1. 10 Oct, 2015 40 commits
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      'CMakeLists.txt' (PanTauEvent-00-05-08) · 345777de
      Atlas-Software Librarian authored
      2015-09-25  Peter Wagner <peter -dot- wagner -at- cern.ch>
      	* Tagging PanTauEvent-00-05-08.
              * Fix coverity warnings: memleak
      2015-01-13  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
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      'CMakeLists.txt' (FastSimulationEvent-00-00-05) · 3f31d033
      Atlas-Software Librarian authored
      	* FastSimulationEvent/GenParticleEnergyDepositMap.h: Fixing Coverity
      	defect 13514
      	* Tagging FastSimulationEvent-00-00-05
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      'CMakeLists.txt' (InDetSimEvent-00-06-00) · 11b93e6b
      Atlas-Software Librarian authored
      	* Updated HitIdHelpers to be safe for multi-threading.
      		* TRTHitIdHelper and SiHitIdHelper are now safe to retrieve
      		* SiHitIdHelper is now a context-specific singleton in Hive.
      		* Locked Storegate usage in SiHitIdHelper Initialize method
      		  which was previously thread-unsafe.
      	* tag as InDetSimEvent-00-06-00
      	* src/SiHitIdHelper.cxx - include barrelendcap range extension for
      	dbm dictionaries.
      	* tag as InDetSimEvent-00-05-08
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      'CMakeLists.txt' (TrkAlignEvent-01-00-06) · 5ba1f271
      Atlas-Software Librarian authored
      	* Fix coverity defects
      12424 09/07/2014 (Low) Missing assignment operator :/Tracking/TrkAlignment/TrkAlignEvent/TrkAlignEvent/AlignModule.h in function ""
      12453 09/07/2014 (Low) Missing copy constructor :/Tracking/TrkAlignment/TrkAlignEvent/TrkAlignEvent/AlignModule.h in function ""
      12464 09/07/2014 (Low) Missing copy constructor :/Tracking/TrkAlignment/TrkAlignEvent/TrkAlignEvent/AlignVertex.h in function ""
      12441 09/07/2014 (Low) Missing assignment operator :/Tracking/TrkAlignment/TrkAlignEvent/TrkAlignEvent/AlignVertex.h in function ""
      	* Tag as TrkAlignEvent-01-00-06
      2015-05-25 Anthony Morley
        * Add bowing to the alignmodule
      	* Correct transformation decomposition
        * Tagging as TrkAlignEvent-01-00-04
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      'CMakeLists.txt' (TrkEventUtils-02-00-06) · 293a38b8
      Atlas-Software Librarian authored
      	* Fix coverity issues 13528 and 13987 (copy without assign).
      	* Fix coverity issues 13489,13969 (copy without assign, missing asign).
      	* Fix coverity issues 13529,13988 (copy without assign, missing asign).
      	* Fix coverity issues 13962,13485 (copy without assign, missing asign).
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      'CMakeLists.txt' (TrkCaloExtension-00-00-11) · 03b87e20
      Atlas-Software Librarian authored
      	* coverity fixes:
      24993 18/11/2014 (Low) Parse warning :/build/AtlasOffline-dev/AtlasEvent/rel_2/InstallArea/include/TrkCaloExtension/TrkCaloExtension/CaloExtensionHelpers.h in function ""
      24876 11/11/2014 (Low) Parse warning :/build/AtlasOffline-dev/AtlasEvent/rel_2/InstallArea/include/TrkCaloExtension/TrkCaloExtension/CaloExtensionHelpers.h in function ""
      	* tag TrkCaloExtension-00-00-11
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      'CMakeLists.txt' (TrkValInterfaces-01-00-03) · 946566dc
      Atlas-Software Librarian authored
      	* added position momentum writer
      	* TrkValInterfaces-01-00-03
      2014-10-08  David Quarrie <David.Quarrie@cern.ch>
      	* cmt/requirements
      		Declare this package as a metalibrary for cmake so that it's clients have access to the libraries
      		and header files from the packages that this one depends on. Transparent to CMT.
      	* Tagged as TrkValInterfaces-01-00-02
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      'CMakeLists.txt' (xAODTruth-00-01-14) · d0f951d6
      Atlas-Software Librarian authored
      	* Tagging as xAODTruth-00-01-14
      	* Use TruthUtils PID functions from the PIDHelpers.h rather than (removed) PIDUtils.h header.
