1. 20 Mar, 2015 40 commits
    • Antonio Limosani's avatar
      Update input MC file (RecPerfTests-00-08-15) · 3497fbfa
      Antonio Limosani authored
      	* Update input MC file
      	* RecPerfTests-00-08-15
      2015-03-05 Antonio Limosani <antonio.limosani AT cern.ch>
      	* Save log.RAWtoESD
      	* RecPerfTests-00-08-14
      2015-02-23 Antonio Limosani <antonio.limosani AT cern.ch>
      	* Simplify to one test
      	* RecPerfTests-00-08-13
    • Lawrence Lee Jr's avatar
      tagging 00-00-05 (TrigHLTJetHemisphereRec-00-00-05) · f87e7a5b
      Lawrence Lee Jr authored
      2015-03-05   Lawrence Lee  <lawrence.lee.jr@cern.ch>
      	* TrigHLTJetHemisphereRec-00-00-04
      	* To address issues with the speed of this algorithm, the use of TLVs
      	* has been removed and a new algorithm is in place that scales as N_jet^3
      	* instead of 2^N_jet. This has been validated to produce the same assignment
      2015-03-05   Lawrence Lee  <lawrence.lee.jr@cern.ch>
      	* TrigHLTJetHemisphereRec-00-00-03
      	* In execute functions, changed prints to INFO to be prints to DEBUG
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    • Susan Cheatham's avatar
      GlobalFitTool: Warning downgraded to Debug (MuGirlGlobalFit-00-01-02) · 329c92ae
      Susan Cheatham authored
      	* addressing Warning ATLASRECTS-1788
      	* Tagged as MuGirlGlobalFit-00-01-02
      2015-02-10 Jochen Meyer
      	* addressing coverity defect 14217
      	* Tagged as MuGirlGlobalFit-00-01-01
    • Massimiliano Bellomo's avatar
      tagging (MuonSegmentTaggerTools-00-03-04) · 536e979f
      Massimiliano Bellomo authored
      	* MuTagAmbiguitySolverTool.cxx added protection against null qOverP, fixes FPE in ATLASRECTS 1795
      	* tagging as MuonSegmentTaggerTools-00-03-04
      2015-02-26  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
      	* Tagging MuonSegmentTaggerTools-00-03-03.
      	* src/MuTagMatchingTool.cxx: Fix clang warning: remove unused
    • Tomas Dado's avatar
      updating covariance matrix computation, added flag (TileCalibAlgs-00-05-24) · 549637fe
      Tomas Dado authored
      	* Tagging TileCalibAlgs-00-05-24
      	* TileDigiNoiseCalibAlg: Added bool flag DoRobustCov to toggle between using TRobustEstimator to
      	calculate covariance matrix when set to	True. When set to False (Default) the old method is used.
      	Added changes of TileCalibAlgs-00-05-20
      2015-03-05  Siarhei Harkusha  <Siarhei.Harkusha@cern.ch>
      	* TileOFCorrelation: reverted to previous state in order to resolve memory leak and crash
      	* Tagging TileCalibAlgs-00-05-23
      2015-03-03  Siarhei Harkusha  <Siarhei.Harkusha@cern.ch>
      	* Tagging TileCalibAlgs-00-05-22
      2015-03-02  Siarhei Harkusha  <Siarhei.Harkusha@cern.ch>
      	* src/TileRawChNoiseCalibAlg.cxx: split noise also for splitted E1 cells
      2015-02-26  Siarhei Harkusha  <Siarhei.Harkusha@cern.ch>
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    • Peter Sherwood's avatar
      rndseed=1 (TrigHLTJetRec-00-00-39) · 6be71140
      Peter Sherwood authored
      	* tagging TrigHLTJetRec-00-00-39
      	* python/TrigHLTJetRecConfig.py (_getJetBuildTool):
      	set rndseed to 1 so that random number generator used
      	for pile-up subtraction is seeeded from the event number
      	* commented out obsolete classes TrigHLTJetRec_AntiKt04,
      2015-03-03   Caterina Doglioni <caterina.doglioni@cern.ch>
              * TrigHLTJetDSSelector: demoted INFO messages to DEBUG
      	* tagging TrigHLTJetRec-00-00-38
      2015-02-23   Peter Sherwood  <peter@localhost>
      	* tagging TrigHLTJetRec-00-00-37
      2015-02-20   Peter Sherwood  <peter@localhost>
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    • Zach Marshall's avatar
      Adding option for z-dependent time-smearing of vertex positions, with function... · 6a823319
      Zach Marshall authored
      Adding option for z-dependent time-smearing of vertex positions, with function from Brian Amadeo, for the upgrade group (ISF_HepMC_Tools-00-03-05)
      	* src/Vertex*: Adding option for z-dependent time-smearing of vertices.
