1. 11 Oct, 2016 8 commits
  2. 28 Sep, 2016 3 commits
  3. 15 Sep, 2016 4 commits
  4. 01 Sep, 2016 7 commits
    • William Axel Leight's avatar
      MuonCreatorTool fix, see Changelog (MuonCombinedBaseTools-01-06-20) · 90c13004
      William Axel Leight authored
      	* MuonCreatorTool: protection for writing alignment effects to empty containers
      	* Tagging as MuonCombinedBaseTools-01-06-20
      2016-08-26  Massimiliano Bellomo  <massimiliano.bellomo@cern.ch>
      	* MuonCreatorTool added function to write alignment effects on
      	track to the muon combined and extrapolated track-particles as aux data.
      	* Tagging as MuonCombinedBaseTools-01-06-19
      2016-08-26 Jochen Meyer
      	* protection to allow OutwardsCombinedMuonTrackBuilder being turned off by job options
      	* Tagging as MuonCombinedBaseTools-01-06-18
      2016-08-23 Jochen Meyer
      	* addressing coverity defect 108727
      	* Tagging as MuonCombinedBaseTools-01-06-17
      	* endreq -> endmsg
      	* Tagging as MuonCombinedBaseTools-01-06-16
      Former-commit-id: a45572cf
    • Jochen Meyer's avatar
      no more sign flip for correction (MuonSegmentTaggerTools-00-03-09) · 494f715d
      Jochen Meyer authored
      	* no more sign flip for correction in MuTagMatchingTool
      	* tagging as MuonSegmentTaggerTools-00-03-09
      2016-08-24 Jochen Meyer
      	* addressing coverity defects 108726, 108883
      	* tagging as MuonSegmentTaggerTools-00-03-08
      2016-08-23 Jochen Meyer
      	* endreq -> endmsg
      	* tagging as MuonSegmentTaggerTools-00-03-07
      Former-commit-id: d2cfa754
    • Scott Snyder's avatar
      'Change some FP divisions by constants to multiplications.' (CaloTrkMuIdTools-00-15-14) · ae4870d8
      Scott Snyder authored
      	* Tagging CaloTrkMuIdTools-00-15-14.
      	* Change some FP divisions by constants to multiplications.
      	* Tagging CaloTrkMuIdTools-00-15-13.
      	* src/TrackDepositInCaloTool.cxx: clang warning fix: references
      	cannot be null.
      	* Tagging CaloTrkMuIdTools-00-15-12.
      	* Comply with ATLAS naming conventions.
      	* Tagging CaloTrkMuIdTools-00-15-11.
      	* Fix compilation warnings.
      2016-08-22 Jochen Meyer <Jochen.Meyer@cern.ch>
      	* endreq -> endmsg
      	* tag CaloTrkMuIdTools-00-15-10
      2016-08-17 Yun Sang Chow
      	* Configuration of CaloTag using histograms
      	* CaloTrkMuIdTools-00-15-09
      Former-commit-id: e1f39ead
    • Jochen Meyer's avatar
      addressing coverity defects (MuidCaloEnergyTools-00-01-59) · a68d0bc5
      Jochen Meyer authored
      	* Tagging MuidCaloEnergyTools-00-01-59
      	* addressing coverity defects 108879, 108884
      2016-08-23 Jochen Meyer <Jochen.Meyer@cern.ch>
      	* Tagging MuidCaloEnergyTools-00-01-58
      	* endreq -> endmsg
      Former-commit-id: ed2be162
    • Jochen Meyer's avatar
      addressing coverity defects (MuidCaloScatteringTools-00-07-08) · 5cd9f4d4
      Jochen Meyer authored
      	* addressing coverity defects 108742, 108743
      	* MuidCaloScatteringTools-00-07-08
      	* endreq -> endmsg
      	* MuidCaloScatteringTools-00-07-07
      Former-commit-id: 926e2068
    • Jochen Meyer's avatar
      msg svc updates (MuonCombinedTrackFindingTools-00-01-02) · c59237d8
      Jochen Meyer authored
      	* endreq -> endmsg
      	* compiler failure fix (OBO Enrique Kajomovitz)
      	* MuonCombinedTrackFindingTools-00-01-02
      05-07-2016 Enrique Kajomovitz
              * update MuonInsideOutRecoTool:
              - Add configurable parameter for ID track threshold
              - currently no pT cut
              * MuonCombinedTrackFindingTools-00-01-01
      Former-commit-id: df31db5f
    • Edwin Chow's avatar
      Updating configuration (MuonCombinedRecExample-01-09-16) · f58e14bf
      Edwin Chow authored
      	* Updating configuration in MuonCaloTagTool.py related to CaloTag
      	* Tagging as MuonCombinedRecExample-01-09-16
      Former-commit-id: 14a63e59
  5. 20 Aug, 2016 3 commits
    • Jochen Meyer's avatar
      fixing typo (MuonCombinedRecExample-01-09-15) · 19bf0b70
      Jochen Meyer authored
      	* fixing typo in MuonCombinedRec_myTopOptions.py
      	* Tagging as MuonCombinedRecExample-01-09-15
      2016-08-11 Yun Sang Chow
      	* Enable the CaloLikelihood
      	* Tagging as MuonCombinedRecExample-01-09-14
      2016-07-01 Nathan Bernard
      	* Added flags to configuration for TGC/RPC based segment finding
      	* Tagging as MuonCombinedRecExample-01-09-13
      Former-commit-id: 79be1532
    • William Axel Leight's avatar
      Validation fixes, see Changelog (MuonCombinedBaseTools-01-06-15) · f672dcb3
      William Axel Leight authored
      	* Fixed problem with the way that extrapolated tracks were being added to muons
