1. 11 Oct, 2016 40 commits
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      hide code from AthAnalysisBase (tauRecTools-00-01-10) · 5a5daec0
      Justin Griffiths authored
      	* Removed TMVA from package, using MVAUtils
      	* fixed a crash in TauCalibrateLC::finalize
      	* Tagging tauRecTools-00-01-08
      2016-08-25 Attila Krasznahorkay <Attila.Krasznahorkay@cern.ch>
      	* Fixed the package to build correctly with -Wl,--no-undefined
      	* Cleaned up the CMakeLists.txt file to only build the code under
      	  Root/ into the installed library. Since headers are only public
      	  for those classes. Sources under src/ are only built into the
      	  component library now.
      	* As it turns out, StoreGateSvc::contains doesn't like const type
      	  declarations. Even if the code worked in standalone mode, it had
      	  to be simplified a bit for the offline build.
      	  (This was in Root/TauProcessorTool.cxx.)
      	* Made src/TauVertexFinder.h only include the
      	  "InDetTrackSelectionTool/IInDetTrackSelectionTool.h" interface
      	  header instead of the
      	  "InDetTrackSelectionTool/InDetTrackSelectionTool.h" implementation
      	  header. As using the latter one lead to linking problems.
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      Former-commit-id: 39ddfdb7
    • Justin Griffiths's avatar
      fix cell links (tauRec-05-00-10) · dadcec4d
      Justin Griffiths authored
      Former-commit-id: cc7b9034
    • Yu Nakahama Higuchi's avatar
      Send xe70,75,80,90_L1XE50,55 to new MetRateStudies stream for monitoring... · aa4fcbe9
      Yu Nakahama Higuchi authored
      Send xe70,75,80,90_L1XE50,55 to new MetRateStudies stream for monitoring (ATR-14857) (TriggerMenu-00-19-62)
      	* Created new stream MetRateStudies (monitoring) and send xe70,75,80,90_L1XE50,55 (ATR-14857)
      	* TriggerMenu-00-19-62
      2016-09-28 Elisabetta Pianori
      	* revert to old named for ht + bjet chains (ATR-14573)
      	* TriggerMenu-00-19-61
      2016-09-28 Elisabetta Pianori
      	* fix ht + bjet chains (ATR-14573)
      	* TriggerMenu-00-19-60
      2016-09-28 Daniele Zanzi
      	* fix in algo order in TauDef (ATR-15131)
      	* TriggerMenu-00-19-59
      2016-09-27 Ljiljana Morvaj
              * added HLT_xe{95,100,105,110}_pufit_L1XE{50,55} to Physics_pp_v6 (ATR-15102)
              * TriggerMenu-00-19-58
      2016-09-26 Sophio Pataraia
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
      Former-commit-id: b5922e37
    • Jochen Meyer's avatar
      turning off outward track builder (MuonCombinedRecExample-01-09-19) · 9ab2b73c
      Jochen Meyer authored
      	* turning off OutwardsCombinedMuonTrackBuilder
      	  and MuidMuonRecovery in MuonCombinedFitTagTool (ATLASRECTS-3432)
      	* Tagging as MuonCombinedRecExample-01-09-19
      Former-commit-id: a6c26531
    • Antonio Limosani's avatar
      Add tier0 test (RecPerfTests-00-08-60) · 3cb7d843
      Antonio Limosani authored
      	* Add tier0 test
      	* RecPerfTests-00-08-60
      Former-commit-id: b87e8a49
    • Peter Van Gemmeren's avatar
      Fix for ATEAM-341: Have ByteStreamEventStorageOutputSvc::io_reinit() reset... · 87a39b20
      Peter Van Gemmeren authored
      Fix for ATEAM-341: Have ByteStreamEventStorageOutputSvc::io_reinit() reset m_dataWriter for AthenaMP (ByteStreamCnvSvc-01-34-41-02)
      	* Tagging ByteStreamCnvSvc-01-34-41-02.
      	* src/src/ByteStreamEventStorageOutputSvc.cxx: Have io_reinit() reset
      	m_dataWriter for AthenaMP to work even if mother wrote events.