      	Functional form provided by Brian Amadeo.  For upgrade simulation of time
      	resolution of the forward region.  Off by default.
      	* tag as ISF_HepMC_Tools-00-03-05
      2015-03-08  Elmar Ritsch  <Elmar.Ritsch@cern.ch>
      	* python/ISF_HepMC_ToolsConfig.py - make configuration of
      	ISF_ParticlePositionFilterDynamic more robust (fix for
      	* tag as ISF_HepMC_Tools-00-03-04
      2015-03-06  Elmar Ritsch  <Elmar.Ritsch@cern.ch>
      	* src/GenParticlePositionFilter.cxx - allow to select filter regions with
      	Python property
      	* python/ISF_HepMC_ToolsConfigDb.py,
      	python/ISF_HepMC_ToolsConfig.py - add ConfGetter methods for
      	GenParticlePositionFilter with differently sized filter regions (fix for
      	* tag as ISF_HepMC_Tools-00-03-03
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    • Jiri Masik's avatar
      change the name of the xAOD track particle collections in 2step sequences,... · 4427baf7
      Jiri Masik authored
      change the name of the xAOD track particle collections in 2step sequences, ATR-10452, ATR-9600 (TrigInDetConf-00-00-18)
      	* python/TrigInDetSequence.py: change names of the xAOD
      	trackparticle collections in the 2step case, ATR-10452, tagged as
      2015-02-26  Jiri Masik  <jiri.masik@manchester.ac.uk>
      	* python/TrigInDetSequence.py: correct the position of the
      	vertexing in the previous tag, tagged as TrigInDetConf-00-00-17
      2015-02-24  Jiri Masik  <jiri.masik@manchester.ac.uk>
      	* python/TrigInDetSequence.py: move vertexing after the first
      	tracking step in bjets, ATR-9768, tagged as TrigInDetConf-00-00-16
    • Jean-Baptiste De Vivie De Regie's avatar
      change tool name and track selection (IsolationAlgs-00-01-19) · 27e8edf4
      Jean-Baptiste De Vivie De Regie authored
      	* Change the name of the CaloIsolationTool and the track selection (TightPrimary --> Loose)
      	* tagging as IsolationAlgs-00-01-19
    • Jiri Masik's avatar
      store updated forID roiDescriptors and migrate tau tracking collections to... · 6717dbd3
      Jiri Masik authored
      store updated forID roiDescriptors and migrate tau tracking collections to tauCore and tauIso (TrigEDMConfig-00-02-10)
      	* python/TriggerEDM.py: add forID descriptors to store updated RoI
      	positions for the track reconstruction, tauCore+tauIso collections to replace tau_idtrig tracking containers, tagged as TrigEDMConfig-00-02-10
      2015-03-05 Fabrizio Salvatore
