Commit 5e325260 authored by Giuseppe Lo Presti's avatar Giuseppe Lo Presti
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*** empty log message ***

parent e867a768
......@@ -23,6 +23,7 @@ cp ${WORKDIR}/castor/db/*.sql ${TMPDIR}/castor/db/
/usr/bin/gencastor.bin -o ${TMPDIR} --nocrashhandler ${XMIFILE}
set pushdsilent
pushd ${TMPDIR}
rm -f castor/db/*Generated*
foreach f (`find . -type f`)
#echo $f
if !(-f ${WORKDIR}/${f}) then
......@@ -42,4 +43,3 @@ foreach f (`find . -type f`)
rm -rf ${TMPDIR}
rm -f ${WORKDIR}/castor/db/*Generated*
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