1. 05 Nov, 2014 11 commits
    • Attila Krasznahorkay's avatar
      Adapting to the recent EDM changes (xAODTruthCnv-00-01-03) · 82b03c6e
      Attila Krasznahorkay authored
      	* Adapted the code to the updated xAOD::TruthEvent interface.
      	* Updated the example jobO of the package to work out of the box
      	  on lxplus. This included removing the _v1 postfixes from the truth
      	  type names.
      	* Now the build installs the jobOptions under InstallArea/ to make
      	  them easier to use from outside of the package.
      	* Tagging as xAODTruthCnv-00-01-03
      2014-09-30  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
      	* Tagging xAODTruthCnv-00-01-02.
      	* src/xAODTruthCnvAlg.cxx: Fix typo in setting PDGID2.
    • Attila Krasznahorkay's avatar
      Doing a large cleanup on the truth event classes (xAODTruth-00-01-07) · f29a8c66
      Attila Krasznahorkay authored
      	* Removed the _v2 class. As it turns out, the changes in the TruthEvent
      	  classes don't warrant full-blown schema evolution at this point.
      	* Moved the CLID definitions of all the classes into the versionless
      	  headers. Removing the _v1 postfixes from all the names.
      	* Removed all the confusing extra functions from the TruthEvent classes.
      	  The original functions are the ones following the xAOD naming rules,
      	  so we have to resolve possible confusion about the variables using
      	  the documentation.
      	* Made TruthEventContainer and TruthPileupEventContainer inherit from
      	  TruthEventBaseContainer. At the same time, introduced an explicit
      	  typedef for TruthEventBaseContainer. This is to make it possible to
      	  pass either signal or pileup events to functions in the future.
      	* Added the necessary dictionary changes for this inheritance change.
      	* Did quite a bit of general cleanup in the truth event code.
      	* Removed the hscript.yml file. Hwaf will not be making a comeback
      	  any time soon as it seems.
      	* Added a ROOT collection proxy for xAOD::TruthPileupEventContainer_v1.
      	* Basic tests seem to work fine after the modifications. But both
      	  19.2.X and devval are much too broken for full-scale schema evolution
      	  tests at the moment. Will do those using AnalysisBase a little later.
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    • Pierre Antoine Delsart's avatar
      'adapted enum to new density usage' (xAODEventShape-00-00-04) · 624ea067
      Pierre Antoine Delsart authored
      	* EventShape_v1.h : Adapted density enums to the new usage of this object
      	as discussed in ASG meeting.
      	* Tagging as xAODEventShape-00-00-04
      2014-09-09 Attila Krasznahorkay <Attila.Krasznahorkay@cern.ch>
      	* Suppressed the generation of some dictionaries when using
      	  ROOT 6. The new version of ROOT is just too enthusiastic
      	  with selecting classes for dictionary generation...
      	* Tagging as xAODEventShape-00-00-03
    • James William Walder's avatar
      Tagging as xAODTrigBphys-00-00-06; clone method (xAODTrigBphys-00-00-06) · 30a016c5
      James William Walder authored
      	* Implementation of clone method
      	* Tagging as xAODTrigBphys-00-00-06
      2014-06-03 James Walder <jwalder@cern.ch>
      	* Another fix to the ...Dict.h file for TrackParticle EL links
      2014-06-02 James Walder <jwalder@cern.ch>
      	* update to dict file with pre includes for eigen vectorisation
      	* define EIGEN_DONT_VECTORIZE stuff for standalone xoad
    • Royer Edson Ticse Torres's avatar
    • Pierre Antoine Delsart's avatar
      'add JetConstituentVector::asSTLVector. more unit tests' (xAODJet-00-01-17) · ce394c03
      Pierre Antoine Delsart authored
      	* xAODJet/JetConstituentVector.h: added a convenience method
      	* test : improved unit tests
      	* Tagging as xAODJet-00-01-17
      2014-09-25    <delsart@localhost>
      	* cmt/requirements: fix checkreq
      	* more unit test.
      	* Tagging as xAODJet-00-01-16
      2014-09-22    <delsart@localhost>
      	* test/xAODJet.xml: added.
      	* Tagging as xAODJet-00-01-15
      	* Root/JetConstituentVector.cxx : using proper CaloCluster
      	interface to set the constituent scale.
