1. 02 Oct, 2022 1 commit
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      add timeCutUpperLimit flag for topoclusters · aa1fa13c
      Bertrand Martin Dit Latour authored and Julien Maurer's avatar Julien Maurer committed
      introduce timeCutUpperLimit flag for topoclusters
      This MR is introducing a 'timeCutUpperLimit' flag for topoclusters, with a default value of 20, in order to avoid hardcoded numbers in several places (ATLPHYSVAL-825).
      This cut could possibly be tuned in specific domains, like pi0 reconstruction for taus, but until then, it's better to have a central flag controlling this.
      I also added the timing cut to the CA configuration for pi0 topoclustering for taus, which was missing.
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      tauRec: cleanup tau flags for CA · fe334eeb
      Bertrand Martin authored
      This MR is doing minor cleanup in the tau flags used by the component accumulator (flags no longer used, or duplicate).
      At some point we'll need to have specific initialization for either Run2 or Run3, for some flags.
      Tagging @ademaria as it may interfere with !51110 .
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