      	* added 'TrigRoiDescriptor#HLT_TrigJetRec', 'TrigRoiDescriptor#HLT_TrigSplitJet' and 'TrigRoiDescriptor#HLT_TrigSuperRoi' to BS/ESD
      	* tagged as TrigEDMConfig-00-02-09
      2015-03-05 Fabrizio Salvatore
      	* added TrigT2ZdcSignals to TriggerEDM and TriggerEDMRun1 (JIRA ATR-10447)
      	* tagged as TrigEDMConfig-00-02-08
      2015-03-05 Fabrizio Salvatore
      	* removed TrigXXTPCnv1Dict from EDMLibraries (JIRA ATR-9793)
      	* tagged as TrigEDMConfig-00-02-07
      2015-03-01 Fabrizio Salvatore
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    • Zach Marshall's avatar
      Cleaning up package structure (Geo2G4-00-06-04) · 8943d892
      Zach Marshall authored
      	* Cleaning up package structure so that we don't kill ourselves later
      	* Tagging: Geo2G4-00-06-04
    • Zach Marshall's avatar
      Fixing warning in DrawTrajectory: ATLASSIM-1879 (MCTruth-00-01-17) · 1fe6baeb
      Zach Marshall authored
      	* Fixing warning in DrawTrajectory; ATLASSIM-1879
      	* Tagging: MCTruth-00-01-17
    • John Derek Chapman's avatar
      scripts/sim_reg_test.py - logic fix for rel_0 nightlies. Tagging... · 363c3fb2
      John Derek Chapman authored
      scripts/sim_reg_test.py - logic fix for rel_0 nightlies. Tagging G4AtlasTests-01-00-11 (G4AtlasTests-01-00-11)
      	* scripts/sim_reg_test.py - logic fix for rel_0 nightlies.
      	* Tagging G4AtlasTests-01-00-11
      2015-03-06  John Chapman  <John.Chapman@cern.ch>
      	* scripts/sim_reg_test.py - fix typo.
      	* Tagging G4AtlasTests-01-00-10
      2015-03-04  John Chapman  <John.Chapman@cern.ch>
      	* scripts/sim_reg_test.py - extensive tidying and cleaning up of
      	log output.
      	* Tagging G4AtlasTests-01-00-09
    • Jiri Masik's avatar
      trust forID descriptors from L2Muon, skip update (TrigGenericAlgs-00-00-39) · 0e0cafb7
      Jiri Masik authored
      	* src/TrigRoiUpdater.cxx: skip updates in the muon instance if
      	forID descriptor found, tagged as TrigGenericAlgs-00-00-39
      	* src/TrigRoiUpdater.cxx (PESA): add names to attached RoIs,
      	access to input RoI descriptors changed, tagged as
      2015-02-25  Jiri Masik  <jiri.masik@manchester.ac.uk>
      	* src/TrigRoiUpdater.cxx: inflate z roi range in cosmics,
    • Jochen Meyer's avatar
      addressing coverity defects (MuGirlStau-00-02-17) · 3746e193
      Jochen Meyer authored
          * addressing coverity defects 14213-4, 25066-7
          * Tagged as MuGirlStau-00-02-17
      2015-03-09 Sue Cheatham <susan.cheatham@cern.ch>
          * problem with SVN MuGirlStau-00-02-15.
