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    • Nils Krumnack's avatar
      avoid an overload warning in AthAnalysis · dbd77f95
      Nils Krumnack authored
    • Nils Krumnack's avatar
      allow python configurables to add themselves to EventLoop job objects · f531e432
      Nils Krumnack authored
      The ultimate goal here is to have the python configurable no longer
      inherit from the C++ object, and instead create the C++ object only at
      the moment when it is needed, instead of having it as a base class and
      performing all updates simultaneously to the python object and the C++
      object (to keep them in sync).  However, for now it mostly adds an
      alternate way of adding algorithms to jobs, to actually make the more
      fundamental change to the configurables would require all users to
      update to the new formalism of adding algorithms to jobs.
      This also allows additional configurable objects to be used, e.g. I
      now treat algorithm sequences and algorithms the same.
      This could potentially also be used to change the target or mechanism
      of configuration at some point, e.g. to push this into an intermediate
      JSON file, but that's not an immediate goal.
    • Nils Erik Krumnack's avatar
      rework subtools in AsgComponentConfig (was wrap AnaToolHandle around AsgToolConfig) · 4a6a0176
      Nils Erik Krumnack authored
      Since I'm back-porting to 21.2 I didn't modify the AnaToolHandle
      implementation, but I did update AsgComponentConfig accordingly.
      Original commit message:
      The basic reasoning here is that AnaToolHandle is essentially the
      out-dated and discouraged mechanism for creating tools, and has been
      replaced with AsgToolConfig for quite a while (or alternatively
      indirectly via AnaAlgorithmConfig).
      I did have to disable some Athena tests for setting sub-tools in
      Athena.  There are already some of those disabled, and the basic logic
      is that since this is the legacy way of doing things, unless this
      breaks existing code (as verified by CI tests) I no longer want to
      support all the possible edge cases in this rather brittle and complex
      piece of code.
    • Nils Krumnack's avatar
      remake SysListLoaderAlg into SystematicsSvc · fa68ca0d
      Nils Krumnack authored
      For now this just replaces the algorithm with a service, and
      communicates the systematics list via the service interface instead of
      via the event store.
      The plan is to add more functionality in future merge requests that
      will move a lot of the systematics handling functionality from the
      configuration layer into the service.
    • Nils Krumnack's avatar
      rework AsgService interface declarations and configuration · b6a90dd4
      Nils Krumnack authored
      As part of implementing my first dual-use service I decided that the
      existing macros are not quite as elegant as I hoped, and also don't
      match gaudi mechanisms as closely as I would have liked.
      I also updated the dual-use service configuration, so that it works
      nicely in a dual-use setting.
    • Nils Krumnack's avatar
      fix compilation error in AnaAlgorithm package · 492e1f73
      Nils Krumnack authored
      That was introduced by two recent merge requests crossing.
    • scott snyder's avatar
      AsgTools: Fix cppcheck warnings. · 8cadf793
      scott snyder authored
      Don't let cppcheck see the #error directives.
    • Pierre Antoine Delsart's avatar
    • Nils Krumnack's avatar
      introduce PythonConfig and EL::PythonConfigBase · 51b75b25
      Nils Krumnack authored
      The goal here is to introduce a single python configurable in
      AnalysisBase, instead of the current scheme in which there is a
      separate configurable for AnaAlgorithm, AsgTool, etc. and essentially
      duplicating a lot of code.
      For now this duplicates even more code.  Once this is all tested and
      validated, the old code will eitehr be completely removed or made to
      inherit from the new classes.
    • Nils Krumnack's avatar
      switch unit test to using LocalDriver · 697e7375
      Nils Krumnack authored
      Mostly so that it acts as a test of whether the EventLoop python
      configuration would work properly on the grid.
    • Nils Krumnack's avatar
      add missing dictionary for AsgComponentConfig · 138ddd79
      Nils Krumnack authored
      I thought I had added all missing dictionaries, but there is one
      missing here.
    • Nils Krumnack's avatar
      fix the "inline" constructor for ServiceHandle · 41259fa2
      Nils Krumnack authored
      That was more or less a copy-paste error of a template function that
      was never instantiated.