1. 19 Jan, 2015 40 commits
    • Elmar Ritsch's avatar
      fixing coverity issue CID 13415 (ATLASSIM-1712) (ISF_HepMC_Tools-00-02-16) · 355ebd13
      Elmar Ritsch authored
      	* GenEventStackFiller: fixing coverity issue CID 13415 (ATLASSIM-1712)
      	* tag as ISF_HepMC_Tools-00-02-16
      2014-11-07  Zach Marshall <ZLMarshall@lbl.gov>
      	* GenEventVertexPositioner: Setting up vertex positioning for signal
      	vertex (to be passed through xAOD)
      	* tag as ISF_HepMC_Tools-00-02-15
    • Valerio Ippolito's avatar
      COOL maps read by default (MagFieldServices-00-01-33) · 2cba9a3a
      Valerio Ippolito authored
      	* COOL maps are now used by default, as agreed with validation people
      	* tag MagFieldServices-00-01-33
      2014-12-12 Valerio Ippolito <valerio.ippolito@cern.ch>
      	* changed SetupField.py to add the correct conddb folder (Maps and not
      	Map, which was never used by this service)
      	* tag MagFieldServices-00-01-32
      2014-11-30 Valerio Ippolito <valerio.ippolito@cern.ch>
      	* added MinSoleCurrent and MinToroCurrent to set minimum currents
      	(in A) above which a magnet is considered ON
      	* propagated this also to jobOptions setting (for HLT)
      	* tag MagFieldServices-00-01-31
      2014-11-30 Valerio Ippolito <valerio.ippolito@cern.ch>
      	* move current reading from start() to handle to incident BeginRun as per
      	* tag MagFieldServices-00-01-30
      2014-11-17 Valerio Ippolito <valerio.ippolito@cern.ch>
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Andrea Coccaro's avatar
      fix for saving the MS vertex output in xAOD (MuonRecExample-02-05-79) · fcd78cde
      Andrea Coccaro authored
      	* fix for saving the MS vertex output in xAOD
      	* tagging MuonRecExample-02-05-79
      2014-12-17 Andrea Coccaro <Andrea.Coccaro AT cern.ch
      	* setting the doMSVertex flag to True only when needed
      	* tagging MuonRecExample-02-05-78
      2014-12-10  Massimiliano Bellomo  <massimiliano.bellomo@cern.ch>
      	* python/MuonRecTools.py fix in MuonParticleCreatorTool to use new perigee expression option. Now set to "Origin".
      	* tagging MuonRecExample-02-05-77
      2014-12-04  Massimiliano Bellomo  <massimiliano.bellomo@cern.ch>
      	* MuonRecOutputItemList_jobOptions.py renaming of xAOD::PrepRawData to xAOD::TrackMeasurementValidation
      	* tagging MuonRecExample-02-05-76
      2014-12-01 Niels van Eldik
      	* small fix
      	* tagging MuonRecExample-02-05-75
      2014-12-01 Niels van Eldik
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    • Peter Kluit's avatar
      'coverity fixes' (MuonSpShowerBuilderAlgs-00-06-02) · a9cb045e
      Peter Kluit authored
      	* coverity fixes 13776 14489
      	* tag MuonSpShowerBuilderAlgs-00-06-02
    • Peter Kluit's avatar
      'fix coverity' (MuonCombinedTestTools-00-00-31) · 5a219439
      Peter Kluit authored
      	* fix coverity 14304 13833
              * MuonCombinedTestTools-00-00-31
      2014-08-07 Edward.Moyse@cern.ch
      	* possible fix for ATLASRECTS-889 (thank Nick!)
              * MuonCombinedTestTools-00-00-30
    • Peter Kluit's avatar
      'coverity fix' (MuonCombinedEventStoreAlgs-00-00-04) · e41a195c
      Peter Kluit authored
            * coverity fix 13596
            * MuonCombinedEventStoreAlgs-00-00-04
    • Ruggero Turra's avatar
    • Lukas Alexander Heinrich's avatar
      SG_BASE for menu aux container (xAODTrigger-00-00-34) · 72bf2dcc
      Lukas Alexander Heinrich authored
      	* SG_BASE macro for TriggerMenuAuxContainer
      	* tag as xAODTrigger-00-00-34
      2014-12-q0 Alan Watson <Alan.Watson@CERN.CH>
              * _v2 versions of EmTauRoI, JetRoI
      	* Bugfix in EmTauRoI RoIword format checking.