      	* Fixing a checkreq warning
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      'CMakeLists.txt' (xAODTauAthenaPool-00-01-07) · 10782009
      Atlas-Software Librarian authored
      	* src/xAODTauJetAuxContainerCnv_v1.cxx: Changed output level to debug
      	* tagging as xAODTauAthenaPool-00-01-06
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      'CMakeLists.txt' (xAODTrigL1CaloCnv-00-00-08) · 69a52332
      Atlas-Software Librarian authored
      	* RODHeaderCnvTool.cxx: use RODHeader's initialise method instead of
      	  set functions
      	* Tag as xAODTrigL1CaloCnv-00-00-08
      	* Tag as xAODTrigL1CaloCnv-00-00-07
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      'CMakeLists.txt' (xAODTrigL1CaloAthenaPool-00-00-19) · 6975e43a
      Atlas-Software Librarian authored
      	* Implemented full-blown schema evolution for xAOD::RODHeader,
      	  making it possible to read back files written with _v1.
      	* Added a small test jobOption to the package (which is not
      	  installed by CMT) to test that the conversion happens
      	* Tagging as xAODTrigL1CaloAthenaPool-00-00-19
      2015-09-08 Alexander Mazurov <alexander.mazurov@cern.ch>
        * Handle new RODHeader version - V2
        * Tag as xAODTrigL1CaloAthenaPool-00-00-18
      2015-09-08 John Morris <jonh.morris@cern.ch>
        * Fix guid of JEMEtSums and CMMEtSums
        * they were mixed up
        * Tag as xAODTrigL1CaloAthenaPool-00-00-17
        * Fix guid of JEMEtSums and CMMEtSums
        * they were mixed up
        * Tag as xAODTrigL1CaloAthenaPool-00-00-17
        * Fix guid of JEMEtSums and CMMEtSums
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      'CMakeLists.txt' (xAODJet-00-01-31) · ca368ca3
      Atlas-Software Librarian authored
      	* Root/JetConstituentVector.cxx : fix remaining bug from last change.
      	* Tagging xAODJet-00-01-31
      2015-09-07    <delsart@localhost.localdomain>
      	* Root/JetConstituentVector.cxx : Set pointers to IParticle when
      	JetConstituent are built through asSTLVector()
      	* add unit-test for this.
      	* Tagging xAODJet-00-01-30
      2015-07-16    <delsart@localhost>
      	* Root/xAODJetCLIDs.cxx: really adding in SVN
      	* Tagging xAODJet-00-01-29
      2015-07-15    <delsart@localhost>
      	* ATLASSIM-2127
      	* Root/xAODJetCLIDs.cxx added to fix AthSuimulation release.
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      'CMakeLists.txt' (MdtCalibDbCoolStrTool-00-04-03) · be6d546b
      Atlas-Software Librarian authored
      	* addressing coverity defects 12718-20
      	* Tagged as MdtCalibDbCoolStrTool-00-04-03
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      'CMakeLists.txt' (MdtCalibData-02-00-07) · 8f5296ab
      Atlas-Software Librarian authored
      	* code cleanup
      	* tagging MdtCalibData-02-00-07
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      'CMakeLists.txt' (DetDescrCondTools-00-04-02-03) · 3aa55a8c
      Atlas-Software Librarian authored
      	* modify coolHist_setFileIdentifier.sh and
      	   coolHist_extractFileIdentifier.sh to work with ROOT6
      	* Tagged as DetDescrCondTools-00-04-02-03
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      'CMakeLists.txt' (ISF_FatrasDetDescrInterfaces-00-00-05) · ff34c64c
      Atlas-Software Librarian authored
      	* Added some functions to the interface ISegmentation.h
      	* Tagged as ISF_FatrasDetDescrInterfaces-00-00-05
      2014-11-12 David Quarrie <David.Quarrie@cern.ch>
      	* cmt/requirements
      		Declare this package as a metalibrary for cmake in order to propagate libraries and header files from
      		packages that it depends on to it clients. Transparent to CMT.
      	* cmt/version.cmt
      		Deleted from SVN since this file is auto-created during checkout by CMT
      	* Tagged as ISF_FatrasDetDescrInterfaces-00-00-04
      	* Tagged as ISF_FatrasDetDescrInterfaces-00-00-03
      	* Tagged as ISF_FatrasDetDescrInterfaces-00-00-02
      	* Tagged as ISF_FatrasDetDescrInterfaces-00-00-01
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      'CMakeLists.txt' (TRT_ConditionsData-00-00-51) · 2b104a31
      Atlas-Software Librarian authored
      2015-06-12 Alex Alonso
      	* Tagging TRT_ConditionsData-00-00-51.
      	* new strawStatus for Ar and Kr
      2015-06-12 Alex Alonso
      	* Tagging TRT_ConditionsData-00-00-49.
