1. 02 Dec, 2016 9 commits
    • Scott Snyder's avatar
      'endreq -> endmsg.' (OffloadSvc-00-00-09) · b5bc5a9d
      Scott Snyder authored
      Former-commit-id: 800233e7
    • John Derek Chapman's avatar
      Remove python/iParticleKiller.py, python/ISF_iParticleKillerConfig.py -... · 049a8896
      John Derek Chapman authored
      Remove python/iParticleKiller.py, python/ISF_iParticleKillerConfig.py - configuration simplified and moved to ISF_Services. ATLASSIM-2995. Tagging: ISF_Example-00-04-00 (ISF_Example-00-04-00)
      2016-07-11  John Chapman  <John.Chapman@cern.ch>
      	moved to ISF_Services. ATLASSIM-2995
      	* Tagging: ISF_Example-00-04-00
      2016-07-07  Elmar Ritsch  <Elmar.Ritsch@cern.ch>
      	* test/ISF_Example_TestConfiguration.xml - remove obsolete ATN and RTT
      	test configurations. All ISF tests are covered by the ISF_Validation package.
      	* Tagging: ISF_Example-00-03-01
      2016-06-20  John Chapman  <John.Chapman@cern.ch>
      	* add python/ISF_Metadata.py - new module containing all
      	configuration which needs to peek at the input file metadata. This
      	allows the configuration to be adapted to fix ATLASSIM-2889.
      	* python/ISF_Input.py, python/ISF_Output.py - move
      	metadata-reading code into ISF_MetaData.py. ATLASSIM-2889
      	* Requires ISF_Config-00-04-00 or later.
      	* Tagging: ISF_Example-00-03-00
      Former-commit-id: bdee8e6e
    • Zach Marshall's avatar
      Config for allowing only muons to see the B-field in the calo (G4AtlasServices-00-04-09) · 0e7f556b
      Zach Marshall authored
      	* python/G4AtlasServicesConfig.py: configuration for allowing only muons
      	to see the B-field int he calo
      	* Tagging: G4AtlasServices-00-04-09
      2016-06-01  Zach Marshall <ZLMarshall@lbl.gov>
      	* python/G4AtlasServicesConfig.py
      	    (getATLAS_FieldMgrList): configuration for stepping with tighter
      		precision for muons
      	* Tagging: G4AtlasServices-00-04-08
      Former-commit-id: 6c72d797
    • Zach Marshall's avatar
      Moving to new G4UI interface (Monopole-00-04-03) · ba1af29e
      Zach Marshall authored
      	* Moving to new G4UI interface
      	* Tagging: Monopole-00-04-03
      Former-commit-id: 68c41c43
    • Zach Marshall's avatar
      Boost instead of FadsUtilities (FadsPackageLoader-00-00-56) · b04a5fce
      Zach Marshall authored
      	* Removing dependence on FadsUtilities
      	* Tagged as FadsPackageLoader-00-00-56
      2014-10-27  David Quarrie  <David.Quarrie@cern.ch>
      	* cmt/requirements
      		Add required system libraries for cmake (transparent to CMT)
      	* Tagged as FadsPackageLoader-00-00-55
      Former-commit-id: a546d652
    • John Derek Chapman's avatar
      python/SleptonsConfig.py (getSleptonsPhysicsTool): pulling in the... · d087c440
      John Derek Chapman authored
      python/SleptonsConfig.py (getSleptonsPhysicsTool): pulling in the configuration of the particle masses and lifetimes from SimulationJobOptions/share/specialConfig/preInclude.GMSB.py. Tagging: Sleptons-00-02-00 (Sleptons-00-02-00)
      	* python/SleptonsConfig.py (getSleptonsPhysicsTool): pulling in the
      	configuration of the particle masses and lifetimes from
      	* Tagging: Sleptons-00-02-00
      Former-commit-id: 6abd6a52
    • John Derek Chapman's avatar
      python/GauginosConfig.py (getGauginosPhysicsTool): pulling in the... · 17deadc5
      John Derek Chapman authored
      python/GauginosConfig.py (getGauginosPhysicsTool): pulling in the configuration of the particle masses and lifetimes from SimulationJobOptions/share/specialConfig/preInclude.GMSB.py. Tagging: Gauginos-00-02-00 (Gauginos-00-02-00)
      	* python/GauginosConfig.py (getGauginosPhysicsTool): pulling in the
      	configuration of the particle masses and lifetimes from