          * Tagged as MuGirlStau-00-02-16
      2015-03-08 Sue Cheatham <susan.cheatham@cern.ch>
          * calibration file paths defined using PathResolver in .py : ATR-10406
          * Tagged as MuGirlStau-00-02-15
      2015-03-08 Sue Cheatham <susan.cheatham@cern.ch>
          * calibration file paths defined in .py : ATR-10406
          * Tagged as MuGirlStau-00-02-14
    • Bruno Lenzi's avatar
      Adding SimBarcodeOffset for G4 particles to egammaTruthAssociationAlg... · edc7457e
      Bruno Lenzi authored
      Adding SimBarcodeOffset for G4 particles to egammaTruthAssociationAlg (ATLASSIM-1859) (egammaRec-07-01-14)
        * Adding SimBarcodeOffset for G4 particles to egammaTruthAssociationAlg,
          retrieved from metadata (https://its.cern.ch/jira/browse/ATLASSIM-1859)
        * egammaRec-07-01-14
      2015-03-06 Bruno Lenzi <Bruno.Lenzi@cern.ch>
        >>> Writing topo-seeded clusters in separate collection
      	* egammaTruthAssociationAlg.py: factories outside configuration class
      	* egammaKeys.py: add TopoSeededCluster (separate cluster collection) to output
      	* egammaOutputItemList_jobOptions.py: avoid duplicated entry in ESD/AOD list,
      	  writing cell links to topo-seeded clusters only in ESD,
      	  adding methods to help on that
      	* egammaRec-07-01-13
      2015-02-27 Christos Anastopoulos  <Christos.Anastopoulos@cern.ch>
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Patrick Karl Czodrowski's avatar
      fix ATN test AthenaTrigAODtoAOD_TrigNavSlimming see: ATR-9917, fix... · 8d4cb0d0
      Patrick Karl Czodrowski authored
      fix ATN test AthenaTrigAODtoAOD_TrigNavSlimming see: ATR-9917, fix BackCompAthenaTrigBStoESDAOD (2012 data file) using --AMI=q120 , remove BackCompAthenaTrigBStoESDAOD_2010 (TrigAnalysisTest-00-03-98)
          * fix ATN test AthenaTrigAODtoAOD_TrigNavSlimming see: ATR-9917
          * fix BackCompAthenaTrigBStoESDAOD (2012 data file) using --AMI=q120
          * remove BackCompAthenaTrigBStoESDAOD_2010 from xml so it will not run
          * TrigAnalysisTest-00-03-98
    • Sasha Mazurov's avatar
      Update PPM decoder - Fix bug for PPm blocks of size > 256 words (TrigT1CaloByteStream-00-09-28) · b2db3541
      Sasha Mazurov authored
          * Update PPM decoder - Fix bug for PPm blocks of size > 256 words
          * Tagged as TrigT1CaloByteStream-00-09-28
      2015-03-10 Alexander Mazurov <alexandr.mazurov@cern.ch>
          * Update PPM decoder - Fix bug (2) in compressed format for fadc slices == 15
          * Tagged as TrigT1CaloByteStream-00-09-27
      2015-03-09 Alexander Mazurov <alexandr.mazurov@cern.ch>
          * Update PPM decoder - Fix bug in compressed format for fadc slices == 15
          * Tagged as TrigT1CaloByteStream-00-09-26
    • Frank Filthaut's avatar
      finish move to xAOD EDM;use correct vertex and track container names;use... · 7b9998e2
      Frank Filthaut authored
      finish move to xAOD EDM;use correct vertex and track container names;use AthAlgTool messaging (JetTagMonitoring-00-04-08)
      	* finish move to xAOD EDM
      	* use correct vertex and track container names
      	* use AthAlgTool messaging
      	* tag: JetTagMonitoring-00-04-08
    • Simon George's avatar
      'correct module numbering scheme and update unit tests' (L1TopoRDO-00-00-07) · c5a5c353
      Simon George authored
      	* test/L1TopoRDO_test.cxx (test14): update ModuleID unit tests for
      	numbering scheme correction.
      	* L1TopoRDO/ModuleID.h: Update documentation about module
      	numbering scheme.
      	* L1TopoRDO-00-00-07
      2015-03-06  Simon George  <s.george@rhul.ac.uk>
      	* test/L1TopoRDO_test.cxx (test14): add test for ModuleID class and update reference
      	* src/Helpers.cxx: add module type to printout
      	* src/L1TopoRDO.cxx: add isDAQModule, isROIModule methods
      	* src/ModuleID.cxx: add class to decode/encode the L1Topo module
      	ID, implementing the numbering scheme agreed with experts.