      Former-commit-id: 3041d463
    • Vadim Kostyukhin's avatar
      Better protection against small eigenvalue in track error matrix in CFit.cxx... · 0c10b6c3
      Vadim Kostyukhin authored
      Better protection against small eigenvalue in track error matrix in CFit.cxx (TrkVKalVrtCore-00-03-63)
      	* New return codes
      	* Add to diagonal if eigenvalue of track error matrix is <10^-15 in CFit.cxx
      	* TrkVKalVrtCore-00-03-63
      2016-09-20  Vadim Kostyukhin <Vadim.Kostyukhin@cern.ch>
      	* Correct error in cfTrkCovarCorr (correlations were always downscaled!)
      	* Replace 3.14159.. by M_PI
      	* TrkVKalVrtCore-00-03-62
      2016-09-19  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
      	* Tagging TrkVKalVrtCore-00-03-61.
      	* Fix most gcc6 misleading indentation warnings.
      Former-commit-id: d378f733
    • Patrick Karl Czodrowski's avatar
      AthenaTrigBStoESD_MC number of events from 10 to 3 and test a setup omitting... · 1487638d
      Patrick Karl Czodrowski authored
      AthenaTrigBStoESD_MC number of events from 10 to 3 and test a setup omitting from AthenaCommon.AthenaCommonFlags import athenaCommonFlags for AthenaTrigRDOtoBS (TrigAnalysisTest-00-04-52)
      2016-09-26 Patrick Czodrowski <czodrows@cern.ch>
      	* Testing/TrigAnalysisTest.conf: change test 37: AthenaTrigBStoESD_MC number of events from 10 to 3
          * TrigAnalysisTest-00-04-52
      2016-09-26 Patrick Czodrowski <czodrows@cern.ch>
          * share/testAthenaTrigRDOtoBS.py: change rec.OutputLevel=DEBUG to INFO - wonder how this was forgotten ...
          * TrigAnalysisTest-00-04-51
      2016-08-19 Patrick Czodrowski <czodrows@cern.ch>
          * ATN AthenaTrigRDOtoBS reduced from 5 to 3 events - ATR-14873
          * TrigAnalysisTest-00-04-50
      Former-commit-id: 996556df
    • Stewart Martin-Haugh's avatar
      'Fix tdaq-common dependency' (TrigInterfaces-01-02-06) · 537951a6
      Stewart Martin-Haugh authored
      	* Fix tdaq-common dependency
      	* remove some eformat includes
      	* Tagging TrigInterfaces-01-02-06
      2016-08-02  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
      	* Tagging TrigInterfaces-01-02-05.
      	* endreq -> endmsg.
      2016-06-23 Stewart Martin-Haugh <smh@cern.ch>
      	* CPU improvements for OPI data (see ATR-14370)
      	* Tagging TrigInterfaces-01-02-04
      Former-commit-id: 6986148c
    • Andy Salnikov's avatar
    • James Catmore's avatar
      Removing ELReset from DFMaster (DerivationFrameworkCore-00-03-56-01) · e70f3b9b
      James Catmore authored
      	* BRANCHING AT DerivationFrameworkCore-00-03-56
      	* Providing a branch free of ELReset, for 20.20
      	* Tagged as DerivationFrameworkCore-00-03-56-01
      2016-09-21 James Catmore <james.catmore@cern.ch>
      	* Adding EXOT20
      	* Tagged as DerivationFrameworkCore-00-03-56
      2016-09-15 Jake Searcy <jsearcy@umich.edu>
      	* Add Extra MissingET Trigger Container
      	* Tagged as DerivationFrameworkCore-00-03-55
      2016-09-13 James Catmore <james.catmore@cern.ch>
      	* Adding EXOT19
      	* Tagged as DerivationFrameworkCore-00-03-54
      2016-09-07 Jake Searcy <jsearcy@umich.edu>
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
      Former-commit-id: 22cb7ce2
    • Dominik Karol Derendarz's avatar
    • Ewelina Maria Lobodzinska's avatar
      version update (Herwigpp_i-00-06-27) · f04643a6
      Ewelina Maria Lobodzinska authored
              * update to version 7.03 (and ThePEG 2.0.3)
              * tagging Herwigpp_i-00-06-27
      Former-commit-id: 9a90cd43
    • Stewart Martin-Haugh's avatar
      'Clean up tdaq-common dependency' (TrigEFMissingET-00-04-35) · a7ee10ac
      Stewart Martin-Haugh authored
      2016-09-21 Stewart Martin-Haugh <smh@cern.ch>
      	* Clean up tdaq-common dependency
      	* Tagging as TrigEFMissingET-00-04-35
      2016-08-25 Attila Krasznahorkay <Attila.Krasznahorkay@cern.ch>
      	* Added a missing ROOT Matrix library to be linked against
      	  the code. To be able to build the package with -Wl,--no-undefined
      	* Cleaned up the CMakeLists.txt file a bit in the process.
