1. 27 Nov, 2015 40 commits
    • Jochen Meyer's avatar
      update for AsBuilt implementation (MuonGMdbObjects-00-01-09) · 39d07047
      Jochen Meyer authored
      	* tagging MuonGMdbObjects-00-01-09
      	* update for Xtomo data (OBO PF Giraud)
    • Iain Bertram's avatar
      Detailed changes see Changelog. Updated to use a script instead of an alias to... · ece058b0
      Iain Bertram authored
      Detailed changes see Changelog. Updated to use a script instead of an alias to set which reference file to use. DigitizationTests-01-01-53 (DigitizationTests-01-01-53)
      	* test/DigitizationTests_TestConfiguration.xml
      	* cmt/requirements
      	* added scripts/DigitizationCheckReferenceLocation.sh
      	* The alias command did not work.
      	  Have replaced with script (as above) which
      	 is sourced to set the environment variables.
              * Tagging DigitizationTests-01-01-53
      2015-11-18 Iain Bertram <iain.bertram@cern.ch>
      	* test/DigitizationTests_TestConfiguration.xml
      	* cmt/requirements
      	* Making modifications to allow use of different comparison files
      	  based on the release.
      	  Created an alias in  the requirements file DigitizationTestsCheckLocation
      	  which checks if version 20.7 or not (this is expandable in future).
      	  Each of the tests in DigitizationTests_TestConfiguration has been
      	  updated to copy the correct reference file to DiffPool_Comp.pool.root
      	  and compare with this.
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    • Jiri Masik's avatar
      update PT summaries with electronProbability (InDetTrigRecExample-00-11-62) · 0ad7df2d
      Jiri Masik authored
      	* python/InDetTrigConfigRecPostProcessing.py (InDetTrigTrackingxAODCnv_EF):
      	separate config of ParticleCreationTool for FTF. enable
      	LocalOccupancy and track summaries with electronProbability,
      	tagged as InDetTrigRecExample-00-11-62
      2015-11-18  Jiri Masik  <jiri.masik@manchester.ac.uk>
      	* python/InDetTrigConfigRecLoadTools.py: ToT calibration folders,
      	tagged as InDetTrigRecExample-00-11-61
    • Sasha Mazurov's avatar
      TrigT1CaloMonitoring_forRecExCommission_Run2.py: Add PedestalCorrection... · 09e664ed
      Sasha Mazurov authored
      TrigT1CaloMonitoring_forRecExCommission_Run2.py: Add PedestalCorrection stability monitoring plots for CosmicCalo stream. (TrigT1CaloMonitoring-00-14-57)
        * TrigT1CaloMonitoring_forRecExCommission_Run2.py: Add PedestalCorrection stability monitoring plots for CosmicCalo stream.
        * Tag as TrigT1CaloMonitoring-00-14-57
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    • Nuno Miguel Goncalves Dos Anjos's avatar
      correct bugs in previous tag (TrigJetHypo-03-00-44) · 367e5c80
      Nuno Miguel Goncalves Dos Anjos authored
              * tagging TrigJetHypo-03-00-44
              * correction of bugs in previous tag
      2015-11-20   Nuno Anjos  <Nuno.Anjos@cern.ch>
              * tagging TrigJetHypo-03-00-43
              * add new jet cleaning classes: LooseCleaner, TightCleaner, LlpCleaner
                and respective anti-cleaning classes.
              * modified cleanerFactory to supprot new cleaning classes
              * included new cleaning thresholds in TrigHLTJetHypo
      2015-11-18  Peter Sherwood  <sherwood@lxplus0077.cern.ch>
      	* tagging TrigJetHypo-03-00-42
      	* Removed JetTrigHypo unit tests to appease coverity
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    • Masahiro Tanaka's avatar
      Just fixed the bug of 00-03-08 (TrigL2MuonSA-00-03-09) · 692935b7
      Masahiro Tanaka authored
      	* Tagged as 00-03-09
      	* Just fixed the bug of 00-03-08
      2015-11-20 Masahiro Tanaka<mtanaka@hep.phys.titech.ac.jp>
      	* Tagged as 00-03-08
      	* LUT of endcap region is updated
      2015-11-20 Ye Chen <cheny@stu.kobe-u.ac.jp>
              * tagging 00-03-07
              * modification of Xline function and chi cut
      2015-11-04 Yu Nishihara<nishihara@hep.phys.titech.ac.jp>
      	* tagging 00-03-06
      	* added beta calculation from RPC hits.