      	* Adding a new Status Value for Krypton Straws
      2015-03-25 Alex Alonso
      	* Tagging TRT_ConditionsData-00-00-48.
      	* Clean warning from cmt/requiriments
      2015-02-09  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
      	* Tagging TRT_ConditionsData-00-00-47.
      	* TRT_ConditionsData/TRT_ConditionsDataDict.h: Fix clang warning.
      	* TRT_ConditionsData/MultChanContainer.h,
      	TRT_ConditionsData/StrawT0MultChanContainer.h: Const fixes.
      2014-01-08 Alex Alonso
      	* Fix Coverity Rep
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      'CMakeLists.txt' (TrkDetDescrSvc-01-02-14) · f4343174
      Atlas-Software Librarian authored
              * change default to v20 and SubVersion ''
              * tag as TrkDetDescrSvc-01-02-14
      2015-03-08 Shaun Roe
      	* fix coverity defect
      11561 09/07/2014 (Medium) Nesting level does not match indentation :/Tracking/TrkDetDescr/TrkDetDescrSvc/src/TrackingGeometrySvc.cxx in function "initialize"
         	* tag as TrkDetDescrSvc-01-02-13
      2015-02-10 Goetz Gaycken
      	* fix gcc checker warning (switch to AthService and use ATH_MSG
      	* use service handle
      2015-01-28 Andreas Salzburger < Andreas.Salzburger -at- cern.ch >
              * job property update
              * tagged as TrkDetDescrSvc-01-02-11
      2015-01-27 Andreas Salzburger < Andreas.Salzburger -at- cern.ch >
              * job property update
              * tagged as TrkDetDescrSvc-01-02-10
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      'CMakeLists.txt' (TrkDetDescrInterfaces-01-02-05) · 92e7190c
      Atlas-Software Librarian authored
              * interface change of LayerMaterialCreator
              * tagged as TrkDetDescrInterfaces-01-02-05
      2015-07-16 Andreas Salzburger < Andreas.Salzburger -at- cern.ch >
              * adding LayerMaterialManipulator
              * tagged as TrkDetDescrInterfaces-01-02-04
      2015-06-10 Andreas Salzburger < Andreas.Salzburger -at- cern.ch >
              * first production version with the VertexMapper
              * tagged as TrkDetDescrInterfaces-01-02-03
      2015-06-10 Andreas Salzburger < Andreas.Salzburger -at- cern.ch >
              * new VertexMapper interface & change of interface
              * tagged as TrkDetDescrInterfaces-01-02-02
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      'CMakeLists.txt' (JetUncertainties-00-09-30) · 0a90dd45
      Atlas-Software Librarian authored
      	* More plotting script options to meet request
      2015-01-05 S Schramm : trunk
              * More plotting script options
      2015-02-11 Attila Krasznahorkay <Attila.Krasznahorkay@cern.ch>
      	* Disabled the generation of some dictionaries with ROOT 6 that
      	  produce runtime warnings in AnalysisBase-2.1.X.
      	* Tagging as JetUncertainties-00-09-14
      2015-02-13 S Schramm : trunk
              * Adding correlation matrix support, still in development
              * Adding correlation matrix test script, still in development
      2015-02-15 S Schramm : trunk
      	* Further correlation matrix improvements, now in place
      	* Added groups for full flexibility when combining components
      2015-02-16 S Schramm : trunk and JetUncertainties-00-09-15
      	* Fixed off-by-one error in PunchThrough input histogram for JES_2012/Final configs
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      'CMakeLists.txt' (TrkDetDescrExample-01-01-02) · 2802c922
      Atlas-Software Librarian authored
         * new Material conversion algorithm
         * tag TrkDetDescrExample-01-01-02
      2015-07-15 Andreas Salzburger < Andreas.Salzburger -at- cern.ch >
         * new Material manipulation algorithm
         * tag TrkDetDescrExample-01-01-01
      2015-06-04 Andreas Salzburger < Andreas.Salzburger -at- cern.ch >
         * MaterialMapping with new ExtrapolationEngine
         * tag TrkDetDescrExample-01-01-00
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      'CMakeLists.txt' (MuonTagTools-00-08-27) · e091f88e
      Atlas-Software Librarian authored
      	* Introducing a container copy with only Medium Muon from the Selector Tool to use as input container for the MET
      	* tag as MuonTagTools-00-08-27
      2015-08-06 E.Ritsch
      	* fixing swapped GradientLooseIsolation and GradientIsolation tools and
      	swapping their bits (GradientLoose now #28, Gradient now #27)
      	* tag as MuonTagTools-00-08-26
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      'CMakeLists.txt' (MuonEfficiencyCorrections-03-01-16) · e95539bc
      Atlas-Software Librarian authored
          * Support for periodD trigger, isolation and reconstruction SFs
          * Tagging MuonEfficiencyCorrections-03-01-16
      2015-09-16 Masato Aoki <masato.aoki@cern.ch>
          * MuonTriggerScaleFactors.cxx - latest trigger SF file muon_trigger_eff_periodsABCD_sep09.root
      2015-09-03 Rustem Ospanov <rustem at cern.ch>
          * TestTrigSF.cxx - fix coverity report by initialising pointers to 0
      2015-09-03 Max Goblirsch <goblirsc@cern.ch>
          * Added "Use50nsForD5" property to MuonEfficiencyScaleFactors - for users comparing the 50ns D5 run with 50ns MC instead of 25ns
          * Updated default calibration release to Data15_ACD_150903
          * Added dummy periods "D525" and "D550" to represent the two ways of treating run 276731 (50ns@D5).
