1. 14 Jun, 2016 1 commit
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      r21 tag (PanTauAlgs-01-00-03) · fbcb4e14
      Justin Griffiths authored
      	* Tagging 01-00-03
      	* Adapted to TauJet_v3
      	* changed name of PanTauSeed/TauConstituent/TauFeature --> ""2 in order to protect against duplicat class conflicts with PanTauEvent
      2016 April 27 Lara Schildgen <schildgen -at- physik.uni-bonn.de>
      	* re-structured PanTau packages (merged packages PanTauEvent, PanTauInterfaces and
      	PanTauAnalysis into PanTauAlgs and removed PanTau packages PanTauExample and PanTauUtils)
      	* re-organization of PanTau tools (removed FourMomentumCalculator)
      	* tools rewritten to be dual-use
      	* replaced CLHEP by TLorentzVector
      	* tools rewritten to use 2D instead of 3D impact parameter
      	* merged interface classes in ITool_DetailsArranger.h, ITool_DecayModeDeterminator.h and
      	ITool_FeatureExtractor.h into one file ITool_PanTauTools.h