      2015-10-31 Masahiro Tanaka<mtanaka@hep.phys.titech.ac.jp>
      	* Tagged as 00-03-05
      	* BEE and BME chamber hits are collected
    • Lukas Alexander Heinrich's avatar
      compiler warnings (TrigNavStructure-00-00-17) · ef2526cd
      Lukas Alexander Heinrich authored
      2015-11-20 Lukas Heinrich <lukas.heinrich@cern.ch>
              * compiler warnings
              * tagging TrigNavStructure-00-00-17
      2015-11-20 Lukas Heinrich <lukas.heinrich@cern.ch>
      	* check against total size vs distance
      	* tagging TrigNavStructure-00-00-16
      2015-11-17 Lukas Heinrich <lukas.heinrich@cern.ch>
      	* demote log level on registering pre-existing holder
      	* tagging TrigNavStructure-00-00-15
      2015-11-04 Lukas Heinrich <lukas.heinrich@cern.ch>
      	* make getFeatureAccessors virtual since TN needs to override to setup caching scope
      	* tagging TrigNavStructure-00-00-14
      2015-11-04 Lukas Heinrich <lukas.heinrich@cern.ch>
      	* small chane for matching tool: create TypedHolder w/ explicit container type name
      	* needed when retrieving as IParticleContainer (which has no clid)
      	* tagging TrigNavStructure-00-00-13
      2015-09-01 Lukas Heinrich <lukas.heinrich@cern.ch>
      	* fixes for ATR-12019
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    • Lukas Alexander Heinrich's avatar
      pass total size not end (TrigNavigation-00-06-10) · d1243284
      Lukas Alexander Heinrich authored
      2015-11-20 Lukas Heinrich
      	* check against total size not distance (i.e. pass size)
      	* tagging TrigNavigation-00-06-10
      2015-11-17 Lukas Heinrich
      	* pre-existing holder only WARNING when registering
              * tagging TrigNavigation-00-06-09
      2015-11-10 Lukas Heinrich
              * moved caching start to begin of recursion
              * tagging TrigNavigation-00-06-08
      2015-11-10 Lukas Heinrich
      	* override getFeatureAccessors (will move RoICaching here)
      	* tagging TrigNavigation-00-06-07
      2015-10-22  Frank Winklmeier  <fwinkl@cern>
      	* Coverity fixes
      	* tagging TrigNavigation-00-06-06
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Ryan Mackenzie White's avatar
      ptvarcone (TrigEgammaHypo-01-01-39) · d8020b6e
      Ryan Mackenzie White authored
      	* ptvarcone isolation
      	* TrigEgammaHypo-01-01-39
      2015-11-12 Ryan White <ryan.white@cern.ch>
      	* merge HI developments
      	* TrigEgammaHypo-01-01-38
    • Marcin Jerzy Nowak's avatar
      added xAOD streamerinfos from 19.1.4 (TrigSerializeResult-00-01-53) · 41f2502a
      Marcin Jerzy Nowak authored
      	* Added streamerinfos from 19.1.4 for:
                 DataVector<xAOD::Vertex_v1>   checksum= 0xb2bc1db
                 xAOD::TrigTrackCounts_v1   checksum= 0xc05eb62d
                 xAOD::TrackParticleAuxContainer_v1   checksum= 0xbad4e157
                 xAOD::TrigTrackCountsAuxContainer_v1   checksum= 0xbbeb97ee
                 xAOD::AuxContainerBase   checksum= 0x3e415e02
                 xAOD::VertexAuxContainer_v1   checksum= 0x7010f024
                 DataVector<xAOD::TrackParticle_v1>  checksum= 0x29e453b8
                 DataVector<xAOD::TrigTrackCounts_v1>   checksum= 0xcb6b0b5d
      	* Tagging TrigSerializeResult-00-01-53
      2015-11-20  Stewart Martin-Haugh <smh@cern.ch>
      	* add xAOD::TrigTrackCountsContainer (ATR-12710)
      	* Tagging TrigSerializeResult-00-01-52
    • Tim Martin's avatar
      allow SRM (TrigCostRootAnalysis-00-07-28) · 7101050a
      Tim Martin authored
        * Tagging TrigCostRootAnalysis-00-07-28
        * Allow srm://srm-eosatlas.cern.ch/eos/... URLs
      2015-11-17  Tim Martin <Tim.Martin@cern.ch>
        * Tagging TrigCostRootAnalysis-00-07-27
        * CPS mode works for group rates. Does NOT work for Overlap and Unique rates. To be added.
