1. 27 Nov, 2015 40 commits
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      ptvarcone (TrigEgammaHypo-01-01-39) · d8020b6e
      Ryan Mackenzie White authored
      	* ptvarcone isolation
      	* TrigEgammaHypo-01-01-39
      2015-11-12 Ryan White <ryan.white@cern.ch>
      	* merge HI developments
      	* TrigEgammaHypo-01-01-38
    • Marcin Jerzy Nowak's avatar
      added xAOD streamerinfos from 19.1.4 (TrigSerializeResult-00-01-53) · 41f2502a
      Marcin Jerzy Nowak authored
      	* Added streamerinfos from 19.1.4 for:
                 DataVector<xAOD::Vertex_v1>   checksum= 0xb2bc1db
                 xAOD::TrigTrackCounts_v1   checksum= 0xc05eb62d
                 xAOD::TrackParticleAuxContainer_v1   checksum= 0xbad4e157
                 xAOD::TrigTrackCountsAuxContainer_v1   checksum= 0xbbeb97ee
                 xAOD::AuxContainerBase   checksum= 0x3e415e02
                 xAOD::VertexAuxContainer_v1   checksum= 0x7010f024
                 DataVector<xAOD::TrackParticle_v1>  checksum= 0x29e453b8
                 DataVector<xAOD::TrigTrackCounts_v1>   checksum= 0xcb6b0b5d
      	* Tagging TrigSerializeResult-00-01-53
      2015-11-20  Stewart Martin-Haugh <smh@cern.ch>
      	* add xAOD::TrigTrackCountsContainer (ATR-12710)
      	* Tagging TrigSerializeResult-00-01-52
    • Tim Martin's avatar
      allow SRM (TrigCostRootAnalysis-00-07-28) · 7101050a
      Tim Martin authored
        * Tagging TrigCostRootAnalysis-00-07-28
        * Allow srm://srm-eosatlas.cern.ch/eos/... URLs
      2015-11-17  Tim Martin <Tim.Martin@cern.ch>
        * Tagging TrigCostRootAnalysis-00-07-27
        * CPS mode works for group rates. Does NOT work for Overlap and Unique rates. To be added.
        * CPS mode enabled by default with --ratesMode flag
        * Support for physics only rate, needs
      2015-11-16  Tim Martin <Tim.Martin@cern.ch>
        * Tagging TrigCostRootAnalysis-00-07-26
        * Rework - unbiased events do not get a lumi extrapolation weight
      2015-11-11  Tim Martin <Tim.Martin@cern.ch>
        * Tagging TrigCostRootAnalysis-00-07-24.
        * Small bug fix to prevent throwing away stats in rates processings where the LB are not processed in increasing order.
      2015-11-11  Tim Martin <Tim.Martin@cern.ch>
        * Tagging TrigCostRootAnalysis-00-07-23.
        * Really bad 13->5 TeV weighting.
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Walter Lampl's avatar
      add xAOD::CaloTowers to output item list (CaloRecEx-00-02-59-03) · 55f4cd3c
      Walter Lampl authored
      	* Add xAOD::CaloTowerContainer to OutputItemList
      	  (not produced by default)
      	* Tag CaloRecEx-00-02-59-03
    • Scott Snyder's avatar
      Cabling tools moved from LArTools to LArCabling. (LArDetDescr-03-19-48) · d13933e0
      Scott Snyder authored
         	* Tagging LArDetDescr-03-19-48.
      	* Cabling tools moved from LArTools to LArCabling.
      2015-06-19  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
         	* Tagging LArDetDescr-03-19-47.
      	* Avoid more redundant divisions.
      2015-06-16  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
         	* Tagging LArDetDescr-03-19-46.
      	* Avoid redundant divisions.
      2015-02-17  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
         	* Tagging LArDetDescr-03-19-45.
