Commit 5319c922 authored by Bucur-Andrei Borcoman's avatar Bucur-Andrei Borcoman
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parent 76b372ca
......@@ -184,6 +184,7 @@ def fillHLTmap( info, hltMap_prev , lbCount, run, grlblocks):
lbstart, lbend = lbrange[2], lbrange[4]
if lbend ==-1: lbend = 2000
l1psname, l1prescales = getL1Prescales('TRIGGERDB', lbrange[0])
l1prescales = list(l1prescales)
l1prescales = {l1name: l1prescales[int(l1id)] for (l1name, l1id) in six.iteritems (items)}
tmpl1List.append(( lbstart, lbend,l1prescales) )
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