        * CPS mode enabled by default with --ratesMode flag
        * Support for physics only rate, needs
      2015-11-16  Tim Martin <Tim.Martin@cern.ch>
        * Tagging TrigCostRootAnalysis-00-07-26
        * Rework - unbiased events do not get a lumi extrapolation weight
      2015-11-11  Tim Martin <Tim.Martin@cern.ch>
        * Tagging TrigCostRootAnalysis-00-07-24.
        * Small bug fix to prevent throwing away stats in rates processings where the LB are not processed in increasing order.
      2015-11-11  Tim Martin <Tim.Martin@cern.ch>
        * Tagging TrigCostRootAnalysis-00-07-23.
        * Really bad 13->5 TeV weighting.
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Walter Lampl's avatar
      add xAOD::CaloTowers to output item list (CaloRecEx-00-02-59-03) · 55f4cd3c
      Walter Lampl authored
      	* Add xAOD::CaloTowerContainer to OutputItemList
      	  (not produced by default)
      	* Tag CaloRecEx-00-02-59-03
    • Scott Snyder's avatar
      Cabling tools moved from LArTools to LArCabling. (LArDetDescr-03-19-48) · d13933e0
      Scott Snyder authored
         	* Tagging LArDetDescr-03-19-48.
      	* Cabling tools moved from LArTools to LArCabling.
      2015-06-19  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
         	* Tagging LArDetDescr-03-19-47.
      	* Avoid more redundant divisions.
      2015-06-16  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
         	* Tagging LArDetDescr-03-19-46.
      	* Avoid redundant divisions.
      2015-02-17  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
         	* Tagging LArDetDescr-03-19-45.
      	* src/LArRecoMaterialTool.cxx (ScanCRYO): Fix typo in previous
    • Peter Van Gemmeren's avatar
      Undo inadvertent change to share/SystemRec_config.py (RecExCommon-00-14-45) · c22f9c3c
      Peter Van Gemmeren authored
      	* share/SystemRec_config.py: Undo inadvertent change by
      	RecExCommon-00-14-44 (Thanks John).
      	* tagging RecExCommon-00-14-45
      2015-11-05 Peter van Gemmeren <gemmeren@anl.gov>
      	* share/RecoUtils.py: More fine tuning to primary xAOD split level,
      	saves ~2kb/event in data (more in MC).
      	* tagging RecExCommon-00-14-44
    • Walter Lampl's avatar
      add jobO and flags for xAODCaloTower making. Off by default (CaloRec-03-00-37-07) · 5def48c7
      Walter Lampl authored
      	* Add flags and jobO for CaloTowerxAOD algorithms. OFF by default.