      	* Removed the executable flag from the source files.
      	* Tagging as TrigEFMissingET-00-04-34
      Former-commit-id: 40ced258
    • Davide Gerbaudo's avatar
      tag 00-00-68, fixes ATR-14913 (L1TopoAlgorithms-00-00-68) · 2d7facac
      Davide Gerbaudo authored
      Former-commit-id: a79bb2f6
    • Peter Onyisi's avatar
      Reintegration of 02-02-00-branch (AthenaMonitoring-02-03-04) · b0ccad85
      Peter Onyisi authored
      	* Reintegration of 02-02-00-branch (changelogs below)
      	* Tag AthenaMonitoring-02-03-04
      2016-09-08 Peter Onyisi <ponyisi AT cern.ch>
      	* Enable HI monitoring for HIP runs
      	* Tag AthenaMonitoring-02-02-00-08
      2016-08-11 Peter Onyisi <ponyisi AT cern.ch>
      	* Enable pixel monitoring in ZeroBias obo Yosuke Takubo
      	* Tag AthenaMonitoring-02-02-00-07
      2016-06-21 Peter Onyisi <ponyisi AT cern.ch>
      	* Fix ATLASRECTS-3216
      	* Other changes obo Benjamin Trocme
      	* Tag AthenaMonitoring-02-02-00-06
      2016-06-20 Peter Onyisi <ponyisi AT cern.ch>
      	* Enable plot X axis extension when plot is vs LB (only TH1 derivatives)
      	* Fix bug in histogram output areas when LB is skipped
      	* Actually switch TDT to global instance
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
      Former-commit-id: eef3609d
    • William Axel Leight's avatar
      Minor addition to CandidateSummary (MuonCombinedEvent-01-01-05) · 120e11de
      William Axel Leight authored
      	* Added isSiliconAssociated to CandidateSummary (for MuGirl use)
      	* Tagging as MuonCombinedEvent-01-01-05
      2016-08-11  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
              * Tagging MuonCombinedEvent-01-01-04.
      	* endreq -> endmsg.
      Former-commit-id: 5e40a424
    • William Axel Leight's avatar
      No more MuGirl segment-tagged muons from tracklets (MuGirl-00-03-11) · 5c567b63
      William Axel Leight authored
      	* No more segment-tagged MuGirl muons from tracklets
      	* Tagging as MuGirl-00-03-11
      Former-commit-id: 7b4b34dd
    • Tony Tong's avatar
      turn on parabolic extrapolation as default (MuonHoughPatternTools-01-00-36) · 45bfe6f1
      Tony Tong authored
      	* Turn on parabolic extrapolation as default
      	* Tagging as MuonHoughPatternTools-01-00-36
      2016-09-19 Baojia Tong
      	* fix bug in findPhiMaxima
      	* fix TGC T4 sublayer information
      	* add ExtrapolationDistance option
      	* Tagging as MuonHoughPatternTools-01-00-35
      2016-09-17 Baojia Tong
      	* add parabolic extrapolation option (ATLASRECTS-2785)
      	* needs MuonLayerHough-00-00-32
      	* Tagging as MuonHoughPatternTools-01-00-34
      2016-09-14 Baojia Tong
      	* solving ambiguous behavior sorting maxima (ATLASRECTS-3357)
      	* Tagging as MuonHoughPatternTools-01-00-33
      2016-08-23 Jochen Meyer
      	* endreq -> endmsg
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
      Former-commit-id: 5250f613
    • Tony Tong's avatar
      fix bug in phiMaximum over substracting (MuonLayerHough-00-00-33) · 89cbb933
      Tony Tong authored
      	* Fixed bug in phiMaximum over substracting
      	* Tagged as MuonLayerHough-00-00-33
      2016-09-17 Baojia Tong
      	* Fixed bug in returning BEE chamber position
      	* Add extrapolation function, with linear and parabolic options
      	* Tagged as MuonLayerHough-00-00-32
      2016-07-21  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
      	* Tagging MuonLayerHough-00-00-31.
