Tag to be used with the master branch of atlas/athena.
Update(s) since 2.0.122:
  - Updated prmon to version v3.0.0;
  - Updated ONNXRuntime to version 1.9.1;
  - Updated CheckerGccPlugin to handle std::shared_mutex, and to work correctly with ubsan in GCC 11;
  - Added cppcheck as an external to AthenaExternals;
  - Multiple updates to AtlasCMake, aiming to make CI tests easier to set up for the atlas/athena repository;
  - Updated atlas_flake8 to print messages that NICOS would pick up on, in case flake8 is not available;
  - Updated the GeoModel build to use ZLIB from the LCG release, if an LCG release is used;
  - Suppressed warnings in the AnalysisBaseExternals and AthAnalysisExternals builds, which were picked up in NICOS since a little while;
  - Stopped the Acts build from cloning the submodules of the Acts repository.
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