      	* tag CaloRec-03-00-37-07
    • John Baines's avatar
      fix for barcode (TrigFTK_RawDataAlgs-01-00-17) · 72a72c44
      John Baines authored
      	* src/FTK_RDO_CreatorAlgo.cxx: add chi2 to RDO
      	* src/FTK_RDO_ReaderAlgo.cxx: fix memory leak
      	* TrigFTK_RawDataAlgs-01-00-16
    • William Axel Leight's avatar
      Minor interface tweak, see changelog (CaloTrkMuIdTools-00-15-07) · c4603f70
      William Axel Leight authored
      	* TrackDepositInCaloTool: Remove unnecessary passing of CaloCellCollection to new getDeposits (and also misleading printout)
      	* tag as CaloTrkMuIdTools-00-15-07
      2015-11-17 Will Leight <wleight@physics.carleton.ca>
      	* CaloMuonTag: cleanup of previous fix
      	* tag as CaloTrkMuIdTools-00-15-06
      2015-11-17 Will Leight <wleight@physics.carleton.ca>
      	* CaloMuonTag: protection against tag=4 being returned if there are no calo deposits
      	* tag as CaloTrkMuIdTools-00-15-05
    • Tim Martin's avatar
      'remove enhanced bias XMLs, package conflict with TrigCostRootAnalysis' (TrigCostMonitor-01-20-07) · 85db473e
      Tim Martin authored
          * Remove enhanced bias XMLs, these are now supplied from TrigCostRootAnalysis which is now also in AtlasTrigger
          * Tag TrigCostMonitor-01-20-07
      2015-07-14 Tim Martin <Tim.Martin@cern.ch>
          * Enable export of stream tag info
          * Tag TrigCostMonitor-01-20-06
      2015-07-14 Tim Martin <Tim.Martin@cern.ch>
          * Alter some EB warnings
          * Tag TrigCostMonitor-01-20-05
      2015-06-16 Tim Martin <Tim.Martin@cern.ch>
          * Better EB BG
          * Tag TrigCostMonitor-01-20-04
      2015-06-16 Tim Martin <Tim.Martin@cern.ch>
          * Add EB xmls
          * Tag TrigCostMonitor-01-20-03
    • David Martin Bjergaard's avatar
    • Joao Victor Da Fonseca Pinto's avatar
    • John Baines's avatar
      change from FTKrefit to FTKRefit (TrigFastTrackFinder-00-01-53) · 4c4b7bc8
      John Baines authored
      	* python/TrigFastTrackFinder_Config.py: change from FTKrefit to FTKRefit
      2015-11-16  John Baines  <john.baines@stfc.ac.uk>
      	* python/TrigFastTrackFinder_Config.py: Update for TrigFTK_DataProviderSvc_Config moved to  TrigFTK_RecExample
      2015-10-22  John Baines  <john.baines@stfc.ac.uk>
      	* src/TrigFastTrackFinder.cxx: fix to get npix and nsct for TrigInDetTrack from FTK tracks.
      	*  tag TrigFastTrackFinder-00-01-51
      2015-10-14 Stewart Martin-Haugh <smh -at- cern -dot- ch>
      	* tag TrigFastTrackFinder-00-01-50
      	* Configuration for disabling TrigInDetTrack
    • John Baines's avatar
      add FTK config (TrigT2BeamSpot-00-10-11) · ddd03da9
      John Baines authored
      	* python/T2VertexBeamSpotConfig.py: Add FTK configurations
      	* src/T2Track.h: get nPix, nSct from TrackSummary, if available.
      2015-10-30  Stewart Martin-Haugh < smh@cern.ch>
      	* Tag as TrigT2BeamSpot-00-10-09
      	* Final updates to work with Trk::Tracks (ATR-12542)
      	* Re-enable split vertex generation
      2015-10-22  Stewart Martin-Haugh < smh@cern.ch>
      	* Tag as TrigT2BeamSpot-00-10-08
      	* Initial round of updates to work with Trk::Tracks (ATR-12542)
    • Lukas Alexander Heinrich's avatar
      unpacking flags (TrigDecisionTool-00-03-22) · ad24459e
      Lukas Alexander Heinrich authored
      2015-11-14 Lukas Heinrich <lukas.heinrich@cern.ch>
      	* set unpackin state flags in Athena/EventInfo unpacks
      	* tagging TrigDecisionTool-00-03-22
      2015-11-14 Lukas Heinrich <lukas.heinrich@cern.ch>
      	* forgot to add EventPtrDef.h
      	* tagging TrigDecisionTool-00-03-21
      2015-11-14 Lukas Heinrich <lukas.heinrich@cern.ch>
      	* merged unpacker logic from 02-26-branch
      	* various small cleanups
      	* tagging TrigDecisionTool-00-03-20
      2015-11-05 Lukas Heinrich <lukas.heinrich@cern.ch>