      	* Separate ET scales for Run 2 RoIs
      	* Tag as xAODTrigger-00-00-33
      2014-12-09  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
      	* Tagging xAODTrigger-00-00-32.
      	* Root/JetEtRoIAuxInfo_v1.cxx: Fix uninitialized variable.
      2014-12-05 Attila Krasznahorkay <Attila.Krasznahorkay@cern.ch>
      	* Declared ByteStreamAuxContainer_v1::m_tick as transient. This
      	  variable was forgotten about by mistake...
      	* Tagging as xAODTrigger-00-00-31
      2014-12-01 Joerg Stelzer <stelzer@cern.ch>
      	* Add CLID to JetRoI, EmTauRoI, MuonRoI
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Ruggero Turra's avatar
      new tag (egammaMVACalib-01-00-22) · 5326ad44
      Ruggero Turra authored
      	* fix small memory leak from TFile::Open
      	* removed all the cout -> Info / Warning / Error / Fatal, except
      	the one for debugging (disabled)
      	* fix logic bug when using old xmls
      	* added python unit tests
      	* indentation + cosmetics
      	* egammaMVACalib-01-00-22
      2014-11-20 Christos Anastopoulos <Christos.Anastopoulos@cern.ch>
      	* More coverity fixed
      	* egammaMVACalib-01-00-21
      2014-11-18 Ryan White <ryan.white@cern.ch>
      	* Require path for calib files to be configured
      	* egammaMVACalib-01-00-20
      2014-11-12 Christos Anastopoulos <Christos.Anastopoulos@cern.ch>
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Xiaohu Sun's avatar
      typo (RecJobTransformTests-00-01-99) · 80593136
      Xiaohu Sun authored
          * Reco_trf_8TeV_data_no small typo correction
      	* Tagging as RecJobTransformTests-00-01-99
      2014-12-09 Xiaohu Sun
          * rename all DC14_14TeV to DC14_13TeV
      	* new arguments with ATLAS-R2-2015-02-01-00 without pileup
      	* Tagging as RecJobTransformTests-00-01-98
      2014-11-21 Jovan Mitrevski
      	* remove TrkDetFlags.MaterialVersion=17 from the tests
      	* Tagging as RecJobTransformTests-00-01-97
      2014-11-06 Xiaohu Sun
          * rearrange DC14 tests (final steps), drop all without pileup
          * remove DC14_8TeV add DC14_8TeV_pileup
      	* DC14_14TeV need to be 13TeV
      	* pending due to seg fault in RoIBResultToxAOD
      	* Tagging as RecJobTransformTests-00-01-96
      2014-10-28  Rolf Seuster
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Marcin Jerzy Nowak's avatar
      handle Cintex libs correctly (GoodRunsLists-00-01-17) · 5a85ae84
      Marcin Jerzy Nowak authored
      	* cmt\requirements: handle Cintex libs correctly
      	* Tagged as GoodRunsLists-00-01-17
      2014-11-20 David Quarrie <David.Quarrie@cern.ch>
      	* cmt/requirements
      		Slight tweak to cmake-specific code for better consistency
      	* Tagged as GoodRunsLists-00-01-16
      2014-09-11 David Quarrie <David.Quarrie@cern.ch>
      	* cmt/requirements
      		Create the CINT dictionary for cmake in athena mode only (transparent to CMT)
      	* Tagged as GoodRunsLists-00-01-15
      2014-08-12 Grigori Rybkine <Grigori.Rybkine@cern.ch>
      	* cmt/requirements: Apply pattern have_root_headers for GoodRunsListsLib
      	or GoodRunsLists dependent whether tag xaod_standalone_build is activated
      	(at RD's request)
      2014-07-16 David Quarrie <David.Quarrie@cern.ch>
      	* cmt/requirements
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Goetz Gaycken's avatar
      Fix coverity issues. · e111ffde
      Goetz Gaycken authored
      * Fix coverity issue 11275 and 11274 (copy without assign).
      * Fix coverity issue 19447 and 12040 (uninitialized member). (TrkMaterialOnTrack-01-01-10)
             * Fix coverity issue 11275 and 11274 (copy without assign).
             * Fix coverity issue 19447 and 12040 (uninitialized member).