      	* L1TopoRDO-00-00-06
    • Simon George's avatar
      'correct L1Topo source ID numbering' (L1TopoByteStream-00-00-09) · adb52d48
      Simon George authored
      	* src/L1TopoByteStreamTool.cxx (sourcIDs): correct module
      	numbering scheme
      	* L1TopoByteStream-00-00-09
      2015-03-08  Simon George  <S.George@rhul.ac.uk>
      	* src/L1TopoByteStreamTool.cxx: fix bug introduced in
      	L1TopoByteStream-00-00-07 by which only module IDs, not source
      	IDs, were set in the default list and thus no ROBs were found. Add
      	new properties to increase flexibility here.
      	* L1TopoByteStream-00-00-08
      2015-03-06  Simon George  <s.george@rhul.ac.uk>
      	* src/L1TopoSrcIdMap.cxx: remove getRodID method with slink, module and daq/roi args.
      	* src/L1TopoByteStreamTool.cxx: use L1Topo::ModuleID from
      	L1TopoRDO to encode module IDs instead of method in L1TopoSrcIdMap which has been removed.
      	* L1TopoByteStream-00-00-07
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • John Derek Chapman's avatar
      python/SimFlags.py: Add SimBarcodeOffset jobproperty. ATLASSIM-1859. Tagging:... · b93a6545
      John Derek Chapman authored
      python/SimFlags.py: Add SimBarcodeOffset jobproperty. ATLASSIM-1859. Tagging: G4AtlasApps-00-08-02 (G4AtlasApps-00-08-02)
      	* Tagging: G4AtlasApps-00-08-02
      	* python/SimFlags.py: Add SimBarcodeOffset jobproperty. ATLASSIM-1859
      2015-03-02  Zach Marshall <ZLMarshall@lbl.gov>
      	* Tagging: G4AtlasApps-00-08-01
      	* python/atlas_idet.py: Adding DBM to the list of volumes with tight cuts
      2015-03-02  Zach Marshall <ZLMarshall@lbl.gov>
      	* Tagging: G4AtlasApps-00-08-00
      	* python/SimAtlasKernel.py: Defining forward detector envelope to fix
      	crashes in ALFA and ZDC tests.  ATLASSIM-1864
      2015-02-20  John Chapman  <John.Chapman@cern.ch>
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Nicholas Styles's avatar
      further fix (xAODTrackingAthenaPool-00-04-03) · ba292372
      Nicholas Styles authored
      	* Further fix
      	* Tagged as xAODTrackingAthenaPool-00-04-03
      2015-03-09 Nick Styles
      	* Fix to VertexAuxContainerCnv for ATLASRECTS-1715 (problems with neutral links when running on old ESDs)
      	* Tagged as xAODTrackingAthenaPool-00-04-02
    • Andrzej Zemla's avatar
      bugfixes for xAODTrigT2ZdcSignals classes (xAODTrigMinBiasAthenaPool-00-00-05) · 4ea47cee
      Andrzej Zemla authored
      	* fixed requirements for TrigT2ZdcSignals classes
      	* fixed guids for TrigT2ZdcSignals classes
      	* tagging xAODTrigMinBiasAthenaPool-00-00-05
    • jhenders's avatar
      Corrected compiler warnings and fixed BoostedHadTopAndTopPair bugs (GeneratorFilters-00-03-11) · b65350d9
      jhenders authored
      	* Fixed BoostedHadTopAndTopPair
      	* Applied corrections for compiler warnings (https://its.cern.ch/jira/browse/AGENE-860)
      	* Tagging as GeneratorFilters-00-03-11
      2014-02-25 Giovanni Siragusa <siragusa@cern.ch>
      	* Tagging as GeneratorFilters-00-03-10
              * Add GeneratorFilters/BoostedHadTopAndTopPair.h
      	* Add src/BoostedHadTopAndTopPair.cxx
      2015-02-18 Jim Henderson <James.Henderson@cern.ch>
      	* changed Cone4TruthJets to AntiKt4TruthJets in multiple filters
