagging as METInterface-00-01-10
      	* Protect against multiple defs in RootCore
      	* Tagging as METInterface-00-01-11
      2015-03-17 TJ Khoo <khoo@cern.ch>
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • John Derek Chapman's avatar
      src/AFP_TDSensitiveDetector.cxx, src/AFP_SiDSensitiveDetector.cxx,... · 7dd84b6e
      John Derek Chapman authored
      src/AFP_TDSensitiveDetector.cxx, src/AFP_SiDSensitiveDetector.cxx, src/AFP_SensitiveDetector.cxx - second attempt to fix clang build warning. ATLASSIM-2044, ATLASSIM-2221. Tagged AFP_G4_SD-00-03-03 (AFP_G4_SD-00-03-03)
      	* src/AFP_TDSensitiveDetector.cxx,
      	src/AFP_SiDSensitiveDetector.cxx, src/AFP_SensitiveDetector.cxx -
      	second attempt to fix clang build warning. ATLASSIM-2044,
      	* Tagged AFP_G4_SD-00-03-03
      2015-08-15  John Chapman  <John.Chapman@cern.ch>
      	* python/AFP_G4_SDConfig.py - define list of volume names
      	explicitly rather than using regex statements.
      	* Tagged AFP_G4_SD-00-03-02
      2015-06-18  John Chapman  <John.Chapman@cern.ch>
      	* src/AFP_TDSensitiveDetector.cxx,
      	src/AFP_SiDSensitiveDetector.cxx - fix clang build
      	errors. ATLASSIM-2044.
      	* Tagged AFP_G4_SD-00-03-01
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    • Susumu Oda's avatar
      Added RecosFCal test. (InDetSLHC_Example-00-01-43) · 26d0a474
      Susumu Oda authored
      	* test/InDetSLHC_Example_TestConfiguration.xml
      	  Added RecosFCal test.
      	* Tagged as InDetSLHC_Example-00-01-43
    • Scott Snyder's avatar
      From John Baines: Add FTK to DetFlags. (AthenaCommon-03-03-05) · 38759c0b
      Scott Snyder authored
      	* Tagging AthenaCommon-03-03-05.
      	* From John Baines:
      	* Add FTK to DetFlags.
      2015-09-21  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
      	* Tagging AthenaCommon-03-03-04.
      	* python/AppMgr.py (AthAppMgr.setup): Fix set of setupok.  Update
      	message for adding an algorithm with properties not set from debug
      	to error.
    • Julie Kirk's avatar
      fix bphys filelist (TrigInDetValidation-00-06-77) · 0248751e
      Julie Kirk authored
      	* build/samples/TrigInDetValidation_mu_sample5.xml : remove missing Bphys file
      	* TrigInDetValidation-00-06-77
      	* share/TrigInDetValidation_RTT_topOptions_TauSlice.py: fix jobO
      	* TrigInDetValidation-00-06-76
      2015-09-18  Julie Hart Kirk  <hartj@lxplus0027.cern.ch>
      	* share/TrigInDetValidation_RTT_topOptions_TauSlice.py: updates for tau FTK test
      M       build/TrigInDetValidation_FTK_tau_tautau.xml
      M       share/TrigInDetValidation_RTT_topOptions_TauSlice.py
      	* TrigInDetValidation-00-06-75
      2015-09-16  Julie Hart Kirk  <hartj@lxplus0159.cern.ch>
      	* share/TrigInDetValidation_RTT_topOptions_TauSlice.py: enable FTK tests in devval
      	* TrigInDetValidation-00-06-74
      2015-09-11  Julie Hart Kirk  <hartj@lxplus0234.cern.ch>
      	* TrigInDetValidation-00-06-73 - remove "run1" and "robust" tests
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    • Richard Hawkings's avatar
      enable TRT straw layer building when running FATRAS with pileup (FullChainTransforms-00-01-05) · 395f398c
      Richard Hawkings authored
      2015-09-21 Richard Hawkings <richard.hawkings@cern.ch>
      	* Tag FullChainTransforms-00-01-05
      	* share/skeleton.EVGENtoRDO.py - add enabling of
      	to build TRT straw layers and get hits in FATRAS ATLFASTIIF setup
      	Should be removed once geometry is built correctly in FATRAS
      2015-06-22 Robert Harrington <roberth@cern.ch>
    • Julie Kirk's avatar