      2014-09-26 Peter Kluit
             * add 3d length to Extended Energy loss
             * EnergyLoss.cxx and .h
             * Add full constructor including deltaPlus/Minus and length
             * tag TrkMaterialOnTrack-01-01-09
    • Goetz Gaycken's avatar
      Fix minor coverity issues. · a5da663b
      Goetz Gaycken authored
      * Fix coverity issue 11875 (uninitialised member).
      * Fix coverity issue 14335 (unsafe assignment operator). (TrkSurfaces-01-03-07)
      2015-12-15 Goetz Gaycken
          * Fix coverity issue 11875 (uninitialised member).
          * Fix coverity issue 14335 (unsafe assignment operator).
      2014-12-03 Sharka Todorova < sarka.todorova -at- cern.ch >
          * bugfix in TriangleBounds ( related to use of negative tolerance )
          * tagged TrkSurfaces-01-03-06
      2014-11-28 Igor Gavrilenko <Igor.Gavrilenko@cern.ch>
              * method straightLineDistanceEstimate correction for PlaneSurface
      	* tag TrkSurfaces-01-03-05
      2014-11-25 Andreas Salzburger < Andreas.Salzburger -at- cern.ch >
          * memory leak in PerigeeSurface::localToGlobal (creating lineDirection)
          * tagged TrkSurfaces-01-03-04
      2014-11-14 Andreas Salzburger < Andreas.Salzburger -at- cern.ch >
          * use override even more correctly
          * tagged TrkSurfaces-01-03-03
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Scott Snyder's avatar
      Fix checkreq warning. (EventAthenaPool-00-05-12) · 62c18a7d
      Scott Snyder authored
      	* Tagging EventAthenaPool-00-05-12.
      	* cmt/requirements: Fix checkreq warning.
    • Goetz Gaycken's avatar
      Fix coverity issue and throw exceptions for incompletly implemented code path. · e9b502d3
      Goetz Gaycken authored
      * Fix coverity issue 11468 (missing assignment operator).
      * Throw exception for unimplemented code branches. (TrkDistortedSurfaces-01-00-01)
              * Fix coverity issue 11468 (missing assignment operator).
    • Scott Snyder's avatar
      Fix compilation warning. (GaudiSequencer-00-03-20) · 0608fcda
      Scott Snyder authored
      	* Tagging GaudiSequencer-00-03-20.
      	* Fix compilation warning.
    • Igor Gavrilenko's avatar
      optimazed for only pixels reconstruction (SiTrackMakerTool_xk-01-00-14) · eec4bb9c
      Igor Gavrilenko authored
              optimization for only pixels reconstruction
      	and tag as SiTrackMakerTool_xk-01-00-14
      2014-12-08 Igor Gavrilenko <Igor.Gavrilenko@cern.ch>
              ATLASRECTS-1379 correction
      	and tag as SiTrackMakerTool_xk-01-00-13
      2014-12-04 Igor Gavrilenko <Igor.Gavrilenko@cern.ch>
              correction for new strategy SSS seeds filter(Anthony Morley)
      	and tag as SiTrackMakerTool_xk-01-00-12
      2014-11-31 Igor Gavrilenko <Igor.Gavrilenko@cern.ch>
              correction for new strategy SSS seeds filter(Anthony Morley)
      	and tag as SiTrackMakerTool_xk-01-00-11
      2014-10-31 Igor Gavrilenko <Igor.Gavrilenko@cern.ch>
              correction for magnetic field
      	and tag as SiTrackMakerTool_xk-01-00-10
      2014-10-30  Jiri Masik  <masik@cern.ch>
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
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    • Massimiliano Bellomo's avatar
      see changelog (MuonCombinedEvaluationTools-00-04-05) · dcc6e073
      Massimiliano Bellomo authored
      	* MuonPrintingTool: fix for parameter printout
      	* Tagging as MuonCombinedEvaluationTools-00-04-05
      2014-12-15 Edward.Moyse@cern.ch
      	* Reverted the change below, since now it will compile with xAODMuon-00-14-00
      	* Tagging MuonCombinedEvaluationTools-00-04-04
      2014-12-15  Massimiliano Bellomo  <massimiliano.bellomo@cern.ch>
      	* MuonPrintingTool: fix for wrong printout of int paramdef, commented out for now