      	* src/LArRecoMaterialTool.cxx (ScanCRYO): Fix typo in previous
    • Peter Van Gemmeren's avatar
      Undo inadvertent change to share/SystemRec_config.py (RecExCommon-00-14-45) · c22f9c3c
      Peter Van Gemmeren authored
      	* share/SystemRec_config.py: Undo inadvertent change by
      	RecExCommon-00-14-44 (Thanks John).
      	* tagging RecExCommon-00-14-45
      2015-11-05 Peter van Gemmeren <gemmeren@anl.gov>
      	* share/RecoUtils.py: More fine tuning to primary xAOD split level,
      	saves ~2kb/event in data (more in MC).
      	* tagging RecExCommon-00-14-44
    • Walter Lampl's avatar
      add jobO and flags for xAODCaloTower making. Off by default (CaloRec-03-00-37-07) · 5def48c7
      Walter Lampl authored
      	* Add flags and jobO for CaloTowerxAOD algorithms. OFF by default.
      	* tag CaloRec-03-00-37-07
    • John Baines's avatar
      fix for barcode (TrigFTK_RawDataAlgs-01-00-17) · 72a72c44
      John Baines authored
      	* src/FTK_RDO_CreatorAlgo.cxx: add chi2 to RDO
      	* src/FTK_RDO_ReaderAlgo.cxx: fix memory leak
      	* TrigFTK_RawDataAlgs-01-00-16
    • William Axel Leight's avatar
      Minor interface tweak, see changelog (CaloTrkMuIdTools-00-15-07) · c4603f70
      William Axel Leight authored
      	* TrackDepositInCaloTool: Remove unnecessary passing of CaloCellCollection to new getDeposits (and also misleading printout)
      	* tag as CaloTrkMuIdTools-00-15-07
      2015-11-17 Will Leight <wleight@physics.carleton.ca>
      	* CaloMuonTag: cleanup of previous fix
      	* tag as CaloTrkMuIdTools-00-15-06
      2015-11-17 Will Leight <wleight@physics.carleton.ca>
      	* CaloMuonTag: protection against tag=4 being returned if there are no calo deposits
      	* tag as CaloTrkMuIdTools-00-15-05
    • Tim Martin's avatar
      'remove enhanced bias XMLs, package conflict with TrigCostRootAnalysis' (TrigCostMonitor-01-20-07) · 85db473e
      Tim Martin authored
          * Remove enhanced bias XMLs, these are now supplied from TrigCostRootAnalysis which is now also in AtlasTrigger
          * Tag TrigCostMonitor-01-20-07
      2015-07-14 Tim Martin <Tim.Martin@cern.ch>
          * Enable export of stream tag info
          * Tag TrigCostMonitor-01-20-06
      2015-07-14 Tim Martin <Tim.Martin@cern.ch>
          * Alter some EB warnings
          * Tag TrigCostMonitor-01-20-05
      2015-06-16 Tim Martin <Tim.Martin@cern.ch>
          * Better EB BG
          * Tag TrigCostMonitor-01-20-04
      2015-06-16 Tim Martin <Tim.Martin@cern.ch>
          * Add EB xmls
          * Tag TrigCostMonitor-01-20-03
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    • Joao Victor Da Fonseca Pinto's avatar
    • John Baines's avatar
      change from FTKrefit to FTKRefit (TrigFastTrackFinder-00-01-53) · 4c4b7bc8
      John Baines authored
      	* python/TrigFastTrackFinder_Config.py: change from FTKrefit to FTKRefit
      2015-11-16  John Baines  <john.baines@stfc.ac.uk>
      	* python/TrigFastTrackFinder_Config.py: Update for TrigFTK_DataProviderSvc_Config moved to  TrigFTK_RecExample
      2015-10-22  John Baines  <john.baines@stfc.ac.uk>
      	* src/TrigFastTrackFinder.cxx: fix to get npix and nsct for TrigInDetTrack from FTK tracks.
