Commit 083ca8b6 authored by Giuseppe Lo Presti's avatar Giuseppe Lo Presti
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Added support for MySQL generated SQL code

parent 25a683c4
......@@ -15,10 +15,17 @@ set TMPDIR=`mktemp /tmp/gencastor-XXXXXX`
rm -rf ${TMPDIR}
mkdir -p ${TMPDIR}/castor/db
cp ${WORKDIR}/castor/db/oracleHeader.sql ${TMPDIR}/castor/db/
cp ${WORKDIR}/castor/db/oracleTrailer.sql ${TMPDIR}/castor/db/
cp ${WORKDIR}/castor/db/oracleHeader.sql ${TMPDIR}/castor/db/
/usr/bin/gencastor.bin -o ${TMPDIR} --nocrashhandler ${XMIFILE}
cp ${WORKDIR}/castor/db/mysqlHeader.sql ${TMPDIR}/castor/db/
cp ${WORKDIR}/castor/db/mysqlTrailer.sql ${TMPDIR}/castor/db/
/local/castor/PROTO2/codeGeneration/gencastor/gencastor.bin -o ${TMPDIR} --nocrashhandler ${XMIFILE}
if !($?) then
#echo Abnormal termination
set pushdsilent
pushd ${TMPDIR}
foreach f (`find . -type f`)
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