      	* Tagging MuonCombinedEvaluationTools-00-04-03
      2014-12-12  Massimiliano Bellomo  <massimiliano.bellomo@cern.ch>
      	* MuonPrintingTool: added print out of muon parameters
      	* Tagging MuonCombinedEvaluationTools-00-04-02
      2014-10-16  Vakho Tsulaia  <tsulaia@cern.ch>
      	* Dropping redundant dependency on the EventInfo
    • Ewelina Maria Lobodzinska's avatar
      merging of the branch -00-01-15-branch (EvtGen_i-00-01-16) · af66d166
      Ewelina Maria Lobodzinska authored
              * merging the development branch (used for version compatible with Pythia8.18)
              * tag as EvtGen_i-00-01-16
      2014-12-16 E.M.Lobodzinska <ewelina@mail.desy.de>
              * new version of EvtInclusiveDecay.cxx/.h
              * tag as EvtGen_i-00-01-15-02
      2014-06-23 Marjorie Shapiro <mdshapiro@lbl.gov>
      	* Change ifdef bracket names in EvtGen_i/EvtExternal
      	* Tagging:  EvtGen_i-00-01-15-01
    • Ewelina Maria Lobodzinska's avatar
      remove in cmt/requirements remove trailing / (EvtGen-01-02-04) · 580aaa6d
      Ewelina Maria Lobodzinska authored
              * cmt/requirements remove trailing "/" - new external software architecture
              * tagged as EvtGen-01-02-04
      2014-11-26 E. M. Lobodzinska <ewelina@mail.desy.de>
              * special production pcache with LHAPDF6 - fix requirements
              * tagged as EvtGen-01-02-03
      2014-10-08 E. M. Lobodzinska <ewelina@mail.desy.de>
              * special production pcache with LHAPDF6
              * tagged as EvtGen-01-02-02
      2014-04-17 E. M. Lobodzinska <ewelina@mail.desy.de>
              * new external software infrastructure
              * tagged as EvtGen-01-02-01
      2014-01-17 E. M. Lobodzinska <ewelina@mail.desy.de>
    • Xiaohu Sun's avatar
      minor typos (FullChainTests-00-01-62) · 2a1545f8
      Xiaohu Sun authored
          * minor typos in previous update
      	* tag as FullChainTests-00-01-62
      11 Decembre 2014 Xiaohu SUN
          * FullChainTests_TestConfiguration.xml fully corrected by John Chapman
      	* with updated transform syntax
      	* tag as FullChainTests-00-01-61
      06 Octobre 2014 Xiaohu SUN
          * add ignorePatterns to Sim_tf.py in cosmicsSimul
      	* tag as FullChainTests-00-01-60
    • Valentinos Christodoulou's avatar
    • Peter Van Gemmeren's avatar
      Clean selection.xml to avoid unnecessary loading of Dict in ROOT6 (xAODTracking-00-13-03) · 78cd8da1
      Peter Van Gemmeren authored
      	* Clean selection.xml to avoid unnecessary loading of Dict in ROOT6
      	* Tagging as xAODTracking-00-13-03
      2014-12-04 Nick Styles
        * Correct accessor name inconsistency in Summary info
        * Tagged as xAODTracking-00-13-02
      2014-12-04 Anthony Morley
        * Correct accessor name inconsistency in TrackStateValidation
        * Tagged as xAODTracking-00-13-01
      2014-12-04 Anthony Morley
        * Class name changes
         xAOD::PrepRawData-> xAOD::TrackMeasurementValidation
         xAOD::MeasurementStateOnSurface-> xAOD::TrackStateValidation
        * Tagged as xAODTracking-00-13-00
      2014-11-27 Attila Krasznahorkay <Attila.Krasznahorkay@cern.ch>
      	* Prevented ROOT 6 from generating a dictionary for
      	  xAOD::Type::ObjectType in this package.
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Scott Snyder's avatar
      Add a wrapper around lexical_cast to suppress warnings about uninitialized... · d7e23d2b
      Scott Snyder authored
      Add a wrapper around lexical_cast to suppress warnings about uninitialized variables. (AtlasBoost-00-00-08)
      	* Tagging AtlasBoost-00-00-08.
      	* Add a wrapper around lexical_cast to suppress warnings about
      	uninitialized variables.
