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    APR I/O code and AuxDyn code refactoring to prepare for RNTuple · d743855f
    Marcin Jerzy Nowak authored and Tadej Novak's avatar Tadej Novak committed
    Squashed commit of all previous RNTuple commits
    commit 67dcf400a21ebf55e9784176d8dd0d65bf1ebfac
    Author: Marcin Nowak <Marcin.Nowak@cern.ch>
    Date:   Tue Dec 20 14:22:56 2022 +0100
        Code cleanup, made all TTree unit tests working, updated tests' reflogs
    commit 8dc7fa1314d3e1aacf8cc1e5db49fe1d99b86638
    Author: Marcin Nowak <Marcin.Nowak@cern.ch>
    Date:   Thu Dec 15 15:00:38 2022 +0100
        Added Property for selecting the default storage tech
    commit 1aa1f2cc4e200e08dbcb07101f4cf60cfb896475
    Author: Marcin Nowak <Marcin.Nowak@cern.ch>
    Date:   Wed Dec 7 14:34:53 2022 +0100
        Rebased to current master
    commit dd101ce4a10013d0501aaaf5ffac8aa462ebe302
    Author: Marcin Nowak <Marcin.Nowak@cern.ch>
    Date:   Tue Dec 6 17:24:33 2022 +0100
        Many tests working
    commit a9566cbda69bcd1d26887ac142a6653c59079cf0
    Author: Marcin Nowak <Marcin.Nowak@cern.ch>
    Date:   Thu Dec 1 11:04:16 2022 +0100
        Cleanup. Removed external file writing for AuxDyn as ob...