      	* Fix clang warnings.
      	* Tagging MuonLayerHough-00-00-30.
      	* Fix abs() calls.
      	* Tagging MuonLayerHough-00-00-29.
      	* Comply with ATLAS naming conventions.
      Former-commit-id: cdb9745a
    • Helena Santos's avatar
      Create a switch to work under p+Pb Run conditions (JetMonitoring-01-00-43) · 5af04f77
      Helena Santos authored
      	* Change in JetMonitoring_jobOptions.py to work under doHIP mode (p+Pb 2016 Run)
      	* tag as JetMonitoring-01-00-43
      Former-commit-id: 8917aaa5
    • Attila Krasznahorkay's avatar
      Declared an interface library for the header(s) of the package (InDetBeamSpotService-01-00-04-02) · c8f77d0f
      Attila Krasznahorkay authored
      	* Declared an interface library for the header(s) of the package.
      	  So that they could be used conveniently in the CMake build.
      	* Implemented the logic necessary for the AthSimulationBase build.
      	* Tagging as InDetBeamSpotService-01-00-04-02
      2016-03-16  John Chapman
      	* InDetBeamSpotService/IBeamCondSvc.h, src/BeamCondSvc.cxx,
      	src/BeamCondSvc.h, cmt/requirements - Hide dependency on
      	Tracking/TrkEvent/VxVertex. ATLASSIM-2399
      	* InDetBeamSpotService-01-00-04-01
      Former-commit-id: 87631ebf
    • Attila Krasznahorkay's avatar
      Fixing the build of the package when it's built together with CaloDetDescr (CaloRec-03-00-66-02) · d5b576e9
      Attila Krasznahorkay authored
      	* Fixed CaloCellFastCopyTool_test to depend on CaloDetDescrLib
      	  instead of CaloDetDescr. And tereby cause a configuration
      	  error in the "super project build".
      	* Tagging as CaloRec-03-00-66-02
      Former-commit-id: aa5d5261
    • Tomasz Bold's avatar
      added GapHypos (TrigHIHypo-00-00-82) · c1c22dc3
      Tomasz Bold authored
      	* added GapHypos
      	* TrigHIHypo-00-00-82
      2016-09-12 Tomasz Bold
      	* brought HF to menu implementability
      	* added perf configuration for assymetric Vn
      	* TrigHIHypo-00-00-81
      2016-09-09 Tomasz Bold
      	* update to Vn triggers
      	* TrigHIHypo-00-00-80
      2016-09-07 Soumya Mohapatra
              * Added first version of the HFMuonHypo
      2016-09-03 Tomasz Bold
      	* extened UltraCentral to have configurable eta range
      Former-commit-id: c4f6cc52
    • Justin Griffiths's avatar
      add weights (PanTauAlgs-01-00-05) · ea74c03a
      Justin Griffiths authored
      Former-commit-id: d0fcc5b0
    • Martin Rybar's avatar
      Adding EM20 to HI_v4 (TriggerMenuXML-04-02-21) · 88eedd51
      Martin Rybar authored
      2016-09-15  Martin Rybar
      	* Adding EM20 to HI_v4(ATR-14970)
      	* Affects HI_v4 menu only
      	* Associated with TriggerMenu-00-19-47
      	* TriggerMenuXML-04-02-21
      2016-09-14  Emma Torro
      	* Change in LAR-EM, LAR-J Phi parameter values (ATR-14189)
      	* Associated with TriggerMenu-00-19-45
      	* TriggerMenuXML-04-02-20
      2016-09-14  Martin Rybar
      	* Optimization of L1 menu for pPb run (ATR-14212)
      	* Affects HI_v4 menu only
      	* Associated with TriggerMenu-00-19-42
      	* TriggerMenuXML-04-02-19
      2016-08-17 Javier Montejo Berlingen
      Former-commit-id: bab064a3
    • Werner Wiedenmann's avatar
      add new tool to dump Data Scouting ROBs (TrigByteStreamTools-00-02-32) · 5e1b5bf0
      Werner Wiedenmann authored
      	* bin/trigbs_dumpHltDsData.py: add new tool to dump Data Scouting ROBs
      	* TrigByteStreamTools-00-02-32
      Former-commit-id: 27c71e3c
    • Denis Oliveira Damazio's avatar
      include new algorithm for TT FCAL energy calculation (TrigCaloRec-00-04-58) · 78aba5d1
      Denis Oliveira Damazio authored
      	* Tagging TrigCaloRec-00-04-57.