    • Atlas-Software Librarian's avatar
      cmt/requirements: update for gcc49, rm hscript.py (AtlasCompilers-00-00-21) · d1f3622b
      Atlas-Software Librarian authored
      	* cmt/requirements: update for gcc49, rm hscript.py
      	* Tagged as AtlasCompilers-00-00-21
    • Royer Edson Ticse Torres's avatar
    • Royer Edson Ticse Torres's avatar
      Updated MultiSVbb taggers configuration (BTagging-00-06-94) · 6ffc36d8
      Royer Edson Ticse Torres authored
      	* adjusted some of the settings of InDetVKalMultiVxInJetTool based on input from Royer and added the MSVVariablesFactory tool in the configuration
      	* tagged as BTagging-00-06-93
      2014-12-14 Wouter van den Wollenberg
      	* ported InDetVKalMultiVxInJetTool to release 19/20 and added it as a prerequisite for MultiSVbb1 and 2
      	* tagged as BTagging-00-06-92
      2014-12-12 Wouter van den Wollenberg
      	* ported naive calibration for SV1Flip, IP2DNeg, IP3DNeg, MV1Flip, MV2cXFlip, MVbFlip and MV1cFlip to release 19/20
      	* tagged as BTagging-00-06-91
      2014-12-12 Emmanuel Le Guirriec
              * updated calibration alias for new run 2 configs
      	* tagged as BTagging-00-06-90
      2014-12-11 Emmanuel Le Guirriec
              * remove warning in Standalone code
      	* tagged as BTagging-00-06-89
      2014-12-11 Emmanuel Le Guirriec
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Marcin Jerzy Nowak's avatar
      remove class/typedef duplicates from selection.xml (MuonEventTPCnv-01-06-12) · d21ffa03
      Marcin Jerzy Nowak authored
      	* MuonEventTPCnv\selection.xml: remove duplicated class/typedefs
      	* tagging MuonEventTPCnv-01-06-12
      2014-12-12 Edward.Moyse@cern.ch
        * Various fixes to re-enable writing/reading of TgcCoinData
        * tagging MuonEventTPCnv-01-06-11
      2014-12-11  Peter van Gemmeren  <gemmeren@anl.gov>
        * MuonEventTPCnv/selection.xml: For ROOT6: adding ClassID to actual class rather than just typedef
        * tagging MuonEventTPCnv-01-06-10
      2014-12-05  Jochen.Meyer@cern.ch
        * fixing coverity defects 12369-72, 12390, 12993-5, 12998, 13000-1, 13005, 13008-9, 13058-9, 13061, 13063-4, 18944-5
        * tagging MuonEventTPCnv-01-06-09
      2014-10-04 Will Leight
        * identifier fix in MuonSimDataCollectionCnv_p1.cxx
        * tagging MuonEventTPCnv-01-06-08
    • Alan Watson's avatar
      Threshold patterns for old RoIs (xAODTriggerAthenaPool-00-00-13) · 854548a2
      Alan Watson authored
              * Full backward compatibility (threshold patterns for old data)
      	* Tag as xAODTriggerAthenaPool-00-00-13
      2014-12-15 Alan Watson <Alan.Watson@CERN.CH>
              * Implement Scott's backward compatibility fixes
      	* Tag as xAODTriggerAthenaPool-00-00-12
      2014-12-10 Alan Watson <Alan.Watson@CERN.CH>
              * Add explicit container convertors for EmTau and Jet RoIs
      	  to src
              * Tag as xAODTriggerAthenaPool-00-00-11
      2014-12-03 Joerg Stelzer <stelzer@cern.ch>
      	* cmt/requirements: Add xAOD::TrigComposite to converters (done by Tomasz
      	* Tagging as xAODTriggerAthenaPool-00-00-10
      2014-08-28 Attila Krasznahorkay <Attila.Krasznahorkay@cern.ch>
      	* Added default POOL converters for the new TrigNavigation and
      	  TrigNavigationAuxInfo classes.
