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      'CMakeLists.txt' (ExpressionEvaluation-00-00-25) · d499c372
      Atlas-Software Librarian authored
      	* Root/ParsingInternals.h: Implemented change from Tom Gillam for detecting functions only when they are proceeded by a '(' character. Also removed keyword stuff (no longer used)
      	IMPORTANT: Despite the appearance of this change, this update IS NOT CACHEABLE!!!!! ... all dependents must be recompiled (size of StackElement changes)
      	* Tagging as ExpressionEvaluation-00-00-25
      2015-12-01 Will Buttinger <will@cern.ch>
      	* Root/xAODVariableProxyLoaders.cxx: Added special exception for AuxElementStandaloneData being the container of an auxelement, so that the AuxElement is itself treated as the object to be called.
      	Also added a protection against absence of a CollectionProxy, although that hopefully wont happen now since the StandaloneData case is taken care of. If problems occur with the special rule for StandaloneData, the special rule should just be removed and the protection on null GetCollectionProxy should just be fallen back on. See ATLASG-326
      	* Tagging as ExpressionEvaluation-00-00-24