      add FTK tau ref (TrigInDetValidationReference-00-00-28) · 74ce47f8
      Julie Kirk authored
      	* TrigInDetValidationReference-00-00-28
      	* update tau FTK references
      2015-09-11  Julie Hart Kirk  <hartj@lxplus0063.cern.ch>
      	* TrigInDetValidationReference-00-00-27
      	* update some more references for electron jobs
      M       share/data-el_ttbar_pu138-reference.root
      M       share/data-el_Jpsiee_pu40-reference.root
      2015-09-10  Julie Hart Kirk  <hartj@lxplus0063.cern.ch>
      	* TrigInDetValidationReference-00-00-26
      	* update references for electron jobs
      M       share/data-el_single_e_7-80_pu40_run1-reference.root
      M       share/data-el_Zee_IBL_pu40-reference.root
      M       share/data-el_single_e_7-80_IBL_pu40-reference.root
      M       share/data-el_ttbar_pu69-reference.root
      M       share/data-el_Zee_pu46_run1-reference.root
      M       share/data-el_single_e_7-80_pu40_robust-reference.root
      M       share/data-el_single_e_7-80_IBL-reference.root
      M       share/data-el_ttbar_pu46-reference.root
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    • Goetz Gaycken's avatar
    • Zach Marshall's avatar
      Adding flag for TRT range cut (G4AtlasApps-00-09-01) · a876659e
      Zach Marshall authored
      	* python/atlas_flags.py: Adding a flag for TRT range cut
      	* python/atlas_idet.py: Using TRT range cut flag
      	* python/SimAtlasKernel.py: Saving TRT range cut flag
      	* Tagging: G4AtlasApps-00-09-01
      2015-09-14  John Chapman  <John.Chapman@cern.ch>
      	* Merge changes in G4AtlasApps-00-08-08-09 into trunk.
      	* python/atlas_common.py - remove setup of
      	SimpleFastKiller. ATLASSIM-1752.
      	* python/PyG4Atlas.py - remove methods and classes related to the
      	configuration of FastSimModels. This code has now all be migrated
      	to the new infrastructure. ATLASSIM-1752.
      	* python/atlas_calo.py, python/atlas_common.py,
      	python/atlas_muon.py, python/SimAtlasKernel.py - migrate
      	TrackWriteFastSim (difference in output expected - see
      	* python/atlas_calo.py, python/atlas_common.py,
      	python/SimAtlasKernel.py - comment out lines
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Graham John Cree's avatar
      added DoSiliconAssocForwardMuons option (MuonCombinedAlgs-00-00-13) · 0fc9ec1f
      Graham John Cree authored
      	* src/MuonCombinedInDetCandidateAlg.h,.cxx
      	* Added option DoSiliconAssocForwardMuons (default false)
      	* Added second InDetCandidateTool, id track collection
      		* Tagging MuonCombinedAlgs-00-00-13
    • Edward Moyse's avatar
      'Fixed bug where the incorrect number of bits were zeroed in setQuality()' (xAODMuon-00-16-03) · 4e37f534
      Edward Moyse authored
      	* Fixed bug where the incorrect number of bits were zeroed in setQuality()
      	* Tagging as xAODMuon-00-16-03
      2015-09-15 Edward.Moyse@cern.ch
      	* Fixed m_p4Cached1 not being reset when setP4 called
      	* Tagging as xAODMuon-00-16-02
      2015-09-03 Edward.Moyse@cern.ch
      	* Fixed Accessors
      	* Tagging as xAODMuon-00-16-01
      2015-08-20 Edward.Moyse@cern.ch
      	* Added nearbyhit counts for Inner/Middle/Outer
      	* Documentation cleanup.
      	* Tagging as xAODMuon-00-16-00
      2015-07-29 Edward.Moyse@cern.ch
      	* Possible fix for ATLASRECTS-2205.
      2015-06-10 Edward.Moyse@cern.ch
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Peter Kluit's avatar
      'fix ATR-10679' (TrkMaterialProvider-00-00-39) · 09fe69f3
      Peter Kluit authored
             * Fixes for ATR-10679
             * Supress warnings of "Unable to retrieve Calorimeter TSOS..."