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • John Morris's avatar
      Remove all corrections (ElectronIsolationSelection-00-00-13) · 55cebc63
      John Morris authored
      	* Remove CaloIsoCorrections
      	* This package is now pure "Selection"
      	* All isolation corrections are handled elsewhere
      		* This pkg assumes all isolation values are correct
      	* Tag as ElectronIsolationSelection-00-00-13
      2014-11-21 Christos.Anastopoulos  <Christos.Anastopoulos@cern.ch>
      	* Move ShowerDepth to IsolationCorrections
      	* Tag as ElectronIsolationSelection-00-00-12
      2014-11-21 Christos.Anastopoulos  <Christos.Anastopoulos@cern.ch>
      	* Move ShowerDepth to IsolationCorrections
      	* Tag as ElectronIsolationSelection-00-00-11
      2014-10-24 John Morris <john.morris@cern.ch>
              * Tag as ElectronIsolationSelection-00-00-10
      	* Spelling mistake
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Graeme Stewart's avatar
      Remove AtlasPyTables use statement · afd04c1c
      Graeme Stewart authored
      Tagging AtlasMatplotlib-00-03-01 (AtlasMatplotlib-00-03-01)
      	* requirements
      	- Remove AtlasPyTables use statement
      	* Tagging AtlasMatplotlib-00-03-01
    • Teng Jian Khoo's avatar
      'plug a memory leak and some minor tweaks' (METReconstruction-00-01-11) · cce7b24c
      Teng Jian Khoo authored
      	* Avoid warning in PFO container check, drop unnecessary photon track dR cut
      	* Tagging METReconstruction-00-01-11
      2014-12-12 TJ Khoo <khoo@cern.ch>
      	* Cluster SG renaming
      	* Fix a memory leak from RetrievePFOTool
      	* Adding dictionaries for pyROOT
      2014-12-05  Teng Jian Khoo <Teng.Jian.Khoo@cern.ch>
      	* Tweak return codes to protect against missing PV
      	* Remove GaudiKernel.Constants include
      	* Tagging METReconstruction-00-01-10
      2014-12-04  Teng Jian Khoo <Teng.Jian.Khoo@cern.ch>
      	* Fix configuration issue
      	* Tagging METReconstruction-00-01-09
      2014-12-03  Teng Jian Khoo <Teng.Jian.Khoo@cern.ch>
      	* Correct some output names
      	* Tagging METReconstruction-00-01-08
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Sasha Mazurov's avatar
      Update CMX Tob Roi decoders to support old format (TrigT1CaloByteStream-00-09-12) · 52c8bcba
      Sasha Mazurov authored
          * Fix CMX Tob Roi decoders to support old format
          * Tagged as TrigT1CaloByteStream-00-09-12
      2014-12-15  Alexander Mazurov  <alexander.mazurov@cern.ch>
          * Fix CMX Tobs and Hits decoders
          * Tagged as TrigT1CaloByteStream-00-09-11
      2014-12-03  Alexander Mazurov  <alexander.mazurov@cern.ch>
          * PPM decoders - support uncompressed format.
              - TODO: handle error subblock
          * Tagged as TrigT1CaloByteStream-00-09-10
      2014-11-27  Alexander Mazurov  <alexander.mazurov@cern.ch>
          * PPM decoders - avoid version names in xAOD containers.
          * Tagged as TrigT1CaloByteStream-00-09-09
      2014-11-25  Alexander Mazurov  <alexander.mazurov@cern.ch>
          * PPM decoders - rollback support for LVL1::TriggerTower objects
              - For run1  LVL1::TriggerTower container can be retrieved from the store
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Semen Turchikhin's avatar
      same-sign option for BMuMu (TrigBphysHypo-00-04-20) · e20dfaef
      Semen Turchikhin authored
      	* Same-sign dimuon seach (w/o mass cut) added to BMuMu algos
      	* Fix to isUnique function in L2BMuMuFex
      	* TrigBphysHypo-00-04-20
      2014-11-24 James Walder <jwalder@cern.ch>
      	* L2 fixes for getFeaturesLinks
      	* TrigBphysHypo-00-04-19
      2014-11-24 James Walder <jwalder@cern.ch>
      	* TrigBphysHypo-00-04-18; with L2 xAOD migration
      2014-11-20 James Walder <jwalder@cern.ch>
      	* small updates removing old muon code
      2014-11-14 James Walder <jwalder@cern.ch>
      	* Update to L2 code, now compiles ok
      	* rename of DiMuX alg, as seg faults at compile time
