1. 12 May, 2021 1 commit
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      TriggerMenuMT: add custom log formatter · 62a6601e
      Frank Winklmeier authored
      Add a custom `logging` formatter for all child loggers in the
      TriggerMenuMT package. Due to the deep module hierarchy, logger names
      often become too long and make log file reading difficult. The custom
      formatter now only shows the first and last module name, e.g.:
      Also remove all custom logger names and use the module `__name__`
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  11. 29 Apr, 2021 2 commits
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      Add support for isolated ms-only muon triggers · 86abe383
      Savanna Shaw authored
      Adding support for ms-only isolated muon triggers: iloosems, needed for narrow scan triggers (ATR-19376). Setting up the sequence to calculate the isolation based on MS tracks, and the hypo to cut on the absolute sum of the track pT in a cone around the MS track.
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      jet hypo - us pt rather than et as a threshold variable. · 9670d6e2
      Peter Sherwood authored and Adam Edward Barton's avatar Adam Edward Barton committed
      For the simple variable, the et thresholds have been switched variable has been
      switched from et to pt.
      For the dijet scenario, either 'et' or 'pt' may appear in the scenario string.
      The HT scenario has not been changed. This will be changed once othercurrently ongoing
      work has been completed.
      The fbdj scenarios remain with et cuts. pt cuts may be enabled later.
      Small differences in the chain counts were observed.
      Add support for pt cuts:
          TrigHLTJetHypo/src/PtConditionMT.cxx, h
          TrigHLTJetHypo/src/TrigJetConditionConfig_pt.cxx, h
      allow pt cuts for the dijet scenario:
      witch to using pt as a threshold variable for the simple scenario:
      update menu items:
      update Trigger Art reference files:
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