      	* Comply with ATLAS naming conventions.
      	* Tagging TrigCaloRec-00-04-56.
      	* endreq -> endmsg.
      	* Fix fastjet deprecation warning.
      Former-commit-id: 188cdda4
    • Tim Martin's avatar
      'add SP veto' (TrigT2MinBias-00-02-34) · e9c6729e
      Tim Martin authored
      	* Add SP veto
      	* tagging as TrigT2MinBias-00-02-34
      Former-commit-id: d544ae74
    • Ryan Mackenzie White's avatar
      fix for athana (TrigAnalysisExamples-00-01-09) · 755da505
      Ryan Mackenzie White authored
      	* Remove TrigEDM for AthAnalysisBase
      	* TrigAnalysisExamples-00-01-09
      2016-09-13 Ryan White <ryan.white@cern.ch>
      	* Compile for AthAnalysisBase
      	* TrigAnalysisExamples-00-01-08
      2016-09-13 Ryan White <ryan.white@cern.ch>
      	* AthAnalysis JO (no RecExCommon, good for athena too)
      	* TrigAnalysisExamples-00-01-07
      2016-09-12 Ryan White <ryan.white@cern.ch>
      	* Remove athena-only dependencies
      	* TrigAnalysisExamples-00-01-06
      Former-commit-id: d248f660
    • Ewelina Maria Lobodzinska's avatar
      correct CMakeLists (Rivet_i-02-05-00-01) · eb87f91e
      Ewelina Maria Lobodzinska authored
              * Tagging as Rivet_i-02-05-00-01
              * change version number in CMakeList.txt
      2016-08-19  Andy Buckley  <andy.buckley@cern.ch>
      	* Tagging as Rivet_i-02-05-00
      	* Change dynamic_pointer_cast from the Boost to C++11 std version, for Rivet 2.5.0.
      	* Tagging as Rivet_i-02-04-01
      Former-commit-id: ebe59066
    • Mark Sutton's avatar
      fix to compile at Tier 0 (TrigInDetAnalysisExample-00-03-88) · 88ea86e9
      Mark Sutton authored
      	* TrigInDetAnalysisExample-00-03-88
      	* fix to compile at Tier 0
      Former-commit-id: 2e0e617d
    • Olga Igonkina's avatar
      adding TrigMultiTrkFex (TrigBphysHypo-00-05-09) · e8862e26
      Olga Igonkina authored
      	* Adding TrigMultiTrkFex for bPhi, trkTau
      	* allow to modify Bphys collection in TrigEFMultiMuHypo
      	* TrigBphysHypo-00-05-09
      Former-commit-id: 8234832d
    • Jovan Mitrevski's avatar
      updates for tau reconstruction (MVAUtils-00-00-07) · d9c67c16
      Jovan Mitrevski authored
      	* Incorporating changes from Justin Griffith (griffith@cern.ch) for tau
      	* Tag as MVAUtils-00-00-07
      2016-09-03 Jovan Mitrevski <Jovan.Mitrevski@cern.ch>
      	* Add support for classifications (in addition to regressions):
      	* Add a isRegression flag to BDT constructor with TMVA BDT
      	*   (default true for unchanged behavior); make newTree private
      	* Tag as MVAUtils-00-00-06
      2016-09-02 Jovan Mitrevski <Jovan.Mitrevski@cern.ch>
      	* Root/BDT.cxx: fix reading in TMVA::MethodBDT input
      	* Tag as MVAUtils-00-00-05
      Former-commit-id: ed6247d4
    • Denis Oliveira Damazio's avatar
      fix ESD based monitoring (TrigCaloMonitoring-00-00-43) · da1e852b
      Denis Oliveira Damazio authored
      	* Tagging TrigCaloMonitoring-00-00-42.