      	* Fix to InvM configuration values
      	* Tagging as TrigBphysHypo-00-04-17
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Christos Anastopoulos's avatar
      extension check in getHackEtaPhiAtCalo was done a bit late (egammaTrackTools-01-01-14) · 91e1ccb3
      Christos Anastopoulos authored
      	* if(!extension) check in getHackEtaPhiAtCalo was done a bit late
      	* Tagged as egammaTrackTools-01-01-14
      2014-12-11 Christos Anastopoulos  <Christos.Anastopoulos@cern.ch>
      	* Fix stupid bug
      	* Tagged as egammaTrackTools-01-01-13
      2014-11-29 Christos Anastopoulos  <Christos.Anastopoulos@cern.ch>
      	* Use Fwd declarations a bit more
      	* Tagged as egammaTrackTools-01-01-12
      2014-11-12 Christos Anastopoulos  <Christos.Anastopoulos@cern.ch>
      	* Use static accessor (to avoid lookup)
      	* Tagged as egammaTrackTools-01-01-11
      2014-11-11 Christos Anastopoulos  <Christos.Anastopoulos@cern.ch>
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Maximilian Emanuel Goblirsch-Kolb's avatar
      Tagging MuonEfficiencyCorrections-03-00-10 (MuonEfficiencyCorrections-03-00-10) · 940ace45
      Maximilian Emanuel Goblirsch-Kolb authored
      2014-12-14 atlas-perf-muon-conveners -at- cern.ch
          * one more coverity warning...
          * Tagged as MuonEfficiencyCorrections-03-00-10
      2014-12-14 atlas-perf-muon-conveners -at- cern.ch
          * Fixed several coverity warnings
          * Slight changes to the AxisHandler creation logic
          * Tagged as MuonEfficiencyCorrections-03-00-09
      2014-12-01 atlas-perf-muon-conveners -at- cern.ch
          * Replaced the errorcheck.h macro by ATH_CHECK and RETURN_CHECK
          * Temporary fix for a crash when running with replicas
          * Fixed a typo in the MuonEfficiencyCorrectionsDict.h header
          * Tagged as MuonEfficiencyCorrections-03-00-08
      2014-11-25 David Quarrie <David.Quarrie@cern.ch>
      	* cmt/requirements
      		Create a dual_use library instead of a component library because the lcgdict pattern
      		only works with the former when building with cmake. This pollutes the list of
      		libraries to be linked against for client packages, but is otherwise harmless.
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Shaun Roe's avatar
      remove compilation warning (InDetPrepRawData-02-00-12) · ce7d62cf
      Shaun Roe authored
      	* found one warning (extra ;)
      	* tag as InDetPrepRawData-02-00-12
      2014-12-12 Shaun Roe
      	* fix coverity issues 12257, 13491
      	* tag as InDetPrepRawData-02-00-11
      2014-12-10 Shaun Roe
      	* fix coverity issue 20036
      	* tag as InDetPrepRawData-02-00-10
      2014-10-13 Anthony Morley
        	* Add a property to th Pixel clusters -- tooBigToSplit
        	* Tagging InDetPrepRawData-02-00-09
    • Atlas-Software Librarian's avatar
      restored (CaloTrkMuIdTools-00-14-02) · b4175953
      Atlas-Software Librarian authored
      	* replace TH1::FindBin with TH1::FindFixBin
      	* tag CaloTrkMuIdTools-00-14-02
    • Jochen Meyer's avatar
      coverity fixes (MuonCombinedEvent-01-00-38) · 5fd3d3e4
      Jochen Meyer authored
              * addressing coverity defects 12937-40, 13093-4, 14601, 18604-5
              * tagging as MuonCombinedEvent-01-00-38
      2014-12-08 Zvi Tarem <Zvi.Tarem@cern.ch>
              * Removed StausExtras stuff from StauSummary.
              * Add RHExtras for R-Hadrons.
              * tagging as MuonCombinedEvent-01-00-37
      2014-12-04 Niels van Eldik
              * RpcSegmentInfo.h: update technology enum
              * tagging as MuonCombinedEvent-01-00-36
      2014-12-03 Niels van Eldik
              * Add CandidateSummary.h and RpcSegmentInfo.h
              * tagging as MuonCombinedEvent-01-00-35
      2014-12-02 Zvi Tarem <Zvi.Tarem@cern.ch>
              * MuGirlLowBetaTag.h: Added StauExtras.
              * tagging as MuonCombinedEvent-01-00-34
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)