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      tauRecTools: remove deprecated functionality in TauTrackFinder · 5af6f174
      Bertrand Martin authored
      This MR is removing a deprecated feature in the tau-track association.
      In the old days (non-MT R22 trigger), the track particle container was retrieved elsewhere (TrigTauRec) and passed as an argument to the TauTrackFinder execute method to build the tau tracks.
      Now, the track particle container is retrieved from within TauTrackFinder, and we no longer need to pass it as an argument.
      The reconstruction output is unchanged.
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      tauRecTools: use ghost matching by default for tau-track association · 385f4ee3
      Bertrand Martin authored
      This MR is a follow-up of !44662 that introduced ghost matching in the tau-track association procedure (ATLTAU-1442).
      Ghost matching is now activated by default in the offline tau reconstruction (won't be used in the trigger).
      In addition, tracks beyond R=0.25 of the tau axis and which are not ghost matched are now kept if the jet closest to the track is the seed jet of the current tau.
      This condition was introduced to recover tau-track association efficiency for low-pt 3p taus, where tracks from the tau decay are not always ghost-matched with the seed jet.
      This scheme will be used for the R22 reprocessing after it is carefully validated.
      Sorry for adding the urgent flag again, but it would be great to have this MR reviewed and merged quickly, as it will be needed for the final Round of algorithm tuning for the R22 reprocessing.
      Cheers and thanks,
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    • Bertrand Martin Dit Latour's avatar
      tauRecTools: add tau track flag to identify LRTs more easily · 8a57e9fc
      Bertrand Martin Dit Latour authored and Walter Lampl's avatar Walter Lampl committed
      This MR is adding a tau track flag to identify large radius tracks more easily, when LRTs are enabled in the tau reconstruction.
      We can now retrieve specifically the LRTs associated with the tau via tau->tracks(xAOD::TauJetParameters::TauTrackFlag::LargeRadiusTrack).
      This flag is agnostic w.r.t. the track classification, it is only used to tag LRTs, which will be useful e.g. to count LRTs within 0.4 of the tau axis.
      As LRTs are not used by default, this MR does not change the reconstruction output.
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      xAODTau: protection against tau track thinning · 14511df7
      Bertrand Martin authored
      This MR is mostly importing !26767 from 21.2 to master, with the original MR description pasted below.
      A protection is added against invalid TauTrack links when retrieving the tau tracks or the number of tau tracks.
      This is required to support tau track thinning, used e.g. in DAOD_PHYS.
      Now, only the tau tracks that have a valid link are considered in the TauJets interface class.
      In particular, the behaviour of nAllTracks() had to be changed to be consistent with allTracks().size().
      If one only keeps e.g. classifiedCharged tau tracks by thinning away the other tracks, nAllTracks() will now return the number of classifiedCharged tracks.
      Something new compared to the R21 MR: to keep track of the total number of tracks associated with the tau in the reconstruction, a new Aux variable is introduced (mapped to xAOD::TauJetParameters::nAllTracks). So the user is now able to tell if tracks were thinned in the AOD->DAOD step, by comparing tau->nAllTracks() to tau->detail(xAOD::TauJetParameters::nAllTracks, nTracksTot).
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    • Bertrand Martin Dit Latour's avatar
      auRecTools: use consistently tau track IP w.r.t. tau vertex · 1e4cfb41
      Bertrand Martin Dit Latour authored and Vakhtang Tsulaia's avatar Vakhtang Tsulaia committed
      This MR is harmonising the use of tau track IP and IP significance parameters across the tau reconstruction.
      We now use everywhere the impact parameters w.r.t. the tau vertex instead of w.r.t. beam line (relevant for d0).
      New methods are introduced to retrieve the track IP and IP significances directly from the tau track (before, we would use e.g. d0 from the associated TrackParticle, i.e. d0 w.r.t. the beam line).
