Commit 697c0b9a authored by Steven Murray's avatar Steven Murray
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Added lxcastordev04 config params.

parent ecd56aa7
......@@ -11,10 +11,10 @@ TAPETEST poll_interval_lxcastordev03 5
TAPETEST tapepool_lxcastordev03 stager_dev03_2
TAPETEST username_lxcastordev04 murrayc3
TAPETEST checkout_location_lxcastordev04 /var/some_checkout
TAPETEST checkout_location_lxcastordev04 /afs/
TAPETEST file_size_lxcastordev04 10485760
TAPETEST file_number_lxcastordev04 10
TAPETEST castor_directory_lxcastordev04 /castor/
TAPETEST castor_directory_lxcastordev04 /castor/
TAPETEST migration_timeout_lxcastordev04 600
TAPETEST poll_interval_lxcastordev04 5
TAPETEST tapepool_lxcastordev04 stager_dev04
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