      	* tagging as GeneratorFilters-00-03-09
    • Jochen Meyer's avatar
      'run dependent dead chambers' (TGC_Digitization-01-12-05) · 34961d39
      Jochen Meyer authored
      	* use *deadChamber.dat depending on the RUN flag of geometry
      	* Tagging TGC_Digitization-01-12-05
      2015-03-05  Jochen Meyer  <jomeyer@mail.cern.ch>
      	* adding file share/TGC_Digitization_NOdeadChamber.dat
      	* using TGC_Digitization_NOdeadChamber.dat as default
      	* Tagging TGC_Digitization-01-12-04
    • Patrick Karl Czodrowski's avatar
      ini m_storGate to address: coverity CID 15917 (TrigValAlgs-00-01-15) · aeb50fba
      Patrick Karl Czodrowski authored
          * ini m_storGate properly to address: coverity CID 15917
          * TrigValAlgs-00-01-15
      2015-03-04 Carlo Schiavi <carlo.schiavi@cern.ch>
      	* Further container size checks for bjets
      	* TrigValAlgs-00-01-14
      2015-03-04 Carlo Schiavi <carlo.schiavi@cern.ch>
      	* Bjet checks done in individual TE combinations
      	* TrigValAlgs-00-01-13
    • Masaki Ishitsuka's avatar
      Remove extra space in variable name (bug fix) (xAODTrigMuon-00-01-18) · 4a7e2eaf
      Masaki Ishitsuka authored
      	* Remove extra scape in variable name (bug fix)
      	* Tagging as xAODTrigMuon-00-01-18
      	* Tagging as xAODTrigMuon-00-01-17
    • James Robinson's avatar
      Generate 10% more events than maxEvents when maxEvents is specified. (PowhegControl-00-02-07) · 81d17efb
      James Robinson authored
      	* Changed default nEvents behaviour to generate 10% more than maxEvents
      05-03-15 James Robinson <james.robinson@cern.ch>
      	* Added HJ and HJJ processes to 00-02-XY
      	* Tagged 00-02-05 (trijet and HJJ unvalidated)
      23-02-15 Daniel Hayden <daniel.hayden@cern.ch>
      	* Added All Powheg V2 diboson supported strings
      20-02-15 James Robinson <james.robinson@cern.ch>
      	* Re-organised directory structure
      	* Separated run strategies into module
    • Sven Menke's avatar
      sFCal neighbour tables (CaloIdentifier-00-10-84) · a6a42fe4
      Sven Menke authored
              * share/sFCal2DNeighborsNew-Dec2014.txt,
      	new neighbour tables for the sFCal
      	* Tagging CaloIdentifier-00-10-84
      2015-03-09  Sanya Solodkov  <solodkov@pcatl03.cern.ch>
      	* fixing bug in share/TileNeighbour_reduced.txt
      	* set bidirectional link between A10 and E1
      	* Tagging CaloIdentifier-00-10-83
      2015-03-08  Sven Menke  <menke@mppmu.mpg.de>
              * src/LArEM_Base_ID.cxx, src/LArHEC_Base_ID.cxx: changed margin
      	from 0.5*min(dEta/Phi1,dEta/Phi2) to
      	0.25*min(dEta/Phi1,dEta/Phi2). This makes next/prev_in_sampling
      	neighbours from LArEM-barrel-21 and LArEM-outer-wheel-10 mutual
      	* Tagging CaloIdentifier-00-10-82
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Markus Elsing's avatar
      Tagging as RecExCond-00-02-65 (RecExCond-00-02-65) · 49542048
      Markus Elsing authored
      	* change doTagRawSummary to run if Muon or Calo or InDet is running
      	* tag RecExCond-00-02-65
    • Marjorie Shapiro's avatar
      Fix to get around StoreGate bug in overwrite() method (EvtGen_i-00-01-20) · f59bd87e
      Marjorie Shapiro authored
      	* Add fix for StoreGate bug in evtStore()->ovewrite(...)