      	* endreq -> endmsg.
      Former-commit-id: b4261fdb
    • John Derek Chapman's avatar
      src/DetectorGeometryBase.cxx (SetRotationAndOffset): ensure that additional... · 1773a758
      John Derek Chapman authored
      src/DetectorGeometryBase.cxx (SetRotationAndOffset): ensure that additional translations are added to any existing ones rather than overwriting them. ATLASSIM-3001. Tagging: G4AtlasTools-00-02-12-02 (G4AtlasTools-00-02-12-02)
      	* src/DetectorGeometryBase.cxx (SetRotationAndOffset): ensure that
      	additional translations are added to any existing ones rather than
      	overwriting them. ATLASSIM-3001.
      	* Tagging: G4AtlasTools-00-02-12-02
      2016-07-22  John Chapman  <John.Chapman@cern.ch>
      	* Branch for Muon Envelope updates in 20.7.X, 20.20.X, 21.0.X and
      	* python/G4GeometryConfig.py - update MUONQ02 envelope to support
      	MuonSpectrometer-R.07.03. ATLASSIM-2665
      	* python/G4AtlasToolsConfig.py (generateCaloSensitiveDetectorList):
      	add hook for HGTDSensorSD. ATLASSIM-2992.
      	* Tagging: G4AtlasTools-00-02-12-01
      2016-05-31  Zach Marshall <ZLMarshall@lbl.gov>
      	* src/G4AtlasDetectorConstructionTool.cxx: Member variable named with m_
      	and fixing Coverity defect 108587
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
      Former-commit-id: 81dbde52
    • John Derek Chapman's avatar
      src/DigitizationAlg.cxx, src/PileUpToolsAlg.cxx, TestPileUpTool.cxx - use... · 81abd674
      John Derek Chapman authored
      src/DigitizationAlg.cxx, src/PileUpToolsAlg.cxx, TestPileUpTool.cxx - use auto& rather than auto in for loops to avoid unnecessary copies. Tagging PileUpComps-00-16-02 (PileUpComps-00-16-02)
      	* Tagging PileUpComps-00-16-02
      	* src/DigitizationAlg.cxx, src/PileUpToolsAlg.cxx,
      	TestPileUpTool.cxx - use auto& rather than auto in for loops to
      	avoid unnecessary copies.
      2016-08-15  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
      	* Tagging PileUpComps-00-16-01.
      	* Fix clang warnings: missing override keywords.
      2016-07-13  John Chapman  <John.Chapman@cern.ch>
      	* Tagging PileUpComps-00-16-00
      	* src/PileUpEventLoopMgr.cxx (nextEvent): allow for hard-scatter
      	EventType to have multiple mc_event_weights. ATLASSIM-2504,
      	ATLASSIM-2989. Merging in changes from PileUpComps-00-12-12-02.
      2016-07-05  John Chapman  <John.Chapman@cern.ch>
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
      Former-commit-id: ae8aa4bd
    • Scott Snyder's avatar
      'Clang warnings: unused members.' (TrkiPatFitterUtils-00-13-03) · cf330a7b
      Scott Snyder authored
              * Tagging TrkiPatFitterUtils-00-13-03.
      	* Clang warnings: unused members.
              * Tagging TrkiPatFitterUtils-00-13-02.
      	* endreq -> endmsg.
      Former-commit-id: ff22c401
    • Scott Snyder's avatar
      Avoid some FP divisions by constants and inside loops. (MuidCaloEnergyTools-00-01-60) · 13965cf0
      Scott Snyder authored
      	* Tagging MuidCaloEnergyTools-00-01-60.
      	* Avoid some FP divisions by constants and inside loops.
      Former-commit-id: 4d6d5484
    • Scott Snyder's avatar
      'Comply with ATLAS naming conventions.' (MuGirlSelection-00-00-20) · d3bf342d
      Scott Snyder authored
      	* Tagging MuGirlSelection-00-00-20.
      	* Comply with ATLAS naming conventions.
      2016-08-23 Jochen Meyer
      	* endreq -> endmsg
      	* Tagged as MuGirlSelection-00-00-19
      Former-commit-id: bb6fc071