1. 29 Oct, 2020 1 commit
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  7. 26 May, 2020 1 commit
    • Attila Krasznahorkay's avatar
      Updated the xAODEgamma package's dictionary generation. · f0f78a19
      Attila Krasznahorkay authored
      Made sure that all potentially useful/necessary types are generated
      in an organised fashion, using the helper code from xAODCore.
      Removed code not necessary with modern ROOT versions.
      Declared the typedef names to the generated ROOT dictionary.
      Moved the pure STL types to the xAODCoreSTLDict dictionary.
  8. 24 May, 2020 1 commit
  9. 05 Feb, 2020 2 commits
  10. 20 Jul, 2019 1 commit
  11. 23 Jun, 2019 1 commit
  12. 15 Apr, 2019 1 commit
    • Riccardo Maria Bianchi's avatar
      -- new VP1Light bundle -- · c92cf3d9
      Riccardo Maria Bianchi authored
      DD changes for VP1Light/DumpGeo
      all the new packages to dump/write/load/handle the persistent copy of the GeoModel
      changes in VP1 packages for VP1Light
      changes in Event/xAOD packages for VP1Light, especially for Ubuntu compilation
      new Project to build VP1Light
      adding Doxygen docs
      moving TFPersistification to the new standalone GeoGenericFunctions
      excluding StoreGate code when building VP1Light
      adding a stub implementation for the missing compare method
      moving to the new standalone Eigen-based GeoModelKernel and GeoGenericFunctions
      fixing compilation errors, missing ROOT libraries
      moving GeoWrite to new standalone, Eigen-based GeoModelKernel
      clever C++11 way to silence the 'unused parameter' warnings
      moving the last pieces to the new, standalone, and Eigen-based GeoModelKernel
      fixing compilation issues when building VP1Light
      using ATLAS-wide 'release-detection' algorithm, instead of my own custom one
      added ubuntu instructions
      Update top menu
      update top menu
      Update README.md
      Update README.md
      fixing build errors and warnings
      fixing find GeoModel
      fixing perigee access outside vp1light
      fixing TFPersistification warnings
      fixing GeoModelExamples warnings
      fixing VP1Gui warnings
      fixing RunVP1Light warnings
      fixing GeoExporter warnings
      fixing VP1GeometrySystems warnings
      fixing VP1AODSystems warnings
      removing a test: random_shuffle() has been removed in C++17 and should be replaced
      Fixing STANDALONE compilation of xAOD and Trigger packages
      Fixing VP1Light compilation of VP1 packages
      removing image files from repo
      Adding copyright and updating macOS instructions
      Cleaning code, adding copyright, and removing old packages
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    • Jochen Meyer's avatar
      removal of double-semicolon at EOL · de2bb3a2
      Jochen Meyer authored
      @srettie spotted some lines in the muon code which ended with
      two semicolons. As there is no convincing answer, they were
      changed to single semicolons - and not only in muon code,
      but throughout the repository (except generator packages).
      Former-commit-id: 317d8317
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  24. 23 Mar, 2017 1 commit
    • Adam Edward Barton's avatar
      Mass Doxygen comment fixes · db04eee1
      Adam Edward Barton authored
        Fixed doxygen @class capitalization
        Fixed doxygen @warning capitalization
        Fixed doxygen parem typo
        Fixed doxygen details typo
        Fixed doxygen formula syntax
        misc doxygen changes
      Former-commit-id: d3e1b7ef
  25. 07 Feb, 2017 1 commit
  26. 16 Dec, 2016 1 commit
    • Christos Anastopoulos's avatar
      Sync with Scott's branch (xAODEgamma-00-01-51) · f4e6f874
      Christos Anastopoulos authored
      	* Tagging xAODEgamma-00-01-51.
      	* Sync with Scott's branch
      2016-12-07 Christos Anastopoulos <Christos.Anastopoulos@cern.ch>
      	* Tagging as xAODEgamma-00-01-50
      2016-12-05 Christos Anastopoulos <Christos.Anastopoulos@cern.ch>
      	* Use compressed error cov matrix
      	* Tagging as xAODEgamma-00-01-49
      Former-commit-id: 9d2c7f2c
  27. 11 Oct, 2016 1 commit
  28. 15 Sep, 2016 1 commit
    • Christos Anastopoulos's avatar
      ATLASRECTS-3370 , add helper to access the ambiguous Object (xAODEgamma-00-01-47) · 052f8652
      Christos Anastopoulos authored
      	* ATLASRECTS-3370 , add helper to access the ambiguous Object
      	* Tagging as xAODEgamma-00-01-47
      2016-08-19 Christos Anastopoulos <Christos.Anastopoulos@cern.ch>
      	* Fix signed to unsigned comparisons
      2016-08-18 Christos Anastopoulos <Christos.Anastopoulos@cern.ch>
      	* Add helpers to access the topoclusters
      	* associated with an egamma cluster.