             * tag TrkMaterialProvider-00-00-39
    • Scott Snyder's avatar
      Comply with ATLAS naming conventions. (AthenaInterprocess-00-02-09) · bf3220eb
      Scott Snyder authored
      	* Tagging AthenaInterprocess-00-02-09.
      	* Comply with ATLAS naming conventions.
    • Mark Sutton's avatar
      additions for configuration of comparitor (TrigInDetAnalysisUser-00-04-35) · 0608f8ee
      Mark Sutton authored
      	* TrigInDetAnalysisUser-00-04-35
      	* additions for configuration of comparitor
      2015-09-10  Julie Hart Kirk  <hartj@lxplus0090.cern.ch>
      	* share/TIDAdata11-rtt-offline.dat: fix missing "," introduced in -31
      	* TrigInDetAnalysisUser-00-04-34
      	* share/TIDAdata11-rtt-offline.dat: update muon and tau collection names for offline and rzMatcher data files
      	* TrigInDetAnalysisUser-00-04-33
      	* Analysis/src/comparitor.cxx: auto scale efficiency plots
      	* TrigInDetAnalysisUser-00-04-32
      2015-09-09  Julie Hart Kirk  <nohartj@lxplus0234.cern.ch>
      	* add new electron collection names in TIDAdata files
      	* TrigInDetAnalysisUser-00-04-31
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Antonio Limosani's avatar
      ATLINFR-780 Remove export paths (AtlasCLHEP-00-00-08-04) · 574de585
      Antonio Limosani authored
       	* ATLINFR-780 Remove export paths
      	* Tag as AtlasCLHEP-00-00-08-04 for 20.7.X
    • Ewelina Maria Lobodzinska's avatar
      fix skeleton (EvgenJobTransforms-01-02-40) · 625c9fca
      Ewelina Maria Lobodzinska authored
              * fix checking of generator names in skeleton.ABtoEVGEN.py
              * tag as EvgenJobTransforms-01-02-40
      2015-09-08 E. M. Lobodzinska <ewelina@mail.desy.de>
              * fix checking of generator names in skeleton.GENtoEVGEN.py
              * tag as EvgenJobTransforms-01-02-39
    • Atlas-Software Librarian's avatar
      fix for proper removal of /usr/lib64 (only if exact match) from... · 3ed06d5f
      Atlas-Software Librarian authored
      fix for proper removal of /usr/lib64 (only if exact match) from LD_LIBRARY_PATH (AtlasFortranPolicy-00-00-81)
      	* fix for proper removal of "/usr/lib64" (only if exact match) from LD_LIBRARY_PATH
      	* tag as AtlasFortranPolicy-00-00-81
    • Werner Wiedenmann's avatar
      add possibility to use DAQ CTP result (TrigT1Result-00-01-67) · 1c5a9f9b
      Werner Wiedenmann authored
      	* TrigT1Result-00-01-67
      	* add possibility  to use DAQ CTP result
      	* changes in TrigT1Result/CTPResult.h, TrigT1Result/CTPResult.icc, src/CTPResult.cxx
    • James William Monk's avatar
      improved weight names, JetMatching Hook, GravFlat Hook (Pythia8_i-00-12-02) · 2c5ad5d1
      James William Monk authored
        * Updated weight storage so that names instead of ids are used in the HepMC record
        * tagging Pythia8_i-00-12-02
      2015-09-08  James Monk  <jmonk@cern.ch>
        * Added JetMatchingMadGraphHook.cxx for FxFx matching
      2015-08-02  James Monk <jmonk@cern.ch>
        *  Updated version of GravFlat UserHook from Jan Stark for 13 TeV running
      2015-06-16  James Monk <jmonk@cern.ch>
        *  reinstate use of map syntax so that weight names are stored in HepMC
      2015-06-08  James Monk	<jmonk@cern.ch>
        *  Merging branch for Pythia 8.205 with multiple LHE3 weights onto trunk
      2015-05-18  James Monk  <jmonk@cern.ch>
      	* Check order of LHE3 weights on each event is the same
      	  * write MetaData in finalize giving the weight descriptions