      	* No more Si-associated STACO muons
      	* Tagging as MuonCombinedBaseTools-01-06-15
      2016-08-15 Will Leight
      	* Compatibility with new version of selector tool
      	* Tagging as MuonCombinedBaseTools-01-06-14
      2016-08-11 Yun Sang Chow
      	* Downgrading warning to debug (ATLASRECT-3360)
      	* Tagging as MuonCombinedBaseTools-01-06-13
      2016-08-09 Will Leight
      	* MuonCreatorTool will no longer fill truth information, moving that to MuonTruthAssociation
      	* Tagging as MuonCombinedBaseTools-01-06-12
      Former-commit-id: f6f9f519
    • William Axel Leight's avatar
      Fix compiler warnings (MuidTrackBuilder-03-01-06) · f01800d5
      William Axel Leight authored
      	* Fixing compiler warnings
      	* Tagging as MuidTrackBuilder-03-01-06
      2016-07-11 Will Leight
      	* Coverity fixes
      	* Tagging as MuidTrackBuilder-03-01-05
      Former-commit-id: d3a2d7b9
  6. 15 Jul, 2016 2 commits
  7. 14 Jun, 2016 2 commits
  8. 27 May, 2016 11 commits
    • William Axel Leight's avatar
      Remove from RTT (MuonRecConfigTests-00-00-26) · baa80d49
      William Axel Leight authored
      	* Switch off RTT for r21
      	* Tagging as MuonRecConfigTests-00-00-26
      Former-commit-id: 443afb6c
    • William Axel Leight's avatar
      Removing from RTT (MuGirlPerformance-00-00-55) · 69796f60
      William Axel Leight authored
      	* Disable running in r21
      	* Tag as MuGirlPerformance-00-00-55
      Former-commit-id: cccd1351
    • Peter Kluit's avatar
      'fix memory leak covariance matrix of vertex ATLASRECTS-3107' (MuidTrackBuilder-03-01-04) · c3173738
      Peter Kluit authored
              * fix memory leak covariance matrix of vertex ATLASRECTS-3107
              * Tagging as MuidTrackBuilder-03-01-04
      2016-04-29 Will Leight
      	* Fixed another crash, see ATR-13921
      	* Tagging as MuidTrackBuilder-03-01-03
      2016-04-27 Will Leight
      	* Fix for ATR-13921
      	* Tagging as MuidTrackBuilder-03-01-02
      2016-04-20 Peter Kluit
              * use alignment effects on track in the fitter JIRA 682
      	* needs MuonCombinedRecExample-01-09-11 and MuonTrackFinderTools-01-00-27 or later
      	* OutwardsMuonTrackBuilder.cxx: skip aeots
      	* CombinedMuonTrackBuilder.cxx and .h
              * added functionality to count aeots
      	* use two instances of MuonRefitTool: one to scale error m_muonScaledErrorOptimizer (rel 20 style)
      	and one that puts aeots on track and fits them m_muonAlignmentErrorOptimizer
      	* code is able to deal with aeots (often skips/removes them)
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
      Former-commit-id: 7d5a2c14
    • William Axel Leight's avatar
      Adding MS-only extrapolated track (MuonCombinedToolInterfaces-01-02-08) · 88b9d548
      William Axel Leight authored
      	* Adding MS-only extrapolated tracks
      	* Tagging as MuonCombinedToolInterfaces-01-02-08
      Former-commit-id: 41243406
    • William Axel Leight's avatar
      Adding MS-only extrapolated track (MuonCombinedRecExample-01-09-12) · dbaa8860
      William Axel Leight authored
      2016-05-05 Will Leight
      	* Adding MS-only extrapolated tracks
      	* Tagging as MuonCombinedRecExample-01-09-12
      2016-04-20 Peter Kluit
              * use alignment effects on track in the fitter
      	* changes to  python/MuonCombinedFitTools.py
              * needs  MuonTrackFinderTools-01-00-27 or later
      	* needs  MuidTrackBuilder-03-01-01 or later
      	* by default the alignment effects are not used: only the error scaling
      	* Tagging as MuonCombinedRecExample-01-09-11
      2016-04-03 Will Leight
      	* Hit counts will now be filled by TrkParticleCreator
      	* Tagging as MuonCombinedRecExample-01-09-10
      2015-11-18 Will Leight
      	* Reverting previous tag
      	* tagging MuonCombinedRecExample-01-09-09
      2015-11-17 Will Leight
      	* New method for accessing Pixel and SCT summary svc for trigger compatibility (suggested by Joe Ennis)
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
      Former-commit-id: 7076d36e
    • William Axel Leight's avatar
      Adding MS-only extrapolated track (MuonCombinedBaseTools-01-06-10) · 771c9e78
      William Axel Leight authored
      2016-05-05 Will Leight
      	* MuonCreatorTool: adding MS-only extrapolated track, removing its parameters
      	* Tagging as MuonCombinedBaseTools-01-06-10
      2016-04-29  Massimiliano Bellomo  <massimiliano.bellomo@cern.ch>
      	* MuonCreatorTool.cxx(h): fix for ATR-2002 moving the RPC time informatiom from
      	muons to MS-tracks. The code to add RPC timing info to muons
      	can be activated again with a jobOption flag (off by default).