      	* Tag as EvtGen_i-00-01-20
      2015-02-26 James Monk	<jmonk@cern.ch>
      	* Add inclusiveP8DsDPlus.pdt from Jackie for fix to probmax caused by D_s very slightly smaller than Pythia
    • Ryan Mackenzie White's avatar
      photon pid config (TrigEgammaHypo-01-01-07) · 5a1cf593
      Ryan Mackenzie White authored
      	* Fix photon pid defs and run2 config
      	* Same as offline
      	* TrigEgammaHypo-01-00-07
    • Silvia Miglioranzi's avatar
      added fix for JIRA ATLASSIM-1790 (PixelDigitization-02-00-09) · 65b4acae
      Silvia Miglioranzi authored
      	obo S.Roe:
      	* src/PixelDigitizationTool.cxx
      	* src/PixelDigitizationTool.h
      	added protection to avoid ParticleGuns to be blocked
      	JIRA ATLASSIM-1790
      	*  tagged as PixelDigitization-02-00-09
    • Florian Urs Bernlochner's avatar
      fixes ATR-10419 (TrigL2MissingET-00-01-09) · 5c67567e
      Florian Urs Bernlochner authored
      	* fixed typo in configuration file that prevented that
      	* FEB container was persistified
      	* tag: TrigL2MissingET-00-01-09
    • Joerg Stelzer's avatar
      fix L1TopoConfigSvc: SMK was not set for loading (TrigConfigSvc-01-01-41) · 25ab046d
      Joerg Stelzer authored
      	* fix L1TopoConfigSvc: SMK was not set for loading
      	* TrigConfigSvc-01-01-41
      2015-03-03 Ricardo Abreu
      	* change default verbosity to INFO (ATR-10045)
      	* TrigConfigSvc-01-01-40
      2015-03-02 Joerg Stelzer
      	* Set ConnectionTimeout to 0 to avoid extra timing thread to be created in
      	online running (ATR-10126)
      	* TrigConfigSvc-01-01-39
    • Francesca Pastore's avatar
    • Bruno Lenzi's avatar
      v2 weights, deleting vectors in BDT.cxx to avoid leaks (ATLASRECTS-1498) (egammaMVACalib-01-00-36) · 38954334
      Bruno Lenzi authored
      2015-03-06 Bruno Lenzi
        * v2 weights, deleting vectors in BDT.cxx to avoid leaks
        * egammaMVACalib-01-00-36
      2015-03-05 Bruno Lenzi
        * Moving printReadersInfo to c-tor to avoid crash when weights are not found
      2015-03-05 Bruno Lenzi
        * egammaMVACalib: CHECK_SETUPBDT back, adding template method loadFromFile
        * egammaMVATool: Removing unused data members to avoid compilation warnings
        * egammaMVACalib-01-00-35
      2015-03-05 Christos Anastopoulos <Christos.Anastopoulos@cern.ch>
      	* Use std::unique_ptr, in place of preprocessor macros and std::auto_ptr.
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Bruno Lenzi's avatar
      Writing topo-seeded clusters in separate collection (ATLASRECTS-1772) (egammaTools-01-01-26) · 9dff9eb8
      Bruno Lenzi authored
      	* EMClusterTool: writing topo-seeded clusters in a separate container
      	  (egammaTopoSeededClusters) without cell links in AOD (done in egammaRec)
      	* Tagging egammaTools-01-01-26
      2015-03-04  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
      	* Tagging egammaTools-01-01-25.
      	* Fix clang warnings: fix header guards and remove unused class
      2015-03-03  Christos Anastopoulos <Christos.Anastopoulos@cern.ch>
      	* Fix a typo with no real consequence
      	* Tagging egammaTools-01-01-24
      2015-03-02  Christos Anastopoulos <Christos.Anastopoulos@cern.ch>
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
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      migrate CaloClusterContainer type to xAOD::CaloClusterContainer (EventTagRawAlgs-00-02-00) · 7d119fc8
      Elmar Ritsch authored
      	* migrate CaloClusterContainer type to xAOD::CaloClusterContainer
              * tagging EventTagRawAlgs-00-02-00