Release notes for release/

The release release/ was built from the tag nightly/21.0-mc16a/2021-07-23T0343

This is the list of merge requests that were included since the previous release release/

  • !45292 : Add chains to MC16a branch for run 2 reprocessing (ATR-23357)
  • !45170 : Merge branch 'FixHepMCWeightSvc-21.0' into '21.0-mc16a'
  • !45131 : Downgrade error message in MuonCreatorTool
  • !44975 : Campaign config: Fix missing LAr flag in MC16a
  • !44972 : TriggerFlags: Default to 2016 for MC16a
  • !44926 : Backport campaigns configuration to 21.0-mc16a for reprocessing

Link to the full diff between release/ and release/ is available at (END)