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    • scott snyder's avatar
      TrigTruthEventAthenaPool: Fix location of out-of-repository reference file. · 7b185071
      scott snyder authored
      Fixes ctest test failures.
      Former-commit-id: 8dc8d9a65df8e1de99ea3bd8873440c2842ad533
    • John Chapman's avatar
      Fix TrigTruthEventAthenaPool unit tests · 1a3aff27
      John Chapman authored
      Two `TrigTruthEventAthenaPool` unit tests were failing due the tests not
      being able to find the reference files. Back-ported the fix for this from
      `master`. `TrigTruthEventTPCnv_15.8.0` and `TrigTruthEventTPCnv_18.0.0`
      should now succeed.
      Former-commit-id: b0f3c52ee370201fed711e8cdd08a352335fb905
    • John Chapman's avatar
      Add support for reading in TrigInDetTrackTruthMap_tlp3 · 55a61eee
      John Chapman authored
      `TrigInDetTrackTruthMap_tlp3` is a new persistent version of
      `TrigInDetTrackTruthMap` which uses `HepMcParticleLink_p2` rather
      than `HepMcParticleLink_p1`.
      `TrigInDetTrackTruthMap_tlp2` is still written out. These changes
      allow files containing `TrigInDetTrackTruthMap_tlp3` to be read at
      least. This is necessary for forward-compatibility between `21.0`
      and `21.3` - see ATLASSIM-2586 and ATLASSIM-3457.
      Former-commit-id: f1b0e4a4313de362c527d586c69e0982fffad9d7
  13. 13 Jul, 2018 1 commit
    • James Beacham's avatar
      Merge branch '21.0' into '21.0' · 9271ee8e
      James Beacham authored and Tamara Vazquez Schroeder's avatar Tamara Vazquez Schroeder committed
      VrtSecInclusive : debug and optimization for r21 DAOD_RPVLL production
      See merge request atlas/athena!8709
      (cherry picked from commit fe7572a4 [formerly d4cc91084fe9ce3dd5d0e35564c93ea6271663e0])
      3415178c VrtSecInclusive: reorganizing debug messages
      8c055919 VrtSecInclusive: using IP significance for associating tracks
      adf4ad47 VrtSecInclusive: fixing the problem of fake rejection using extrapolation by…
      aa110fbb VrtSecInclusive: extrapolation cache cleaning
      975a9067 VrtSecInclusive: adding fail-safe from crazy fitting result
      3d3c1f3e VrtSecInclusive: limiting vertex seeds to have at least one track to satisfy the…
      91a95617 VrtSecInclusive: fixing the N-track vertex finding strategy switch, and vertex…
      bb7e52b9 VrtSecInclusive: added a more decent requirement in hit pattern (requiring >=6…
      8160ac77 VrtSecInclusive: miscellaneous code brushups
      a52015e4 VrtSecInclusive: changed the default DV configuration parameters
      2181fcdc VrtSecInclusive: various code cleanup
      a2c88c2a added a new job property to enable track-decoration variable names can be varied…
      cf810990 use ID tracks for the case of selecting muons option
      81a3ba03 Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/origin/21.0' into 21.0
      d254bbd9 VrtSecInclusive: introduced a preselection in 2-track vertex finding before VKalVrt fit
      dd7856a1 VrtSecInclusive: relaxing the extrapolation pattern matching condition by…
      ac602c9a VrtSecInclusive: refining the final vertex augmentations
      c334dfb5 VrtSecInclusive: updated python/VrtSecInclusive.py to allow multiple instances…
      7db7e485 VrtSecInclusive: comissioning the augVerString option
      305eefcb VrtSecInclusive: directly fetching the TrackParticle pointer instead of using…
      4b412e86 VrtSecInclusive: commissioning of multiple VrtSecInclusive instances with…
      aff7ec67 VrtSecInclusive: VrtSecInclusive_DV_configuration.py: default(InDet) and leptons…
      a2620ac2 VrtSecInclusive: protection of not to have duplication of an identical track in the selection
      8964c632 tuning the algorithm details by MC samples; refining the monitoring histograms and debug messages.
      af1d23ca VrtSecInclusive: truth vertex tracer
      0d93f220 VrtSecInclusive: introducing hit pattern fake rejection with extrapolator…
      c86245d8 VrtSecInclusive: retuning VrtSecInclusive_DV_Configuration.py
      859a9058 VrtSecInclusive: bugfix and minor code cleanup
      eabcf6f7 VrtSecInclusive: limiting the phase space of vertex forming within IBL
      9365240c VrtSecInclusive: limiting the phase space of vertex forming 2-trk vertices for PV compatibility
      3504d6fb VrtSecInclusive: more tuning on MC signal efficiency
      daf7d496 VrtSecInclusive: adding tight track selection handles
      b1f71e92 VrtSecInclusive: finalizing optimization for rel21. detailed performance report:…
      74a495dc VrtSecInclusive: switching off storing intermediate vertices
      4f1cb3f8 Merge branch 'feature-VrtSecInclusive-newFeaturesIntegrated-21.0' into '21.0'
      Former-commit-id: fd56e1413410b526f8221c58dd5f7fbcf729b52d
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    • James Beacham's avatar
      Merge branch 'feature-checkDoTRTInTracklet' into '21.0' · 1e60c257
      James Beacham authored and Atlas Nightlybuild's avatar Atlas Nightlybuild committed
      Fix a potential bug about pixel prd tracklets
      See merge request atlas/athena!7452
      (cherry picked from commit c2190ce6 [formerly 9adf79eefa6dceb7eb25ea911496275b3b085208])
      07dbe00f Fix a potential bug in tracklet reconstruction. Added a check of TRT existence
      ef0b36fb Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/upstream/21.0' into feature-checkDoTRTInTracklet
      Former-commit-id: ecf033f45b070898f7837f3bfa29f91a37cf5cfa
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    • olya's avatar
      fix for idperf Zmumu, bJpsi · fbe92277
      olya authored and Semen Turchikhin's avatar Semen Turchikhin committed
      This is slightly modifed commit wrt the one in 21.1 branch, intended for
      Former-commit-id: 026ee4c00329811053c0ffbdcde41a8cb717c79c
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