      	* Tagging: Gauginos-00-02-00
      Former-commit-id: 5ebc3c5b
    • John Derek Chapman's avatar
      python/CharginosConfig.py (getCharginosPhysicsTool): pulling in the... · f6a58008
      John Derek Chapman authored
      python/CharginosConfig.py (getCharginosPhysicsTool): pulling in the configuration of the particle masses and lifetimes from SimulationJobOptions/share/specialConfig/preInclude.AMSB.py. Tagging: Charginos-00-02-00 (Charginos-00-02-00)
      	* python/CharginosConfig.py (getCharginosPhysicsTool): pulling in
      	the configuration of the particle masses and lifetimes from
      	* Tagging: Charginos-00-02-00
      Former-commit-id: 60fb1295
    • James William Walder's avatar
      'Removed old run-1 code;TrigBphysValidation-00-01-00' (TrigBphysValidation-00-01-00) · f1fccf85
      James William Walder authored
      	* Clean-out of all run I code, in prep. for r2
      	* Tagging as TrigBphysValidation-00-01-00
      Former-commit-id: 3fccb442
  2. 26 Nov, 2016 31 commits
    • Alejandro Alonso Diaz's avatar
      Update minSecondaryTRTPrecFrac to 0.3 (InDetRecExample-02-06-08-02) · f8910110
      Alejandro Alonso Diaz authored
      	* loosened TRT precision hit fraction cut to recover TRT extension
      	  efficiency (ATLASRECTS-3526).
      	* Update minSecondaryTRTPrecFrac to 0.3
      	* Tagging as InDetRecExample-02-06-08-02
      2016-11-18 Goetz Gaycken
      	* loosened TRT precision hit fraction cut to recover TRT extension
      	  efficiency (ATLASRECTS-3526).
      	* Tuning of TRT PID to get good efficiency and fake rate up to a mu of
      	  60 (ATLASRECTS-2102, obo Kerstin Tackman, Ludovica Aperio Bella).
      Former-commit-id: 309ec7e9
    • Peter Kluit's avatar
      fix Large-Small ordering ATLASRECTS-3710 (MuonCombinedTrackFindingTools-00-01-05) · 3383bca2
      Peter Kluit authored
              * Fix badly ordered MuGirl Small-Large segments ATLASRECTS-3710
              * Tagging MuonCombinedTrackFindingTools-00-01-05
      2016-11-24 Peter Kluit
              * Fix badly ordered MuGirl segments ATLASRECTS-3710
              * they cause problems in the iPatFitter
              * The change is under jo: ReOrderMeasurements (default true)
              * Tagging MuonCombinedTrackFindingTools-00-01-04
      2016-09-01  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
      	* Tagging MuonCombinedTrackFindingTools-00-01-03.
      	* Fix clang warnings.
      Former-commit-id: 0852ae8e
    • Peter Kluit's avatar
      fix double material ATLASRECTS-3710 (MuidTrackBuilder-03-01-16) · c7742c91
      Peter Kluit authored
              * Fix for double material in front of first MS hit ATLASRECTS-3710
              * CombinedMuonTrackBuilder.cxx
              * Tagging as MuidTrackBuilder-03-01-16
      2016-11-11 Jochen Meyer
      	* cleaning up configuration
      	* Tagging as MuidTrackBuilder-03-01-15
      Former-commit-id: 0fed31aa
    • Christos Anastopoulos's avatar
      obo Zach (MCTruthClassifier-00-01-53-01) · 5b572c3d
      Christos Anastopoulos authored
      	* Tagging MCTruthClassifier-00-01-53-01
      	* Obo Zach
      	* Attempting to add some catches for Pythia8 prompt photon samples that
      	* previously resulted in unclassified photons
      2016-10-19 Attila Krasznahorkay <Attila.Krasznahorkay@cern.ch>
      	* Taught the package how to build in standalone mode with CMake.
      	* Removed the executable flag from the source files of the package.
      	* Made testClassifier work correctly, and without warnings on new
      	  MC files. (That may have a split level of 0 for their auxiliary
      	* Tagging as MCTruthClassifier-00-01-53
      2016-10-10 Christos Anastopoulos  <Christos.Anastopoulos@cern.ch>
      	* Tagging MCTruthClassifier-00-01-52.