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    • Ryan Mackenzie White's avatar
      add monitoring macros (xAODEgammaCnv-00-01-10) · 69b3e51b
      Ryan Mackenzie White authored
      	* Add monitoring macros and functions
      	* xAODEgammaCnv-00-01-10
      2014-10-10 Christos Anastopoulos <Christos.Anastopoulos@cern.ch>
      	* update  Reader
      	* Tagging as xAODEgammaCnv-00-01-09
      2014-10-10 Christos Anastopoulos <Christos.Anastopoulos@cern.ch>
      	* small updates
      	* Tagging as xAODEgammaCnv-00-01-08
      2014-09-17 Christos Anastopoulos <Christos.Anastopoulos@cern.ch>
      	* Move to xAODPrimitives for IsolationType
      	* Tagging as xAODEgammaCnv-00-01-07
    • Christos Anastopoulos's avatar
      use version for the old Electron/Photon container (xAODEgammaAthenaPool-00-00-12) · 63f73942
      Christos Anastopoulos authored
      	* use version for the old Electron/Photon container
      	* Tagging as xAODEgammaAthenaPool-00-00-12
      2014-10-10 Christos Anastopoulos <Christos.Anastopoulos @cern.ch>
      	* Add Reta, Rhad, etc in v3
      	* Tagging as xAODEgammaAthenaPool-00-00-11
      2014-10-03 Christos Anastopoulos <Christos.Anastopoulos @cern.ch>
      	* Add -> v3
      	* Using the new machinery from Attila as a starting point
      	* A  +    src/xAODPhotonAuxContainerCnv_v1.cxx
      	* A  +    src/xAODElectronAuxContainerCnv_v1.cxx
      	* A  +    src/xAODEgammaAthenaPoolTPCnv.cxx
      	* A  +    src/xAODPhotonAuxContainerCnv_v1.h
      	* A  +    src/xAODElectronAuxContainerCnv_v1.h
      	* Tagging as xAODEgammaAthenaPool-00-00-10
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    • Attila Krasznahorkay's avatar
      Making the thinning code functional in 19.1.4.Y (xAODTruthAthenaPool-00-00-07) · df3cc8e1
      Attila Krasznahorkay authored
      	* Updated the thinning code to work in the re-based
      	  AtlasDerivation-19.1.4.Y cache.
      	* Tagging as xAODTruthAthenaPool-00-00-07
      2014-09-08 Attila Krasznahorkay <Attila.Krasznahorkay@cern.ch>
      	* Added custom POOL converters for the auxiliary containers.
      	* Taught the auxiliary container converters how to apply thinning
      	  in AtlasDerivation. (Where the SG::copyThinned function is taken
      	  from xAODCore.)
      	* Literally no runtime testing was done yet...
      	* Should not be used in devval. That will receive a new tag soon.
      	* Tagging as xAODTruthAthenaPool-00-00-06
    • Christos Anastopoulos's avatar
      Add 15,25,35,45 for the new isolations (xAODPrimitives-00-00-07) · b0fd23c2
      Christos Anastopoulos authored
      	* Add 15,25,35,45 for the new isolations.
      	* In case we need them in the future
      	* tagging as xAODPrimitives-00-00-07
      2014-09-27  Christos Anastopoulos  <Christos.Anastopoulos@cern.ch>
      	* tagging as xAODPrimitives-00-00-06
      	* xAODPrimitives/IsolationType.h : follow Isolation enum convention for the newly added types
      2014-09-25  Sandrine Laplace
      	* tagging as xAODPrimitives-00-00-05
      2014-09-17  RD Schaffer  <R.D.Schaffer@cern.ch>
      	* tagging as xAODPrimitives-00-00-04
      	* xAODPrimitives/xAODPrimitivesDict.h: adding in dict for the enums
      2014-06-23 Attila Krasznahorkay <Attila.Krasznahorkay@cern.ch>
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Pierre Antoine Delsart's avatar
      'fix wrong guid' (xAODEventShapeAthenaPool-00-00-01) · f6fd3526
      Pierre Antoine Delsart authored
      2014-09-17    <delsart@localhost>
      	* xAODEventShapeCnv.cxx: fix wrong guid
      	* tag xAODEventShapeAthenaPool-00-00-01
  2. 19 Sep, 2014 29 commits