      2015-03-18  James Monk	<jmonk@cern.ch>
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Ewelina Maria Lobodzinska's avatar
      fix requirements (QGSJet-01-54-05) · df0192f6
      Ewelina Maria Lobodzinska authored
        * cmt/requirements: comment out redundant(with Epos) export - to be uncommented if different crmc version used
      for both generators AGENE-1005
        * tagged as QGSJet-01-54-05
    • Shaun Roe's avatar
      additional fix for coverity 29981 (SCT_Monitoring-00-06-53) · ac084011
      Shaun Roe authored
      	* additional coverity fix for
      29981 01/04/2015 (Medium) Uninitialized pointer field :/InnerDetector/InDetMonitoring/SCT_Monitoring/src/SCTRatioNoiseMonTool.cxx in function "SCTRatioNoiseMonTool"
      	* tag as SCT_Monitoring-00-06-53
      2015-09-03 Shaun Roe
      	* fix coverity defects which were re introduced
      16966 09/07/2014 (Medium) Uninitialized scalar field :/InnerDetector/InDetMonitoring/SCT_Monitoring/src/SCTErrMonTool.cxx in function "SCTErrMonTool"
      29981 01/04/2015 (Medium) Uninitialized pointer field :/InnerDetector/InDetMonitoring/SCT_Monitoring/src/SCTRatioNoiseMonTool.cxx in function "SCTRatioNoiseMonTool"
      	* *partially* correct some naming in SCTErrMonTool to adhere to coding guidelines
      	* take out the "histoPathBase" properties due to compilation warnings, see https://its.cern.ch/jira/browse/GAUDI-1023
      	* SCT_Monitoring-00-06-52
    • Ryan Mackenzie White's avatar
      electron track and etcut (TriggerMenu-00-13-41) · bbac0a56
      Ryan Mackenzie White authored
      	* Update tracking sequences in Egamma
      	* Change config for etcut chain -- no cut applied at last step
      	* TriggerMenu-00-13-41
      2015-09-11 Emma Torro Pastor
      	* Uncommenting jet chains (test3) in MC_pp_v5 menu (ATR-11959)
              * TriggerMenu-00-13-40
      2015-09-09 Viviana Cavaliere
      	* Moving tau+photon chains to Physics menu  (combined chains) (ATR-11531)
              * TriggerMenu-00-13-39
      2015-09-09 Viviana Cavaliere
      	* Moving tau+photon chains to Physics menu (ATR-11531)
              * TriggerMenu-00-13-38
      2015-09-07 Kunihiro Nagano
      	* Bug fix for di-lepton exclusive trigger (ATR-11516)
              * Needs TrigMuonHypo-00-02-25
              * TriggerMenu-00-13-37
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Peter Onyisi's avatar
      Roll up for DataQualityUtils-02-20-13 (DataQualityUtils-02-20-13) · a9b99268
      Peter Onyisi authored
      	* Tag DataQualityUtils-02-20-13
      2015-09-11 Alex Tuna <tuna@cern.ch>
      	* Added uncertainties to Z/Jpsi mass RMS plots
      2015-09-10 Gabriele Chiodini
      	* Added TSize and TDota to displayExtra to add text with adjustable size and dotted TLine
      2015-08-19 Peter Onyisi
      	* Don't return status 0 on DQWebDisplay.py usage errors!
      2015-08-18 Peter Onyisi
      	* Clean up a lot of Coverity errors (MDT and HLTMinBias postprocessing)
      	* Tag DataQualityUtils-02-20-12
    • Eric Torrence's avatar
      Fix lumi block duration (LumiBlockComps-01-00-17) · 7495cdf4
      Eric Torrence authored
      	* Fix lumi block duration (by configuring LBLB again)
      	* tag as LumiBlockComps-01-00-17
    • Simon George's avatar
      're-enable L1TopoSimulation for monitoring' (TrigOnlineMonitor-20-00-28) · cdf6e1eb
      Simon George authored
      	* TrigOnlineMonitor-20-00-28
      	* share/TrigL1TopoROBMonitor.py: make doL1TopoSimMon default True,
      	now ATR-12079 is fixed.