      	*  tag TrigFastTrackFinder-00-01-51
      2015-10-14 Stewart Martin-Haugh <smh -at- cern -dot- ch>
      	* tag TrigFastTrackFinder-00-01-50
      	* Configuration for disabling TrigInDetTrack
    • John Baines's avatar
      add FTK config (TrigT2BeamSpot-00-10-11) · ddd03da9
      John Baines authored
      	* python/T2VertexBeamSpotConfig.py: Add FTK configurations
      	* src/T2Track.h: get nPix, nSct from TrackSummary, if available.
      2015-10-30  Stewart Martin-Haugh < smh@cern.ch>
      	* Tag as TrigT2BeamSpot-00-10-09
      	* Final updates to work with Trk::Tracks (ATR-12542)
      	* Re-enable split vertex generation
      2015-10-22  Stewart Martin-Haugh < smh@cern.ch>
      	* Tag as TrigT2BeamSpot-00-10-08
      	* Initial round of updates to work with Trk::Tracks (ATR-12542)
    • Lukas Alexander Heinrich's avatar
      unpacking flags (TrigDecisionTool-00-03-22) · ad24459e
      Lukas Alexander Heinrich authored
      2015-11-14 Lukas Heinrich <lukas.heinrich@cern.ch>
      	* set unpackin state flags in Athena/EventInfo unpacks
      	* tagging TrigDecisionTool-00-03-22
      2015-11-14 Lukas Heinrich <lukas.heinrich@cern.ch>
      	* forgot to add EventPtrDef.h
      	* tagging TrigDecisionTool-00-03-21
      2015-11-14 Lukas Heinrich <lukas.heinrich@cern.ch>
      	* merged unpacker logic from 02-26-branch
      	* various small cleanups
      	* tagging TrigDecisionTool-00-03-20
      2015-11-05 Lukas Heinrich <lukas.heinrich@cern.ch>
      	* yet another tag :-/
      	* fixing typedGet and Feature.h
      	* TrigDecisionTool-00-03-19
      2015-11-05 Lukas Heinrich <lukas.heinrich@cern.ch>
      	* add getIParticle to Combination and FC
      	* TrigDecisionTool-00-03-18
      2015-11-05 Lukas Heinrich <lukas.heinrich@cern.ch>
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Patrick Karl Czodrowski's avatar
      add Olegs <oleg.kuprash@cern.ch> ATN test TrigHLT_Run1BStoxAOD (TrigAnalysisTest-00-04-21) · 7e43e743
      Patrick Karl Czodrowski authored
      2015-11-17 Patrick Czodrowski <czodrows@cern.ch>
          * fix requirements file - thanks to Will B. for spotting the issue
          * fix xml  <alwaysRunPostProc /> needs to be the LAST tag always
          * add Olegs <oleg.kuprash@cern.ch> ATN test TrigHLT_Run1BStoxAOD
          * TrigAnalysisTest-00-04-21
      2015-11-12 Javier Montejo <jmontejo@cern.ch>
          * Dump trigger counts, which are used in post-processing
          * Move AthenaTestHarness to src in order to hide it from RootCore
          * TrigAnalysisTest-00-04-20
      2015-11-10 Javier Montejo <jmontejo@cern.ch>
          * Added AthenaTestHarness to steer tests from TestFactory
          * TrigAnalysisTest-00-04-19
      2015-11-09  Gordon Watts  <gwatts@tev01.phys.washington.edu>
      	* Added first set of code to make tests dual use.