      	* More coverity warnings
      Former-commit-id: 381341cd
    • Peter Kluit's avatar
      fix FPE ATLASRECTS-3710 (TrkiPatFitter-02-08-11) · 129641bf
      Peter Kluit authored
              * fix FPE ATLASRECTS-3710
              * src/iPatFitter.cxx
              * always call addLeadingMaterial
              * src/MaterialAllocator.cxx
              * check reordering in the radial and z distance
              * remove couts
              * tag as TrkiPatFitter-02-08-11
      2016-11-02 Peter Kluit
              * fix CMakeList and requirements ATLASRECTS-3653
              * MaterialAllocator.cxx remove cout and degrade WARNING (spectrometerMaterial: ALARM no) to DEBUG
              * tag as TrkiPatFitter-02-08-10
      Former-commit-id: 4816aee0
    • Edward Moyse's avatar
      'Attempt to fix ATLASRECTS-3711 - don't do pointless copy' (MuonEventAthenaPool-00-32-06) · 98ddd03b
      Edward Moyse authored
      	* Attempt to fix ATLASRECTS-3711 - don't do pointless copy
      	* MuonEventAthenaPool-00-32-06
      Former-commit-id: 014951c9
    • Edward Moyse's avatar
      'Fixing ATLASRECTS-3711 (make convertors friends)' (MuonRDO-01-06-07) · 8906bed8
      Edward Moyse authored
      	* Fixing ATLASRECTS-3711 (make convertors friends)
      	* Tagging MuonRDO-01-06-07
      Former-commit-id: e5acc740
    • Ljiljana Morvaj's avatar
      'adding tighter 3EM triggers to L1 & HLT (ATR-15445)' (TriggerMenu-00-20-80) · ff64d84e
      Ljiljana Morvaj authored
      	* adding tighter 3EM triggers to L1 & HLT (ATR-15445)
      	* affects physics and mc in v6,v7
      	* associated with TriggerMenuXML-04-02-75
      	* TriggerMenu-00-20-80
      2016-11-22 Elisabetta Pianori
      	* adding Global Sequential Calibration to jet and b-jet triggers (ATR-13434)
      	* affects physics and mc in v7
      	* TriggerMenu-00-20-79
      2016-11-22 Daniele Zanzi
      	* new mu+tau and 2tau+met for 2017 (ATR-15448)
      	* affects physics and mc in v6,v7
      	* associated with TriggerMenuXML-04-02-72
      	* TriggerMenu-00-20-78
      2016-11-21 Emma Torro
      	* fix for frequent warnings in TrigBjetHypo in Physics pp v7 (ATR-13952)
      	* Affects Physics pp v7
              * TriggerMenu-00-20-77
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
      Former-commit-id: 85d5cff8
    • Ljiljana Morvaj's avatar
      'adding tighter 3EM triggers to L1 & HLT (ATR-15445)' (TriggerMenuXML-04-02-75) · 1457c7aa
      Ljiljana Morvaj authored
      	* adding tighter 3EM triggers to L1 & HLT (ATR-15445)
      	* affects physics and mc in v6,v7
      	* associated with TriggerMenu-00-20-80
      	* TriggerMenuXML-04-02-75
      2016-11-22  Frank Winklmeier  <fwinkl@cern>
      	* scripts/XMLDumperFromAthena.sh: Remove '***' in printout (ATR-15546)
      	* TriggerMenuXML-04-02-74
      	* Delete the following pre-Run1 L1 XML files:
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
      Former-commit-id: b0b23e19
    • Jochen Meyer's avatar
      fix Run 1 config for RefitTool (MuonRecExample-03-00-17) · 32618311
      Jochen Meyer authored
      	* don't initialize RefitTool with AlignmentErrorTool for Run 1
      	* Tagging MuonRecExample-03-00-17
      2016-11-20 Jochen Meyer
      	* add loading of alignment nuisance parameters for track fit to MuonAlignConfig
      	* Tagging MuonRecExample-03-00-16
      2016-10-13  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
      	* Tagging MuonRecExample-03-00-15.