      2015-09-09  Simon George  <S.George@rhul.ac.uk>
      	* TrigOnlineMonitor-20-00-27
      	* share/TrigL1TopoROBMonitor.py: add doL1TopoSimMon flag, default False, can be used to enable L1TopoSimulation for monitoring from the command line
      2015-09-06  Simon George  <S.George@rhul.ac.uk>
      	* TrigOnlineMonitor-20-00-26
      	* share/TrigL1TopoROBMonitor.py: don't schedule L1TopoSimulation for now, due to it causeing the run-stop-run test to fail, see ATR-12079.
      2015-08-22  Simon George  <S.George@rhul.ac.uk>
      	* src/TrigL1TopoROBMonitor.cxx: add a 'Problems' histogram to count various types of error encountered in the unpacking or data format, ATR-12092
      2015-09-04  Krzysztof Korcyl  <Krzysztof.Korcyl@ifj.edu.pl>
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Jochen Meyer's avatar
      AthenaBaseComps migration (MdtCalibIOSvc-00-05-05) · 96f6c389
      Jochen Meyer authored
      	* AthenaBaseComps migration
      	* tagging MdtCalibIOSvc-00-05-05
    • Joerg Stelzer's avatar
      Resolve stop start issue (L1TopoSimulation-00-00-27) · f01a1ac2
      Joerg Stelzer authored
      	* Resolve stop start issue
      	* L1TopoSimulation-00-00-27
      2015-08-28 Joerg Stelzer <stelzer@cern.ch>
      	* cp PeriodicScaler from TrigSteer package to resolve circular dependencies
      	* L1TopoSimulation-00-00-26
      2015-08-17  Simon George  <S.George@rhul.ac.uk>
      	* src/L1TopoSimulation.h;.cxx: add property to specify base dir for monitoring histograms.
      	* L1TopoSimulation-00-00-24
      2015-08-13  Simon George  <s.george@rhul.ac.uk>
      	* src/L1TopoSimulation.cxx;src/L1TopoSimulation.h: add periodic prescale feature
      	* L1TopoSimulation-00-00-23
      2015-07-04 Joerg Stelzer
      	* Fix histogramming of InputProviders
      	* L1TopoSimulation-00-00-22
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Siarhei Harkusha's avatar
      set up entries to be equal to number of processed events for occupancy map... · 7267230c
      Siarhei Harkusha authored
      set up entries to be equal to number of processed events for occupancy map over threshold (TileMonitoring-00-07-63)
      	* src/TileCellMonTool.cxx: set up entries to be equal to number of processed events
                for occupancy map over threshold;
      	* Tagging TileMonitoring-00-07-63
      2015-09-09  Siarhei Harkusha  <Siarhei.Harkusha@cern.ch>
      	* src/TileCellMonTool.cxx: set up entries to be equal to number of processed events
      	  for the following histograms: occupancy map over threshold; occupancy map with negative energy;
      	  map with masked on the fly channels
      	* Tagging TileMonitoring-00-07-62
    • Attila Krasznahorkay's avatar
      Fixing some dictionary and variable name typos (xAODTrigL1Calo-00-00-57) · 17fc05f3
      Attila Krasznahorkay authored
      	* Enabled keyword expansion for the new RODHeader files.
      	* Fixed a typo in xAODTrigL1CaloDict.h, so now it would correctly
      	  generate a dictionary for xAOD::RODHeaderContainer_v2.
      	* Fixed a typo on the name of the bcid variable in
      	  xAOD::RODHeaderAuxContainer_v2, in that it wasn't in sync with
      	  the variable name used by xAOD::RODHeader_v2.
      	* Tagging as xAODTrigL1Calo-00-00-57
      2015-09-11 Attila Krasznahorkay <Attila.Krasznahorkay@cern.ch>
      	* Disabling the instantiation of smart pointer types in
      	  xAODTrigL1CaloDict.h, as no such dictionaries are requested by
      	  selection.xml anyway.
      	* Removed the AthLinks includes from this file as well, but because
      	  ElementLink.h is included in many files (unnecessarily), this didn't
      	  cause a change in the requirements/Makefile.RootCore files.
      	* Removed the Eigen specific code from xAODTrigL1CaloDict.h, as it's
      	  really just a point of confusion here. (The package doesn't use
      	* Not tagging, as the package is still unusable. Sasha will need to add
      	  the missing .cxx files to make it functional.
