contins MRs: Fix SuppressSmallPT usage in Pythia8B M4MuIntervalFilter guard typo Add MainEvgenServicesCfg method Truth xAOD generator filters Updates for Cosmic Sim TR in newstyle CA PowhegControl: fixing reweighting issues (master) Replace usage of ConfigFlags.Input.InitialTimeStamp with ConfigFlags.Input.TimeStamp Fixes for the nightlies 06.08.2021 Tweaks to CA-based Simulation Configuration ProtosLHEF_i: Fix gcc11 warnings. Saving xsec info in hepmc event by passing pointer ComponentAccumulator-based configuration for Cavern Background and Cosmics Simulation Master: powheg log issues and ttj mi nnlops first implementation GeneratorFilters: add corrections for ParentChild and ParentTwoChildren... SameParticleHardScatteringFilter Syncronize the v HepMC3 and HepMC2 version of TTbarWToLeptonFilter filters in master GeneratorFilters : update XtoVVDecayFilterExtended.cxx to 21.6 version GeneratorFilters: update ChargedTracksFilter to version from 21.6 CountHepMC: use long long int for event number modify ART tests so that they could run also on master--HepMC3/Athena Fix compilation for HepMC3 and crashes for pythia8 Add run info to Sherpa and Herwig generators GeneratorFilters: add SameParticleHardScatterFilter to the components and put... updated master ART tests Fix logic of MC interfaces for HepMC3 branch GeneratorFilters: fix DirectPhotonFilter Sweeping !46372 from 21.6 to master. add hdamp steering params for Powheg ttbb module Sweeping !46391 from 21.6 to master. Patching MadGraphControl use of sde_strategy GeneratorFilters : correct the units correct a typo Pythia8_i: correct the units to avoid crashes in TestHepMC GeneratorObjects: Fix potential race GeneratorObjectsTPCnv: Clear flow information when reading. Sweeping !46574 from 21.6 to master. Superchic example job option fix EvgenJobTransforms: fix the counting of LHE events - as already done in 21.6 GeneratorFilters: Suppress cppcheck warning. Truth xaod gen filter2 EvgenJobTransforms: add runArgument allowing to go to DEBUG mode for generators Sweeping !46796 from 21.6 to master. add bornzerodampcut parameter for Powheg ttbb process EvgenJobTransform : correct bug in setting of debug mode, fixing hepMC3 issue... HepMC3 units: use function provided by HepMC3 to avoid wrong usints on the event display master PowhegControl: adding back the #pdf comment lines Gen_tf: support for gridpacks using floating point COM energies Fix Epos crashes Should fix Rivet crashes Added a condition to FixHepMC to allow weak boson decays in the final state Fix the name of the EvtGen decay algorithm add missing generators and tools versions Update EvtInclusiveDecay.cxx to avoid NPD PowhegControl: cherry-pick of "Merge branch '21.6-Powheg_ttMiNNLO_Fixes' into '21.6'" - AGENE-2055 Update Starlight_i.cxx Fix the crashes in QGSJET cherry-pick of "Merge branch '21.6-Powheg_MadSpin_ErrorLog_Fix' into '21.6'" Try to fix the default values to mimic HepMC2 Update Rivet_i: delete offending curly brace Powheg: update to version Powheg-05-01 Update FixHepMC.cxx Fix binary comparison of HepMC3 vs HepMC2 local ART tests: add MG+H7 test Fix Rivet errors due to absent GenRunInfo in HepMC3 branch Try to fix AGENE-2090 Separate logic of fixing the HepMC event from the logic of particle removal Sweeping !47732 from 21.6 to master. patch fake error messaves for Hj_MiNNLO Added a case of merging 2->1 to FixHepMC Update TestHepMC.cxx Fix the way to write beam particles in MCEventCollection for HepMC3 branch Update FixHepMC.cxx to fix Update to test the showering of Herwig Generators: catch missing cross-sections in HepMC GenEvent