      	* python/MuonStandalone.py: Do not run xAODTrackingCnvAlg if ID is
      	off.  (Fixing RecExRecoTest_TestConfiguration#muon ATN test
      Former-commit-id: 35569a53
    • Vadim Kostyukhin's avatar
      Correct output of the multi-vertex finder (InDetVKalVxInJetTool-00-08-12) · 1ad35632
      Vadim Kostyukhin authored
      	* Correct output of the multi-vertex finder
      	* InDetVKalVxInJetTool-00-08-12
      2016-11-15  Vadim Kostyukhin <Vadim.Kostyukhin@cern.ch>
      	* Retuning of the pseudo-vertex finder
      	* InDetVKalVxInJetTool-00-08-11
      2016-11-09  Vadim Kostyukhin <Vadim.Kostyukhin@cern.ch>
              * For R>Beampipe Signif3D>20
      	* SVResolution=0
      	* Return for L1 in Check2TrVertexInPixel
      	* InDetVKalVxInJetTool-00-08-10
      2016-10-24  Vadim Kostyukhin <Vadim.Kostyukhin@cern.ch>
              * Correct error in re-fitting of pseudo-vertices
      	* InDetVKalVxInJetTool-00-08-09
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
      Former-commit-id: 6349aa9c
    • Johannes Elmsheuser's avatar
      Fix of the tdaq RPM dependency (AtlasCMake-00-01-70-07) · 344d7c91
      Johannes Elmsheuser authored
      	* modules/Findtdaq.cmake: Fix of the tdaq RPM dependency
      	* Tagging as AtlasCMake-00-01-70-07
      2016-11-22  Johannes Elmsheuser  <Johannes.Elmsheuser@cern.ch>
      	* Findtdaq.cmake port new RPM naming schema from trunk
      	* Tagging as AtlasCMake-00-01-70-06
      2016-11-08 OAna Boeriu <oana.boeriu@cern.ch>
      	* Moved the dbg option outside of the for-loop
      	* Tagging as AtlasCMake-00-01-70-05
      2016-11-08 Oana Boeriu <oana.boeriu@cern.ch>
      	* Added new UndefinedBehaviorSanitizer output to dbg platform builds option - OBO Stewart Martin-Haugh
      	* Tagging as AtlasCMake-00-01-70-04
      Former-commit-id: 37d244ad
    • Jochen Meyer's avatar
      attempt to fix memory leak (MuonTrackFinderTools-01-00-46) · af9992bb
      Jochen Meyer authored
      	* attempt to fix memory leak (ATLASRECTS-3620)
      	* Tagging as MuonTrackFinderTools-01-00-46
      2016-11-15 Jochen Meyer
      	* small tube radius also for BMG
      	* Tagging as MuonTrackFinderTools-01-00-45
      2016-11-13 Jochen Meyer
      	* change default min value for angleError to 0.000001 and fix typo
      	* Tagging as MuonTrackFinderTools-01-00-44
      2016-11-11 Jochen Meyer
      	* one station tracks do not have AEOTs -> do not issue WARNING if missing
      	* Tagging as MuonTrackFinderTools-01-00-43
      2016-11-01 Jochen Meyer
      	* attempt to fix memory leak (ATLASRECTS-3622)
      	* Tagging as MuonTrackFinderTools-01-00-42
      Former-commit-id: e74d06d1
    • Fernando Monticelli's avatar
      Updated L2 cuts. (TrigEgammaHypo-01-01-75) · 4e752815
      Fernando Monticelli authored
      	* Updated L2 cuts with optimized selection
      	* Tagging TrigEgammaHypo-01-01-75
      2016-11-19  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
      	* Tagging TrigEgammaHypo-01-01-74.
      	* endreq -> endmsg.
      2016-11-18  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
      	* Tagging TrigEgammaHypo-01-01-73.
      	* src/TrigEFPhotonHypo.cxx: Add missing using declaration.
      2016-10-24 Ryan White <ryan.white@cern.ch>
      	* merged electron triggers
      	* TrigEgammaHypo-01-01-72
      Former-commit-id: 715cee1b
    • Attila Krasznahorkay's avatar
      Fixing the package's build with CMake (Hephaestus-00-06-34) · 94d8646b
      Attila Krasznahorkay authored
      2016-11-22 Attila Krasznahorkay <Attila.Krasznahorkay@cern.ch>
      	* Fixed the package so that the MemoryTracker soft links would
      	  both be created in a more platform independent way than before,
      	  and that they would even be installed properly.
      	* Removed the executable flag from all the source files.
      	* Tagging as Hephaestus-00-06-34
      2016-09-15  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
      	* Tagging Hephaestus-00-06-33.
      	* Coverity 111428.
      2016-09-13  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
      	* Tagging Hephaestus-00-06-32.
      	* Fix compilation warning.
      2016-08-26  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
      	* Tagging Hephaestus-00-06-31.
