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Motivated by the need to control which urls are supposed to be accessible by the back-end, this MR introduces one environment variable to control the list of endpoints - EXTRA_PAGES:

  • Added a new GenericExtraPage class that expects the active_page and filename values in a dictionary, in order to control the paths and jinja templates directory.
  • Control the url generation for the /about (REGISTER_ABOUT_PAGE) and /calculator/user-guide (REGISTER_USER_GUIDE_PAGE) pages.
  • Control extra url generation, that will relate to a newly created jinja template:
    • If a tool needs any extra(s) page(s), one needs to define the endpoint(s) in the env variable, as well as a new template(s). Ideally, these templates should extend layout.html.j2, with the respective customisation under the {% block %} jinja macro to follow the respective theme guideline.

New version: 4.10

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