      	* Tagging MuonCombinedBaseTools-01-06-09
      2016-04-18  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
      	* Tagging MuonCombinedBaseTools-01-06-08.
      	* src/MuonCaloTagTool.h: Fix clang warning: remove unused member.
      	* src/MuonCreatorTool.h, src/MuonCreatorTool.cxx: const fixes.
      	* Tagging MuonCombinedBaseTools-01-06-07.
      	* src/MuonCombinedFitTagTool.cxx: outputLevel -> msgLevel, to
      	avoid warnings with new Gaudi.
      2016-04-05 Will Leight
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
      Former-commit-id: 2db7272d
    • William Axel Leight's avatar
      Added MS-only extrapolated tracks (MuonCombinedAlgs-00-00-15) · 994a478f
      William Axel Leight authored
      	* Added MS-only extrapolated tracks
      	* Tagging as MuonCombinedAlgs-00-00-15
      	* Tagging as MuonCombinedAlgs-00-00-14
      Former-commit-id: 26559346
    • William Axel Leight's avatar
      Fix for ATLASRECTS-3109 (MuonCombinedEvaluationTools-00-04-10) · a9be4a22
      William Axel Leight authored
      	* Fix for ATLASRECTS-3109 memory leak report for MuonMomentumBalanceSignificanceTool
      	* The problem variables are not even used any more in the code so they are simply removed
      	* Tagging as MuonCombinedEvaluationTools-00-04-10
      2016-02-04 Oleg Bulekov
              * improvements in the MuonMeanMDTdADCFillerTool algorithm
              * Tagging as MuonCombinedEvaluationTools-00-04-09
      2016-01-29 Jochen Meyer
      	* Comply with ATLAS naming conventions
      	* Tagging as MuonCombinedEvaluationTools-00-04-08
      2016-01-12 Peter Kluit
      	* Improve Muon dump: add energyLossType and dump of extrapolated muon track
      	* Tagging as MuonCombinedEvaluationTools-00-04-07
    • Atlas-Software Librarian's avatar
      'CMakeLists.txt' (MuonCombinedTrackFindingTools-00-01-00) · 5488b6cb
      Atlas-Software Librarian authored
              * JIRA 2828
      	* Follow interface change MuidInterfaces-02-01-00 standaloneReFit
      	* changes to MuonInsideOutRecoTool.cxx
              * use of vertex or beamspot position in standalone refit
      	* MuonCombinedTrackFindingTools-00-01-00
    • Atlas-Software Librarian's avatar
      'CMakeLists.txt' (MuidInterfaces-02-01-01) · ee7917de
      Atlas-Software Librarian authored
              * JIRA 2828
              * extend standaloneFit and standaloneReFit interfaces with beamspot positions
              * Tagged as MuidInterfaces-02-01-01
      2016-02-04 Peter Kluit
              * mistake changed code got not checked in
      	* Tagged as MuidInterfaces-02-01-00
      2014-10-18 David Quarrie <David.Quarrie@cern.ch>
      	* cmt/requirements
      		Declare this package as a cmake metalibrary in order to make libraries and header files from
      		packages it depends upon accessible to its clients (transparent to CMT)
      	* Tagged as MuidInterfaces-02-00-01
    • Atlas-Software Librarian's avatar
      'CMakeLists.txt' (MuonSegmentTaggerTools-00-03-06) · 66085fb8
      Atlas-Software Librarian authored
      	* some more AthenaBaseComps migration
      	* Comply with ATLAS naming conventions
      	* tagging as MuonSegmentTaggerTools-00-03-06