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
      Former-commit-id: 4501f830
    • Alejandro Alonso Diaz's avatar
      ATLASRECTS-3738 fix (PixelDigitization-02-03-22) · d0eb6ed6
      Alejandro Alonso Diaz authored
      	* Fixing Random Genenrators for Bichsel model: ATLASRECTS-3738
      	* Tagging PixelDigitization-02-03-22.
      2016-11-19  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
      	* Tagging PixelDigitization-02-03-21.
      	* endreq -> endmsg.
      2016-11-17  John Chapman  <John.Chapman@cern.ch>
      	* python/PixelDigitizationConfig.py (PixelOverlayDigitizationTool):
      	Specify output StorGate instance for RDOCollNameSPM. ATLASSIM-3026
      	* Tagged as PixelDigitization-02-03-20
      2016-11-02  John Chapman  <John.Chapman@cern.ch>
      	* python/PixelDigitizationConfig.py (PixelOverlayDigitizationTool):
      	Specify output StoreGate instance in RDOCollName and SDOCollName
      	properties - necessary now that these are configuring
      	WriteHandles. obo Tatyana Kharlamova. ATLASSIM-3026
      	* Taggged as PixelDigitization-02-03-19
      Former-commit-id: 0ce3ed2d
    • Frank Winklmeier's avatar
      Delete obsolete files for git migration (TrigBjetHypo-02-02-03) · 8dc685a1
      Frank Winklmeier authored
      	* Delete large and obsolete files:
      	effrej_l2_ef.C effrej_l2_ef.eps effrej_l2star.eps effrej_l2star_zoom.eps
      	* Tagging TrigBjetHypo-02-02-02
      Former-commit-id: f801ebf1
    • Shaun Roe's avatar
      fix memory leak (InDetPhysValMonitoring-00-04-33) · 9d43fc52
      Shaun Roe authored
      	* Fix Memory leak in the hit decorator, spotted by Goetz
      	* tag as InDetPhysValMonitoring-00-04-33
      2016-11-21  Liza Mijovic
      	* modified .xml files for hit efficiency plots
      2016-11-20 Shaun Roe
      	* fix naming convention warnings in nightly
      	* tag as InDetPhysValMonitoring-00-04-32
      2016-11-19  Liza Mijovic
      	* modified share/InDetPVMPlotDefCommon.xml:
      	* * keep only common ITK+Run2 histograms
      	* * improved histo ranges
      	* added share/InDetPVMPlotDefRun2.xml with Run2 specific histograms
      	* * not yet used/enabled in Run2 jobOptions, as not yet final
      2016-11-18 Max Baugh
      	* Made a few minor changes, eliminated some junk
      2016-11-18 Shaun Roe
      	* bug fix: 'back()' being called on empty 'prospects' container in IDPVMTool.cxx
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
      Former-commit-id: a0c52ac9
    • Pavol Strizenec's avatar
      switching off dumper in LArRODMonTool (LArMonTools-02-00-55) · d0cb5496
      Pavol Strizenec authored
      	* switching off dumper in LArRODMonTool
      	* tag LArMonTools-02-00-55
      2016-11-21 Walter Lampl <walter.lampl@ cern.ch>
      	* improve OFC/digit bounds check
      	* tag LArMonTools-02-00-54
      2016-10-31 Walter Lampl <walter.lampl@ cern.ch>
      	* coverity fixes (uninit class members)
      	* tag LArMonTools-02-00-53
      2016-10-26 Walter Lampl <walter.lampl@ cern.ch>
      	* fix (one-time) memory leak
      	* tag LArMonTools-02-00-52
      11-10-2016 Emma Kuwertz
      	* Tagging LArMonTools-02-00-51.
      05-10-2016 Emma Kuwertz
      	* renaming MNB histograms to show correct flagging policy.