      	* Now uses simple runner for all RootCore tests
      2015-09-30 Patrick Czodrowski <czodrows@cern.ch>
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Julie Kirk's avatar
      new Zmumu sample (TrigInDetValidation-00-06-96) · fb7cee51
      Julie Kirk authored
      	* TrigInDetValidation_mu_sample6.xml - replace Zmumu sample with mc15
      	* TrigInDetValidation-00-06-96
      2015-11-14 sutt < sutt @ cern.ch >
      	* TrigInDetValidation-00-06-95
      	*  fix bjet offline job
      2015-11-12 sutt < sutt @ cern.ch >
      	* TrigInDetValidation-00-06-94
      	* fix minbias job, add offline bjet and minbias tests
      2015-11-11 sutt < sutt @ cern.ch >
      	* TrigInDetValidation-00-06-93
      	* add scripts and offline jobs for bjets and minbias
    • Sven Menke's avatar
      CaloLumiBCIDTool.cxx: use push_back instead of [index] in the initialization... · 6ad7c8a6
      Sven Menke authored
      CaloLumiBCIDTool.cxx: use push_back instead of [index] in the initialization of arrays in getListOfCells() to avoid crash with sFCal (or any future LAr Detector with more cells) (CaloTools-00-09-60)
              * CaloLumiBCIDTool.cxx: use push_back instead of [index] in the
      	initialization of arrays in getListOfCells() to avoid crash with sFCal
      	(or any future LAr Detector with more cells)
      	* tag  CaloTools-00-09-60
    • Attila Krasznahorkay's avatar
      Fixing the package's compilation in the CMake nightly (TrigFTKSim-00-11-42) · 91335ea3
      Attila Krasznahorkay authored
      	* Fixed the include formalism used in src/tsp/FTKAMSplit.cxx, to
      	  be able to compile the package in the CMake nightly.
      	* Tagging as TrigFTKSim-00-11-42
      2015-10-15 Thor Taylor
      	* additional RTT fix
      2015-10-12 Federico Bertolucci
      	* Update for bank optimization
      2015-09-29 Thor Taylor
      	* Fixes for RTT
      2015-09-26 Jahred Adelman
      	* Add new event and trigger information to evtinfo
      2015-08-27 Stamatios Gkaitatzis
              * Cleaned function averageCluster at atlClustering.cxx
    • Fares Djama's avatar
      Change default value of B-Layer latency to 150 (PixelDigitization-02-00-20) · f244afdb
      Fares Djama authored
      	* Set default value of latency in B layer to 150
      	* tagged as PixelDigitization-02-00-20
    • Rolf Seuster's avatar
      adjust to new LCG_80 - namely new Boost (AthenaAuditors-00-00-13) · d44e1d7e
      Rolf Seuster authored
      	* Tagging AthenaAuditors-00-00-13.
      	* adjust to new LCG_80 - namely new Boost
      2015-11-12  Rolf Seuster
      	* Tagging AthenaAuditors-00-00-12.
      	* stdcmalloc for AthMemoryAuditor currently depreciated, added support for faster tcmalloc
      2015-09-15  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
      	* Tagging AthenaAuditors-00-00-11.
      	* Comply with ATLAS naming conventions.
    • Peter Alan Steinberg's avatar
    • Tomasz Bold's avatar
      Tuned Q shifts in hypos (TrigHIHypo-00-00-73) · cab999e8
      Tomasz Bold authored
      	* Tuned Q shifts in hypos
      	* TrigHIHypo-00-00-73
      2015-11-11 Tomasz Bold
      	* Improved monitoring of VnHypos
      	* TrigHIHypo-00-00-72
    • Joerg Stelzer's avatar
      TriggerThresholdValue: adjust max counts for XE and TE thresholds (ATR-12827)... · 1618d01f
      Joerg Stelzer authored
      TriggerThresholdValue: adjust max counts for XE and TE thresholds (ATR-12827) (TrigConfL1Data-02-00-57)
      	* TriggerThresholdValue: adjust max counts for XE and TE thresholds (ATR-12827)
      	* TrigConfL1Data-02-00-57
    • Lukas Alexander Heinrich's avatar
      missing includes (TrigCaloMonitoring-00-00-37-01) · b957a7b2
      Lukas Alexander Heinrich authored
      	* missing includes
      	* TrigCaloMonitoring-00-00-37-01
    • Scott Snyder's avatar
      Merge from trunk: Make sure dictionaries get loaded with root6. (AthenaPython-00-06-40-01) · 16cbefde
      Scott Snyder authored
      	* Tagging AthenaPython-00-06-40-01.