      	* yet another tag :-/
      	* fixing typedGet and Feature.h
      	* TrigDecisionTool-00-03-19
      2015-11-05 Lukas Heinrich <lukas.heinrich@cern.ch>
      	* add getIParticle to Combination and FC
      	* TrigDecisionTool-00-03-18
      2015-11-05 Lukas Heinrich <lukas.heinrich@cern.ch>
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Patrick Karl Czodrowski's avatar
      add Olegs <oleg.kuprash@cern.ch> ATN test TrigHLT_Run1BStoxAOD (TrigAnalysisTest-00-04-21) · 7e43e743
      Patrick Karl Czodrowski authored
      2015-11-17 Patrick Czodrowski <czodrows@cern.ch>
          * fix requirements file - thanks to Will B. for spotting the issue
          * fix xml  <alwaysRunPostProc /> needs to be the LAST tag always
          * add Olegs <oleg.kuprash@cern.ch> ATN test TrigHLT_Run1BStoxAOD
          * TrigAnalysisTest-00-04-21
      2015-11-12 Javier Montejo <jmontejo@cern.ch>
          * Dump trigger counts, which are used in post-processing
          * Move AthenaTestHarness to src in order to hide it from RootCore
          * TrigAnalysisTest-00-04-20
      2015-11-10 Javier Montejo <jmontejo@cern.ch>
          * Added AthenaTestHarness to steer tests from TestFactory
          * TrigAnalysisTest-00-04-19
      2015-11-09  Gordon Watts  <gwatts@tev01.phys.washington.edu>
      	* Added first set of code to make tests dual use.
      	* Now uses simple runner for all RootCore tests
      2015-09-30 Patrick Czodrowski <czodrows@cern.ch>
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Julie Kirk's avatar
      new Zmumu sample (TrigInDetValidation-00-06-96) · fb7cee51
      Julie Kirk authored
      	* TrigInDetValidation_mu_sample6.xml - replace Zmumu sample with mc15
      	* TrigInDetValidation-00-06-96
      2015-11-14 sutt < sutt @ cern.ch >
      	* TrigInDetValidation-00-06-95
      	*  fix bjet offline job
      2015-11-12 sutt < sutt @ cern.ch >
      	* TrigInDetValidation-00-06-94
      	* fix minbias job, add offline bjet and minbias tests
      2015-11-11 sutt < sutt @ cern.ch >
      	* TrigInDetValidation-00-06-93
      	* add scripts and offline jobs for bjets and minbias
    • Sven Menke's avatar
      CaloLumiBCIDTool.cxx: use push_back instead of [index] in the initialization... · 6ad7c8a6
      Sven Menke authored
      CaloLumiBCIDTool.cxx: use push_back instead of [index] in the initialization of arrays in getListOfCells() to avoid crash with sFCal (or any future LAr Detector with more cells) (CaloTools-00-09-60)
              * CaloLumiBCIDTool.cxx: use push_back instead of [index] in the
      	initialization of arrays in getListOfCells() to avoid crash with sFCal
      	(or any future LAr Detector with more cells)
      	* tag  CaloTools-00-09-60
    • Attila Krasznahorkay's avatar
      Fixing the package's compilation in the CMake nightly (TrigFTKSim-00-11-42) · 91335ea3
      Attila Krasznahorkay authored
      	* Fixed the include formalism used in src/tsp/FTKAMSplit.cxx, to
      	  be able to compile the package in the CMake nightly.
      	* Tagging as TrigFTKSim-00-11-42
      2015-10-15 Thor Taylor
      	* additional RTT fix
      2015-10-12 Federico Bertolucci
      	* Update for bank optimization
      2015-09-29 Thor Taylor
      	* Fixes for RTT
      2015-09-26 Jahred Adelman
      	* Add new event and trigger information to evtinfo
      2015-08-27 Stamatios Gkaitatzis
              * Cleaned function averageCluster at atlClustering.cxx
    • Fares Djama's avatar
      Change default value of B-Layer latency to 150 (PixelDigitization-02-00-20) · f244afdb
      Fares Djama authored
      	* Set default value of latency in B layer to 150
      	* tagged as PixelDigitization-02-00-20
    • Rolf Seuster's avatar
      adjust to new LCG_80 - namely new Boost (AthenaAuditors-00-00-13) · d44e1d7e
      Rolf Seuster authored
      	* Tagging AthenaAuditors-00-00-13.