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
      Former-commit-id: e1e4d611
    • Ryan Mackenzie White's avatar
      passbits (TrigEgammaAnalysisTools-00-01-32) · c24a8e4a
      Ryan Mackenzie White authored
      	* Always convert PassBits to transient object
      	* whether old or new, pain in the ass
      	* TrigEgammaAnalysisTools-00-01-32
      2016-11-18 Ryan White <ryan.white@cern.ch>
      	* TrigPassBits to xAOD::TrigPassBits converted
      	* TrigEgammaAnalysisTools-00-01-31
      2016-11-14 Ryan White <ryan.white@cern.ch>
      	* Attempt to fix Holder warning TopoCaloCluster_FS
      	* TrigEgammaAnalysisTools-00-01-30
      2016-11-10 Ryan White <ryan.white@cern.ch>
      	* xAOD::TrigPassBits
      	* Add Declan Miller's inefficiency analysis
      	* TrigEgammaAnalysisTools-00-01-29
      2016-10-19 Ryan White <ryan.white@cern.ch>
      	* Add TRT probability plots
      	* TrigEgammaAnalysisTools-00-01-28
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
      Former-commit-id: 22a19bcb
    • Jahred Adelman's avatar
      remove deprecated old files (TrigFTKSim-00-11-93) · d8a4c42e
      Jahred Adelman authored
      	* Remove old, deprecated files
      	* Tag TrigFTKSim-00-11-93
      2016-11-11 Stewart Martin-Haugh
      	* Fix missing include
      	* Tag TrigFTKSim-00-11-92
      2016-11-07 Jahred Adelman
      	* Remove some warning messages
      	* Tag as TrigFTKSim-00-11-91
      2016-11-01 Jahred Adelman
      	* Updates for Coverity, TrackFitter711.cxx and FTKMergerAlgo.cxx
      2016-10-21 Jahred Adelman
      	* Update BS_FTK preparation
      	* Tag as TrigFTKSim-00-11-90
      Former-commit-id: 31e9bd4a
    • Frank Winklmeier's avatar
      Remove some obsolete files (TrigConfigSvc-01-01-73) · 94063d88
      Frank Winklmeier authored
      	* data/*.xml: Delete obsolete files
      	* share/testMD.py: Delete
      	* TrigConfigSvc-01-01-73
      Former-commit-id: 4dfdab33
    • Teng Jian Khoo's avatar
      'update modifier configs' (JetRecConfig-00-00-09) · 0ca0728a
      Teng Jian Khoo authored
      	* Adding jet moment tools fixes
      	* Tagging JetRecConfig-00-00-09
      2016-10-10  Johannes Elmsheuser  <Johannes.Elmsheuser@cern.ch>
      	* port latest config for JetRecConfig
      	* Tagging JetRecConfig-00-00-07
      	* Tagging JetRecConfig-00-00-08
      2016-08-12  Johannes Elmsheuser  <Johannes.Elmsheuser@cern.ch>
      	* Fix ATLJETMET-500: move print statements to logging
      	* Tagging JetRecConfig-00-00-06
      Former-commit-id: 584a4849
    • Teng Jian Khoo's avatar
      'DetectorEta updates, JetMomentTool fixes, simplify modifier lists and temp... · 4c84b681
      Teng Jian Khoo authored
      'DetectorEta updates, JetMomentTool fixes, simplify modifier lists and temp R21 jet calibration' (JetRec-03-01-00)
      	* Updates to compute DetectorEta correctly, linked to JetMomentTool changes
      	* Simplifying modifier lists
      	* Tagging JetRec-03-01-00
      2016-11-08 Joe Taenzer <joseph.taenzer@cern.ch>
      	* Modified Mass Drop Tagger (mMDT) grooming tool, class def
      	* mMDT grooming tool, source code
      	* Added link to JetModifiedMassDrop class
      	* Added JetModifiedMassDrop class
      	* Added SymmetryMeasure and RecursionChoice enums, for python config
      	* Added JetSoftDrop class
      	* Tagging JetRec-03-00-99
      Former-commit-id: cb1ba10e
    • Teng Jian Khoo's avatar
      'Expanded constit fourmom tool for detector position calculations' (JetMomentTools-00-03-54) · 21f950cf
      Teng Jian Khoo authored
      	* Rewrote constit fourmom tool to calculate detector eta
      	* Tagging JetMomentTools-00-03-54
      2016-11-17  Matt Klein  <matthew.henry.klein@cern.ch>
      	* Root/JetVertexTaggerTool
      	  Downgraded WARNING to VERBOSE if no PV is found
      	* Tagging JetMomentTools-00-03-53
      2016-11-13  Matt Klein  <matthew.henry.klein@cern.ch>
      	* util/
      2016-11-07  Johannes Elmsheuser  <Johannes.Elmsheuser@cern.ch>
      	* cmt/requirements fix typo in PFlowUtils dependency
      	* Tagging JetMomentTools-00-03-52
      2016-11-04 Attila Krasznahorkay <Attila.Krasznahorkay@cern.ch>
      	* Added an explicit include of "PFlowUtils/IWeightPFOTool.h" to
      	  JetWidthTool.h. Otherwise the component library was failing to
      	* After making PFlowUtils a dual-use library (PFlowUtils-00-00-15),
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
      Former-commit-id: 9538f01a
    • Teng Jian Khoo's avatar
      'fix message logging in constit mods and remove spurious loop' (JetRecTools-00-03-60) · f46d7f6c
      Teng Jian Khoo authored
      	* Remove extra loop from merge
      	* Tagging JetRecTools-00-03-60
      2016-11-18  TJ Khoo  <khoo@cern.ch>
      	* Change cout to msg logging
      	* Fix return values for constituent mods to be non-zero in case of error
      2016-10-26    <delsart@lpsc1120x.in2p3.fr>
      	* Root/LinkDef.h: re-adding entries in the dict.