      	* Merge from trunk:
      	2015-11-15  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
              * Tagging AthenaPython-00-06-45.
      	* python/Bindings.py (_py_init_ClassIDSvc): Make sure dictionaries
      	get loaded with root6.
    • Scott Snyder's avatar
      Merge changes from trunk: Add Trigger TP converter variant. (AthenaKernel-00-56-19-02) · 4aaf5559
      Scott Snyder authored
      	* Tagging AthenaKernel-00-56-19-02.
      	* Merge from trunk:
              2015-11-15  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
      	* Tagging AthenaKernel-00-59-04.
      	* AthenaKernel/selection.xml, AthenaKernel/AthenaKernelDict.h:
      	Generate dictionary for Athena::PackageInfo.
              2015-11-11  scott snyder  <snyder@bnl.gov>
      	* Tagging AthenaKernel-00-59-03.
      	* AthenaKernel/TPCnvFactory.h: Add an additional `Trigger' type of
      	converter, analogous to ARA.
      	* AthenaKernel/ITPCnvSvc.h: Add optional arguments to the
      	converter retrieval functions to specify which type is wanted.
    • Lukas Alexander Heinrich's avatar
      adding missing includes (TrigValAlgs-00-01-28-01) · d254fdaf
      Lukas Alexander Heinrich authored
      	* adding missing includes
      	* TrigValAlgs-00-01-28-01
    • Lukas Alexander Heinrich's avatar
      add roi header (TrigEgammaMatchingTool-00-00-10-01) · 4573d063
      Lukas Alexander Heinrich authored
      	* add RoiDescriptor header
      	* TrigEgammaMatchingTool-00-00-10-01
    • Lukas Alexander Heinrich's avatar
      add TrigRoiDescriptorCollection header (TrigEgammaAnalysisTools-00-00-82) · 8fa2ec55
      Lukas Alexander Heinrich authored
      	* Add roi descriptor header
      	* TrigEgammaAnalysisTools-00-00-82
    • Ruggero Turra's avatar
      small memory leak (egammaMVACalib-01-01-02) · fb746bfc
      Ruggero Turra authored
        * Remove memory leak in initialization due to ownership of TObjectList
        * tagging egammaMVACalib-01-01-02
    • Xiaohu Sun's avatar
    • Mark Sutton's avatar
      update minBias offline config (TrigInDetAnalysisUser-00-04-46) · 4c78ee9d
      Mark Sutton authored
      	* TrigInDetAnalysisUser-00-04-46
      	* update minBias offline config
      2015-11-12 sutt < sutt @ cern.ch >
      	* TrigInDetAnalysisUser-00-04-45
      	* add mb chains to post processing config file
      2015-10-30 Nicola Abraham <nicola.abraham@cern.ch>
      	* TrigInDetAnalysisUser-00-04-44
      	* Updated TIDAdata11-rtt.dat to include two missing chains used in the
      	minBias jobs
    • Frank Winklmeier's avatar
      fix typo (TrigSteering-03-08-02) · 17e5dc19
      Frank Winklmeier authored
      	* src/Lvl1Converter.cxx: Fix typo
      	* TrigSteering-03-08-02
      2015-11-12  Frank Winklmeier  <fwinkl@cern>
      	* TrigSteering/TrigSteer.h: remove MsgStream and StoreGateSvc members
      	* src/TrigSteer.cxx: finish AthenaBaseCmps migration
      	* Lvl1ResultAccessTool: add method to check TOB overflows in CMX (ATR-12285)
      	* Lvl1ConsistencyChecker: add check for TOB/CMX overflows and some cleanup
      	* TrigSteering-03-08-01
      2015-11-10  Frank Winklmeier  <fwinkl@cern>
      	* Fully migrate LvlConverters to AthBaseComps (need to recompile TrigFake)
      	* TrigSteering-03-08-00
      2015-10-30 Joerg Stelzer <stelzer@cern.ch>
