1. 07 Aug, 2020 6 commits
  2. 06 Aug, 2020 30 commits
  3. 05 Aug, 2020 4 commits
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      Refactoring of MuonGeometryConfig module · 5dbefe8f
      John Chapman authored
      Create separate configuration methods for `MuonAlignmentCondAlgCfg`, `MuonDetectorToolCfg`
      and `MuonDetectorCondAlgCfg`. This makes it clearer which components are using
      which conditions folders and makes the `MuonGeoModelCfg` method shorter. There are some
      repeated `if ... else` blocks in `MuonAlignmentCondAlgCfg` and `MuonDetectorToolCfg` where
      properties are set depending on the same `ConfigFlags`.
      `MdtCalibDbAlg` uses the `MuonDetectorManager`, which is provided by `MuonDetectorCondAlg`,
      so added an explicit call to `MuonDetectorCondAlg` to the `MdtCalibDbAlgCfg` method.
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    • John Chapman's avatar
      Fixes to MDT_DigitizationConfig module · 270829ad
      John Chapman authored
      Updated `MDT_Response_DigiToolCfg` and `RT_Relation_DB_DigiToolCfg` to return a
      `ComponentAccumulator` object. Better than returning a bare tool as then clients
      do not need to be updated if additional Tool/ServiceHandles are added to these tools.
      Updated `MDT_DigitizationToolCommonCfg` to explicitly use `MdtCalibrationDbToolCfg`
      in the case that the `GetT0FromBD` property is True. (This is only the case for data
      overlay jobs currently.) In this way `MdtCalibDbAlg` is added to the `ComponentAccumulator`
      when required as part of the `MdtCalibrationDbToolCfg` call. Also updated
      `RT_Relation_DB_DigiToolCfg` to use `MdtCalibrationDbToolCfg`, although currently this method
      is not used in standard production. It should be noted that in the current version of
      the code using `RT_Relation_DB_DigiTool` would require Muon alignments to be switched on during
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      Merge branch 'leary' into 'master' · 4d389b16
      Frank Winklmeier authored
      Rename the FS Jet Roi, and add to the Run 3 EDM
      See merge request atlas/athena!35350