      	* fix changlog.
      	* Tagging JetRecTools-00-03-59
      2016-10-26    <delsart@lpsc1120x.in2p3.fr>
      	* Root/LinkDef.h: adding entries in the dict.
      	* Tagging JetRecTools-00-03-58
      2016-10-13  Clement Camincher  <ccaminch@cern.ch>
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
      Former-commit-id: b7875b45
    • Teng Jian Khoo's avatar
      'temporary setup for R21' (JetCalibTools-00-04-73-00) · 2cd8f721
      Teng Jian Khoo authored
      	* Branch tag for temporary R21 configuration
      2016-11-18 TJ Khoo <khoo@cern.ch>
      	* Temporary switch to turn off setting of detector eta when done by constitfourmom tool in reco
      	* Removed default constructor as not needed
      2016-11-13 J. Bossio <jbossios@cern.ch>
      	* Using CalibArea-00-04-73
      	* rel21 dedicated config (using OriginEventShape)
      	* Intermediate GSC for p-flow jets
      	* Mass combination for Large-R jets (w/ QCD uncorrelated and
      	correlated weights)
      2016-10-31 J. Bossio <jbossios@cern.ch>
      	* Implementation of optional time-dependend insitu corrections
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
      Former-commit-id: 2711e6a6
    • Jochen Meyer's avatar
      adding missing import (MuonCombinedRecExample-01-09-25) · 02a4bf70
      Jochen Meyer authored
      	* adding missing DB import in MuonCombinedFitTools
      	* Tagging as MuonCombinedRecExample-01-09-25
      2016-11-20 Jochen Meyer
      	* do not use AEOTs for trigger or jobs running online
      	* Tagging as MuonCombinedRecExample-01-09-24
      2016-11-11 Jochen Meyer
      	* cleaning up configuration
      	* Tagging as MuonCombinedRecExample-01-09-23
      2016-11-02 Yun Sang Chow
      	* CaloMuonLikelihood histogram retrieval method change
      	* Tagging as MuonCombinedRecExample-01-09-22
      Former-commit-id: 7ea469bb
    • Jochen Meyer's avatar
      load input from DB (MuonAlignErrorTool-00-00-16) · 9a18b2c4
      Jochen Meyer authored
      	* configuration changed to load nuisance parameters from database
      	* Tagging as MuonAlignErrorTool-00-00-16
      2016-11-02 Jochen Meyer <Jochen.Meyer@cern.ch>
      	* removing old nuisance parameter files
      	* adding new nuisance parameter files (OBO Pierre-Francois Giraud)
      	  to be uploaded to conditions database
      	* replacing implementation of Massimiliano Bellomo for region
      	  uncertainties by solution from Pierre-Francois Giraud
      	* Tagging as MuonAlignErrorTool-00-00-15
      Former-commit-id: 6eab83d7
    • William Axel Leight's avatar
      Fix for MuonCombinedInDetExtensionAlg (MuonCombinedAlgs-00-00-16) · d345483b
      William Axel Leight authored
      	* Fix for MuonCombinedInDetExtensionAlg (see ATLASRECTS-3710)
      	* Tagging as MuonCombinedAlgs-00-00-16
      Former-commit-id: 8d9df5d3
    • William Axel Leight's avatar
      Fixed FPE in building NCB segments (CscSegmentMakers-01-00-21) · 816767b7
      William Axel Leight authored
      	* Fixed FPE in NCB segment building (ATLASRECTS-3703)
      	* Tagging as CscSegmentMakers-01-00-21
      Former-commit-id: 6c418136