      2015-08-26 Kota Kasahara<kota.kasahara@cern.ch>
          * Updated MuonTriggerScaleFactors.cxx to support periodD trigger efficiency.
          * Tagging MuonEfficiencyCorrections-03-01-15
      2015-08-13 Kota Kasahara<kota.kasahara@cern.ch>
          * Fixed the bug in the computing trigger sf
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
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      'CMakeLists.txt' (MuonMomentumCorrections-01-00-26) · 61f605c9
      Atlas-Software Librarian authored
      	* Added protection against re-correcting the same muon multiple times
      	* Tagged as MuonMomentumCorrections-01-00-26
      2015-08-06 Giacomo Artoni <Giacomo.Artoni@cern.ch>
      	*	Fixed problem with FilesPath setting
      	  (option NOT RECOMMENDED for standard analyzers)
      	* Included updated calibrations for 50ns dataset analysis
      	* Tagged as MuonMomentumCorrections-01-00-25
      2015-07-03 Giacomo Artoni <Giacomo.Artoni@cern.ch>
      	* Remove deprecated class: SmearingClass
      	* No change for physics (tag NOT requested for inclusion into
      	* Tagged as MuonMomentumCorrections-01-00-24
      2015-06-11 Giacomo Artoni <Giacomo.Artoni@cern.ch>
      	* Fixed bug in seed setting
      	* Including flag for toroid off runs (setting pt[ME] to 0 and pt[CB] to pt[ID]
      	* Reduced ID systematics
      	* Tagged as MuonMomentumCorrections-01-00-23
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      'CMakeLists.txt' (TruthD3PDMaker-00-01-15) · 735de69b
      Atlas-Software Librarian authored
      	* Tagging TruthD3PDMaker-00-01-15
      	* src/TruthLeptonNearbyAssociationTool.cxx - switch to including
      	TruthUtils/PIDHelpers.h. ATLASSIM-2148
      2015-03-03  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
      	* Tagging TruthD3PDMaker-00-01-14.
      	* Fix clang warnings: remove unused class members and fix header
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      'CMakeLists.txt' (JetSelectorTools-00-05-06) · 6570806a
      Atlas-Software Librarian authored
      	* JetSelectorTools/JetAttributeSelector.h : Added
      	* Tagging: JetSelectorTools-00-05-06
      2015-07-09    <delsart@localhost>
      	* JetSelectorTools/JetAttributeSelector.h : fix compilation warning
      	* Tagging: JetSelectorTools-00-05-05
      2015-07-08    <delsart@localhost>
      	* JetSelectorTools/JetAttributeSelector.h : added.