      Because we need track IPs early in the reconstruction (right after tau vertex finding and tau track association, and before tau track classification), I had to move the track IP calculation from TauVertexVariables to TauTrackFinder, as TauVertexVariables is scheduled late in the reconstruction chain.
      Two variables have been discontinued: TauJetsAux.ipSigLeadTrk TauJetsAux.ipZ0SinThetaSigLeadTrk. These are track IPs defined for the leading track. Now that we compute these for all tau tracks, we can drop these "leading track" variables.
      Using standalone tau reconstruction from ESD, I have checked that the tau reconstruction output is unchanged if I fall back to the "old" calculations for track IPs, i.e. if I set d0TJVA = track()->d0(), and z0sinthetaTJVA = z0sinThetaTJVA(tau) in Track_v1.
      Meaning, this MR is mostly code reorganisation. The only modification that changes the reconstruction is the new definition of d0TJVA and z0sinthetaTJVA.
      With these new definitions, we get slight changes on the BDT ID score and the RNN ID score, as well as the track classification scores, as expected.
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    • Xiaozhong Huang's avatar
      tauRecTools: use consistent treatments of vertex correction (ATLTAU-1716) · e5ef5283
      Xiaozhong Huang authored and Edward Moyse's avatar Edward Moyse committed
      The vertex correction is not applied consistently in the tau
      reconstruction. In addition, it is applied to the four momentum already
      corrected by PV0, indicating an over correction.
      Ideally, we could apply the vertex correction to the four momentum
      before the origin correction in jet reconstruction. But it is not
      straight forward to obtain this information. Alternatively, we
      apply the vertex correction relative to the jet vertex to fix
      this bug.
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    • Bertrand Martin Dit Latour's avatar
      drop unused tau variable · d4d7a35e
      Bertrand Martin Dit Latour authored and Vakhtang Tsulaia's avatar Vakhtang Tsulaia committed
      This MR is dropping a variable that is not used anywhere (anymore) in the tau reconstruction.
      We now use a Et-resolution weighted average between calo and substructure pt as input to the MVA pt, no longer an interpolation.
      I have checked it does not change the reconstruction output, besides this variable that is now gone.
      Minor code cleanup was done.
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    • Xiaozhong Huang's avatar
      tauRecTools: remove unused properties · 4e3c7243
      Xiaozhong Huang authored and Vakhtang Tsulaia's avatar Vakhtang Tsulaia committed
      The property of container name are replaced by ReadHandleKey, thus not
      used any more. They are now removed.
      We use three diferent property ( "CellCorrection", "AxisCorrection",
      and "VertexCorrection") to decide whether to perform the same operation,
      e.g. tau vertex correction of the cell. Now, only "VertexCorrection" is
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    • Justin Griffiths's avatar
      fix FPE (tauRecTools-00-02-03) · 876a8bc4
      Justin Griffiths authored
      	* Tagging 00-02-03
      	* Fix FPE CombinedP4, don't set a TLV with eta=-1111
      2017-02-09 Justin Griffiths <griffith@cern.ch>
      	* Tagging 00-02-02
      	* Fix bug in TauCommonCalcVars I recently introduced (IntermediateAxis is invalid in trigger)
      2017-02-09 Justin Griffiths <griffith@cern.ch>
      	* Tagging 00-02-01
      	* CombinedP4: downgrade warnings
      2017-02-08 Will Davey <will.davey@cern.ch>
      	* TauWPDecorator.cxx: bugfix boundaries in score flattening
      2017-02-08 Justin Griffiths <griffith@cern.ch>
      	* Moving tools from TauDiscriminant to here: TauIDVarCalculator and TauEleOLRDecorator
      	* Setting all wide tracks as isolation and modifiedIsolation in TauTrackFinder, bits
      	properly set in TauTrackClassifier--done for benefit of trigger
      	* update CMakeLists, requirements, Makefile.RootCore including xAODEgamma
      	* update MvaEvauator from Terry (use combined pt)
      (Long ChangeLog diff - truncated)
      Former-commit-id: ce806001