      	* adjust to new LCG_80 - namely new Boost
      2015-11-12  Rolf Seuster
      	* Tagging AthenaAuditors-00-00-12.
      	* stdcmalloc for AthMemoryAuditor currently depreciated, added support for faster tcmalloc
      2015-09-15  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
      	* Tagging AthenaAuditors-00-00-11.
      	* Comply with ATLAS naming conventions.
    • Peter Alan Steinberg's avatar
    • Tomasz Bold's avatar
      Tuned Q shifts in hypos (TrigHIHypo-00-00-73) · cab999e8
      Tomasz Bold authored
      	* Tuned Q shifts in hypos
      	* TrigHIHypo-00-00-73
      2015-11-11 Tomasz Bold
      	* Improved monitoring of VnHypos
      	* TrigHIHypo-00-00-72
    • Joerg Stelzer's avatar
      TriggerThresholdValue: adjust max counts for XE and TE thresholds (ATR-12827)... · 1618d01f
      Joerg Stelzer authored
      TriggerThresholdValue: adjust max counts for XE and TE thresholds (ATR-12827) (TrigConfL1Data-02-00-57)
      	* TriggerThresholdValue: adjust max counts for XE and TE thresholds (ATR-12827)
      	* TrigConfL1Data-02-00-57
    • Lukas Alexander Heinrich's avatar
      missing includes (TrigCaloMonitoring-00-00-37-01) · b957a7b2
      Lukas Alexander Heinrich authored
      	* missing includes
      	* TrigCaloMonitoring-00-00-37-01
    • Scott Snyder's avatar
      Merge from trunk: Make sure dictionaries get loaded with root6. (AthenaPython-00-06-40-01) · 16cbefde
      Scott Snyder authored
      	* Tagging AthenaPython-00-06-40-01.
      	* Merge from trunk:
      	2015-11-15  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
              * Tagging AthenaPython-00-06-45.
      	* python/Bindings.py (_py_init_ClassIDSvc): Make sure dictionaries
      	get loaded with root6.
    • Scott Snyder's avatar
      Merge changes from trunk: Add Trigger TP converter variant. (AthenaKernel-00-56-19-02) · 4aaf5559
      Scott Snyder authored
      	* Tagging AthenaKernel-00-56-19-02.
      	* Merge from trunk:
              2015-11-15  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
      	* Tagging AthenaKernel-00-59-04.
      	* AthenaKernel/selection.xml, AthenaKernel/AthenaKernelDict.h:
      	Generate dictionary for Athena::PackageInfo.
              2015-11-11  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
      	* Tagging AthenaKernel-00-59-03.
      	* AthenaKernel/TPCnvFactory.h: Add an additional `Trigger' type of
      	converter, analogous to ARA.
      	* AthenaKernel/ITPCnvSvc.h: Add optional arguments to the
      	converter retrieval functions to specify which type is wanted.
    • Lukas Alexander Heinrich's avatar
      adding missing includes (TrigValAlgs-00-01-28-01) · d254fdaf
      Lukas Alexander Heinrich authored
      	* adding missing includes
      	* TrigValAlgs-00-01-28-01
    • Lukas Alexander Heinrich's avatar
      add roi header (TrigEgammaMatchingTool-00-00-10-01) · 4573d063
      Lukas Alexander Heinrich authored
      	* add RoiDescriptor header
      	* TrigEgammaMatchingTool-00-00-10-01
    • Lukas Alexander Heinrich's avatar
      add TrigRoiDescriptorCollection header (TrigEgammaAnalysisTools-00-00-82) · 8fa2ec55
      Lukas Alexander Heinrich authored
      	* Add roi descriptor header
      	* TrigEgammaAnalysisTools-00-00-82
    • Ruggero Turra's avatar
      small memory leak (egammaMVACalib-01-01-02) · fb746bfc
      Ruggero Turra authored
        * Remove memory leak in initialization due to ownership of TObjectList
        * tagging egammaMVACalib-01-01-02