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      Migrate ambiguity processor from PRD_Association tool to PRD-to-track maps. · 598c55c8
      Goetz Gaycken authored
      - Use a PRD-to-track map rather than the PRD_AssociationTool which conains a PRD-to-track map
        internally. This is needed to resolve ATLASRECTS-5005.
      - Made all methods const.
      - The score processor does not create track copies anymore, thus PRD-to-track maps stay valid for
        scored tracks.
      - The ambiguity processors now use a helper class which manages the new and original tracks i.e.
        tracks with mixed ownership, and creates track copies only for the final track collection if
      - Moved debug ntuple code of simple ambiguity processor to a new derived class, to improve the
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      Updates for Gaudi PluginSvc V2 · c7a3429d
      charles leggett authored
      The Gaudi PluginSvc has been refactored and modernizes.
      See gaudi/Gaudi!709
      As well as some changes to macros that directly call on
      certain features of the PluginSvc itself, other code that
      has been impacted is as follows:
       - destructors of Converters must be public
       - template arguments of ServiceHandles and ToolHandles cannot always be forward defined and the associated header files may need to be explicitly included
      Former-commit-id: 83042516db016cf1ec8fde0d4dca19a2cdaa5e79
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