      	* Tagging: JetSelectorTools-00-05-04
      2015-06-30 S Schramm
      	* Root/JetCleaningTool.cxx: Removed forward emf cut, changed chf/fmax cut to eta<2.4
      	* Tagging: JetSelectorTools-00-05-03
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
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      'CMakeLists.txt' (VP1TrackingGeometrySystems-00-02-00-01) · e21c0ff8
      Atlas-Software Librarian authored
      	* Fixed compilation error
      	* Tagged as VP1TrackingGeometrySystems-00-02-00-01
      2015-07-02 Noemi.Calace@cern.ch <noemi.calace@cern.ch>
      	* Added double-face visualisation for PlanarDetElement
      	* tag for MIG5 developmets
      	* Tagged as VP1TrackingGeometrySystems-00-02-00-00
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      'CMakeLists.txt' (MuonDQAUtils-00-04-02) · 6df880f2
      Atlas-Software Librarian authored
      	* src\MuonDQAFitFunc.cxx: THist rebinning fix for ROOT6
      	* tagging MuonDQAUtils-00-04-02
      2015-06-15 Ioannis Nomidis
      	* Fixed checkreq warnings
      	* tagging MuonDQAUtils-00-04-01
      2015-04-07 Ioannis Nomidis
      	* Removed classes no longer used
      	* tagging MuonDQAUtils-00-04-00
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      'CMakeLists.txt' (MuonAlignMonitoring-00-02-09) · 3bcf55a7
      Atlas-Software Librarian authored
      	* disabling code; does not compile
      	* tagging MuonAlignMonitoring-00-02-09
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      'CMakeLists.txt' (MuonSegmMonitoring-01-02-08) · 12c6183d
      Atlas-Software Librarian authored
      	* disabling code; doesn't compile
      	* taggeing MuonSegmMonitoring-01-02-08
      2015-04-08 Jason Veatch <Jason.Veatch@cern.ch>
      	* tagging MuonSegmMonitoring-01-02-07
      	* addressing coverity defect 29973
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      'CMakeLists.txt' (MuonRecRTT-00-07-07) · d3af022e
      Atlas-Software Librarian authored
      	* test/MuonRecRTT_TestConfiguration.xml: fixed path
      		* MuonRecRTT-00-07-07
      2015-03-23 Graham Cree <graham.cree@cern.ch>
      	* test/MuonRecRTT_TestConfiguration.xml: added jobs without pileup
      		* MuonRecRTT-00-07-06
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      patch for eProb (TrigEgammaAnalysisTools-00-00-78) · 00d2a85e
      Ryan Mackenzie White authored
      	* patch for eProb
      	* TrigEgammaAnalysisTools-00-00-78
      2015-09-16 Ryan White <ryan.white@cern.ch>
      	* Remove decorations and clearing in NavAnalysis
      	* TrigEgammaAnalysisTools-00-00-77
      2015-09-15 Ryan White <ryan.white@cern.ch>
      	* Clear decorations
      	* Disable fetching of track containers in BaseTool::inefficiency
      	* Causes error where track particle cannot be retrieved in other
      	* ERRORS to WARNINGS when containers not retrieved
      	* Add EfficiencyTool, place holder for moving code out of BaseTool
      	into separate tools
      	* TrigEgammaAnalysisTools-00-00-76
      2015-09-03 Ryan White <ryan.white@cern.ch>
      	* Fix compiler warnings
      	* TrigEgammaAnalysisTools-00-00-75
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
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      patch for mon funcs (xAODEgammaCnv-00-01-22) · bfbfe60d
      Ryan Mackenzie White authored
      	* Patch for monitoring macros
      	* xAODEgammaCnv-00-01-22
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      ForceCoolVectorPayload for SCT (InDetTrigRecExample-00-11-57) · 8253e4cf
      Jiri Masik authored
      	* python/InDetTrigConfigConditions.py (SCT_ConditionsServicesSetup.initConfigSvc):
      	ForceCoolVectorPayload introduced, overrides CoraCool /previous
      	settings, InDetTrigRecExample-00-11-57
      2015-10-01  Jiri Masik  <jiri.masik@manchester.ac.uk>
      	* python/InDetTrigConfigRecLoadTools.py: PID_vector tags,
      2015-09-30  Jiri Masik  <jiri.masik@manchester.ac.uk>
      	* python/InDetTrigConfigRecLoadTools.py: fix svc name, tagged as
      	* python/InDetTrigConfigRecLoadTools.py: use LocalOccupancy in the
      	ElectronPidTool, tagged as InDetTrigRecExample-00-11-54
      2015-09-08  Jiri Masik  <jiri.masik@manchester.ac.uk>
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
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      New fix of the if statement (TRT_Digitization-01-01-07) · e84da03d
      Anthony Lionti authored
      2015-10-06  Anthony Lionti  <Anthony.Lionti@cern.ch>
              * src/TRTDigSettings.cxx
      	 New fix of the if statement
              * Tagged as TRT_Digitization-01-01-07
      2015-10-03  Anthony Lionti  <Anthony.Lionti@cern.ch>
              * src/TRTDigSettings.cxx
      	Correction of an if statement defined backwards.
              * Tagged as TRT_Digitization-01-01-06
      2015-10-01  Anthony Lionti  <Anthony.Lionti@cern.ch>
              * src/TRTDigSettings.cxx
      	Modification of an if statement to avoid double rounding issues
      	* Tagged as TRT_Digitization-01-01-05
      2015-09-30  Anthony Lionti  <Anthony.Lionti@cern.ch>
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)