      	* Fix ROI creation for restricted range TE/XE thresholds (ATR-11336)
      	* Change in Lvl1ItemsAndRoIs.h might require recompilation of
      	TrigSteerMonitor and TrigHypoCommonTools
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Mark Sutton's avatar
      update minBias reference (TrigInDetValidationReference-00-00-34) · 6baf3101
      Mark Sutton authored
      	* TrigInDetValidationReference-00-00-34
      	* update minBias reference
    • Susan Cheatham's avatar
      modified MuonInputProvider: added lateMuon for BC+1 (L1TopoSimulation-00-00-34) · 87720194
      Susan Cheatham authored
      	* modified MuonInputProvider -added LateMuon for BC+1
      	* L1TopoSimulation-00-00-33
    • Susan Cheatham's avatar
      added MuonSort_1BC which selects LateMuons from BC+1 (L1TopoAlgorithms-00-00-55) · 3db510eb
      Susan Cheatham authored
      	* added MuonSort_1BC which selects LateMuons from BC+1
      	* L1TopoAlgorithms-00-00-55
      2015-11-09  Simon George  <S.George@rhul.ac.uk>
      	* Root/DeltaPhiIncl2.cxx: change initialisation of bool
      	iaccept[numberOutputBits()] to be compatible with gcc-4.8.1;
      	previous solution only worked with 4.9.1.
      	* L1TopoAlgorithms-00-00-54
      2015-10-21  Simon George  <s.george@rhul.ac.uk>
      	* ATR-11107 fix many coverity issues in L1Topo simulation
      	code (some already fixed in Frank's tag below)
      	* Root/RatioMatch.cxx: comment out unused function calcDeltaR2
      	(process): remove unreachable code, coverity id 24867
      	* Root/GenericListGenerator.cxx (REGISTER_ALG_TCS): initialize
      	m_jetsize to zero, cid 24865
      	* Root/GenericArrayCreator.cxx: (sort) remove return which cannot
      	be reached, cid 10670.
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
    • Attila Krasznahorkay's avatar
      Fixing yet another issue with reading BS files (xAODTrigRingerAthenaPool-00-00-08) · fc4bd788
      Attila Krasznahorkay authored
      	* Cleaned the xAODTrigRingerRingsAuxContainerCnv converters
      	  a bit as well. As that code was causing an exception at runtime.
      	* Tagging as xAODTrigRingerAthenaPool-00-00-08
      2015-11-12 Attila Krasznahorkay <Attila.Krasznahorkay@cern.ch>
      	* Cleaned the converters for the RNN classes a bit.
      	* Merged the TPCnv and ITPCnv files.
      	* Changed the names specified in the DECLARE_TPCNV_FACTORY
      	  macros from the typedefed ones to the full DataVector<> ones.
      	  As these are the names under which the conversion service
      	  looks for them.
      	* Set some metadata on the package.
      	* Tagging as xAODTrigRingerAthenaPool-00-00-07
    • Ryan Mackenzie White's avatar
      etcone (TrigEgammaRec-02-00-71) · f8490548
      Ryan Mackenzie White authored
      	* Fix etcone config
      	* TrigEgammaRec-02-00-71
    • Frank Winklmeier's avatar
      add overflow monitoring for TOBs (ATR-12285) (TrigSteerMonitor-01-04-33) · 8b2a8a07
      Frank Winklmeier authored
      	* TrigRoIMoni: add overflow monitoring for TOBs (ATR-12285)
      	* TrigSteerMonitor-01-04-33 (requires TrigSteering-03-08-01)
      2015-10-21  Frank Winklmeier  <fwinkl@cern>
      	* Coverity fixes and AthBaseComps cleanup (use msg() and evtStore() everywhere)
      	* TrigSteerMonitor-01-04-32