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Walter Lampl's avatar
      common base class for cell/cluster monitoring, streamlining a bit (CaloMonitoring-00-04-18) · 4ef53789
      Walter Lampl authored
      	* common base class for cell/cluster monitoring, streamlining a bit
      	* tag CaloMonitoring-00-04-18
      2015-09-07 Walter Lampl <walter.lampl@ cern.ch>
      	* adapt to changes of BeamBackgroundFiller. Use custom SG key to avoid confusion
      	* tag CaloMonitoring-00-04-17
      2015-04-13  Hong Ma <hma@bnl.gov>
      	* remove CaloCellVecMon's runStat() method. Histograms are not deleted when run number changes.
      	* Tagging CaloMonitoring-00-04-16
      2015-04-06  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
              * Tagging CaloMonitoring-00-04-15.
      	* src/CaloCellVecMon.cxx (processHists): Fix coverity warnings.
      17-02-2015 Khadeejah ALGhadeer <kalghade@cern.ch>
              * Fix for missing Histograms in CalCellVecMon.cxx
              * tag CaloMonitoring-00-04-14
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Dimitrii Krasnopevtsev's avatar
      Adding new Mu scaling for error (TRT_DriftFunctionTool-00-02-19) · 71bdd7cf
      Dimitrii Krasnopevtsev authored
              * Adding new Mu scaling for error
      	        * tag as TRT_DriftFunctionTool-00-02-19
    • Dimitrii Krasnopevtsev's avatar
      Adding new Mu scaling for error (TRT_DriftCircleTool-04-00-01) · 96040313
      Dimitrii Krasnopevtsev authored
      	* Adding new mu scaling for error
      	* tag as TRT_DriftCircleTool-04-00-01
    • James Robinson's avatar
      Added VBFssWW (validated); ttj, ssWWjj (unvalidated). Added automatic tarring... · c9288f5f
      James Robinson authored
      Added VBFssWW (validated); ttj, ssWWjj (unvalidated). Added automatic tarring of output. Added DYNNLO capabilities. Fixed random number bug for multiple seeds. (PowhegControl-00-02-14)
      	* Added DYNNLO support - manually forces output into LHEv3 format
      	* Fixed random number bug caused by the fact that iseed supercedes pwgseeds.dat
      	* Tagged 00-02-14
      2015-09-01 James Robinson <james.robinson@cern.ch>
      	* Rewrote output handling for robustness against stream blocking
      	* Renaming of strategies and functions (interface is unchanged)
      2015-08-28 James Robinson <james.robinson@cern.ch>
      	* Added output tar-ing when outputTXTFile is supplied
      	* Added VBFssWW (validated); ttj, ssWWjj (unvalidated)
      2015-07-20 James Robinson <james.robinson@cern.ch>
      	* Updated integration parameters for HWj and HZj
      	* Tagged 00-02-13
      	* Tagged 00-02-12
      	* Tagged 00-02-07 (trijet and HJJ still unvalidated)
      	* Tagged 00-02-06 (trijet and HJJ still unvalidated)
    • Kenji Hamano's avatar
    • Christos Leonidopoulos's avatar
      fix for ATR-12037 (TrigHLTMonitoring-00-07-03) · f08e4326
      Christos Leonidopoulos authored
      	* added new menu-aware monitoring code
    • Nick Barlow's avatar
      revert changes to SCT_SurfaceChargesGenerator from -02-00-05 (SCT_Digitization-02-00-12) · 16b7849e
      Nick Barlow authored
      	* Revert changes in SCT_SurfaceChargesGenerator.cxx (ATLASSIM-1886) to the previous version (these changes will then put back into a branch tag).
      	* Tag as SCT_Digitization-02-00-12
      2015-09-02 Shaun Roe
      	* Fix cppcheck error:
      incorrectLogicOperator in file AtlasSimulation/rel_2/InnerDetector/InDetDigitization/SCT_Digitization/src/SCT_FrontEndDev.cxx:932 Logical disjunction always evaluates to true: EXPR < 0.0000001 || EXPR > -0.0000001.
      	* tag as SCT_Digitization-02-00-11