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    • John Chapman's avatar
      Update transient HepMcParticleLink to use unsigned int rather than unsigned... · 036bb8a4
      John Chapman authored
      Update transient HepMcParticleLink to use unsigned int rather than unsigned short to store the eventIndex
      This change should allow the HepMcParticleLink to accomodate all allowed values of `GenEvent::event_number`
      i.e. up to `INT_MAX` = 21^31 -1 = 2147483647.
      A new persistent class is not being added at this time, but existing workarounds allow event numbers larger
      than max unsigned short to be correctly recovered for links pointing to the first event in the McEventCollection.
      In the standard production workflow, pile-up background event numbers are reset to to numbers in the range
      0 to 2^15 -1, which should be OK up to <mu> values of 840 with current settings.
      A new persistent version of HepMcParticleLink will be introduced after the migration to HepMC3.
    • John Chapman's avatar
      Robustness improvements for HepMcParticleLinkCnv_p2.cxx and related TP converters · 8abe6620
      John Chapman authored
      In the case that the standard production workflow is being used
      then the first event in the `McEventCollection` is the only one
      where the `eventIndex` could exceed the maximum value of unsigned
      short. In this case we can work around the issue by using an
      `m_mcEvtIndex` of zero as a special case, in which `m_mcEvtIndex`
      should be interpreted as the position of the `GenEvent` in the
      `McEventCollection` rather than the value of `GenEvent::event_number()`.
      Similar changes are made to SiHitCollectionCnv_p3.cxx and TRT_HitCollectionCnv_p4.cxx.
  19. 22 Apr, 2020 2 commits
    • Andrii Verbytskyi's avatar
      Revert "Reverted the change in AddFlowByShift.cxx and updated CR year" · 9903d583
      Andrii Verbytskyi authored and Frank Winklmeier's avatar Frank Winklmeier committed
      This reverts commit 84d28a23.
    • John Chapman's avatar
      Make T->P and P->T methods for HepMcParticleLinkCnv_p1 consistent · 89d94ce2
      John Chapman authored
      In the 21.0 branch an eventIndex of zero means that the transient `HepMcParticleLink` looks
      at the first event in the `McEventCollection`, otherwise the value returned by
      `HepMcParticleLink::eventIndex()` represents the GenEvent::event_number of a `GenEvent` in
      the `McEventCollection` and this is used to find the appropriate `GenEvent` in the `McEventCollection`
      when using the link.
      NB There is a weakness here that if more than one `GenEvent` has the same event number all links will
      point to the first `GenEvent` which matches. This will be fixed after the migration to `HepMC3`.
      Also dropped references to separate pile-up `McEventCollections` as the use of these is not supported
      in 21.0 releases.
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    • John Chapman's avatar
      Fix the reading of HepMcParticleLink_p1 · 822f9778
      John Chapman authored
      Even in 21.0 HepMcParticleLinks pointing to GenEvents which aren't
      the first entry in the McEventCollection are using the event numbers
      rather than the position McEventCollection as the eventIndex.
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    • scott snyder's avatar
      GeneratorObjectsTPCnv: Adjust reading _p1 objects to avoid making invalid links. · 64e7422c
      scott snyder authored
      When we read _p1 links, we need to determine which event collection to target.
      The target was being set to TruthEvent unless there was a nonzero
      event index, in which case it was being set to TruthEvent_PU.
      However, in some of those cases, the events contains TruthEvent
      but not TruthEvent_PU, the result being that we were making invalid
      links that would trip an assertion when used.
      Now, make sure that TruthEvent_PU exists before targeting it.
      (Yeah, it's inefficient to do this for each link, but since this is only
      for reading old data, it's probably not worth doing it differently.)
      Fixes a crash seen in the MuonEventAthenaPool tests.
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    • John Chapman's avatar
      Add new HepMcParticleLink_p2 persistent format · dd9a4e5f
      John Chapman authored
      This commit adds the new `HepMcParticleLink_p2` persistent format
      that will in future be written out by jobs run `21.3` and `master`.
      These changes are for forward compatibility only, so while a P->T
      method is defined, the T->P method of `HepMcParticleLinkCnv_p2`
      just throws an exception saying that writing `HepMcParticleLink_p2`
      is not supported in this release. See ATLASSIM-3457.
      Former-commit-id: 003ecb54