      	* Tagging as xAODEgamma-00-01-46
      2016-05-03 Attila Krasznahorkay <Attila.Krasznahorkay@cern.ch>
      	* Removed the package's direct dependence on SGTools, to
      	  make its build configuration simpler for the standalone build.
      	* Cleaned the CMakeLists.txt file a bit.
      	* Moved the CLID declaration of xAOD::EgammaAuxContainer into
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
      Former-commit-id: 0cc6e6ab
  29. 27 May, 2016 1 commit
    • Christos Anastopoulos's avatar
      Athena_MT make static ==> const static, fix clang warning (xAODEgamma-00-01-44) · 3afa359f
      Christos Anastopoulos authored
      	* Tagged as xAODEgamma-00-01-44
      	* Athena_MT make static ==> const static, fix clang warning
      2016-04-15 Bruno Lenzi
        * PhotonxAODHelpers::getTrackParticles -> tracks from all conversion vertices (for track isolation)
      	* Tagged as xAODEgamma-00-01-43
      2016-01-21 Christos Anastopoulos <Christos.Anastopoulos@cern.ch>
      	* Change the truth helper for the lineage, so to return itself if not parents
      	* or bs(truthel->barcode())<barcodecut
      	* Root/EgammaTruthxAODHelpers.cxx
      	* Tagged as xAODEgamma-00-01-42
      2016-01-19 Christos Anastopoulos <Christos.Anastopoulos@cern.ch>
      	* Expand the truth helpers.
      	* Still in the long term they are not supposed to replace
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
  30. 15 Sep, 2015 1 commit
    • Christos Anastopoulos's avatar
      Add getTrackParticlesVec helper. (xAODEgamma-00-01-40) · ae472bc3
      Christos Anastopoulos authored
      	* Add getTrackParticlesVec helper.
      	* Apparently the getTrackParticles which is there to
      	* help with the isolation  and thus returns a set,
      	* has led to a "confusion" as the set does not retain the original
      	* ordering. The current helper has to stay as it used by the isolation.
      	* Added another one that returns a vector and hopefully people will
      	* either use the methods from the interface or read the comments on the methods.
      	* Tagged as xAODEgamma-00-01-40
      2015-06-06 Christos Anastopoulos <Christos.Anastopoulos@cern.ch>
      	* Small fixes , a bit more comments, documentation
      	* Tagged as xAODEgamma-00-01-39
      2015-06-02 Will Buttinger <will@cern.ch>
      	* Root/xAODEgammaCLIDs.cxx: Add this file to ensure the storegate+class_def stuff is encountered at compile time ... necessary
      	to avoid problems with address remappings etc (need to know the SG::BASE structure early!)
      	* Tagged as xAODEgamma-00-01-38
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
  31. 18 Feb, 2015 1 commit
    • Christos Anastopoulos's avatar
      Add Helper for QoverP for last measurement, add getLastMeasurementQoverP (xAODEgamma-00-01-28) · e1cc3a08
      Christos Anastopoulos authored
      	* Add Helper for QoverP for last measurement, add getLastMeasurementQoverP
      	* Tagged as xAODEgamma-00-01-28
      2015-02-10 Bruno Lenzi <Bruno.Lenzi@cern.ch>
      	* Add methods conversionType and conversionRadius to Photon_v1
      	* Dictionary for std::set<const xAOD::TrackParticle*>
      	* Tagged as xAODEgamma-00-01-27
      2015-02-06 Christos Anastopoulos <Christos.Anastopoulos@cern.ch>
      	* Add Fwd header for the containers
      	* Tagged as xAODEgamma-00-01-26
      2015-02-03 Christos Anastopoulos <Christos.Anastopoulos@cern.ch>
      	* Remove cerr, if we really need them we should use the  AsgMessaging
      	* Tagged as xAODEgamma-00-01-25
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
  32. 19 Jan, 2015 1 commit
    • Christos Anastopoulos's avatar
      Add Accessor for OQ word (xAODEgamma-00-01-24) · dad4bab1
      Christos Anastopoulos authored
      	* Add Accessor for OQ word
      	* Tagged as xAODEgamma-00-01-24
      2014-12-16 Christos Anastopoulos <Christos.Anastopoulos@cern.ch>
      	* Organise the Helpers a bit better
      	* Tagged as xAODEgamma-00-01-23
      2014-12-15 Christos Anastopoulos <Christos.Anastopoulos@cern.ch>
      	* Helper function for getting the Truth "Mother" electron
      	* After popular request add a first implementation
      	* Tagged as xAODEgamma-00-01-22
      2014-12-11 Christos Anastopoulos <Christos.Anastopoulos@cern.ch>
      	* Add new isolation methods (hope the last one from xAODPrimitives)
      	* Tagged as xAODEgamma-00-01-21
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)