Commit ae41895d authored by Giuseppe Lo Presti's avatar Giuseppe Lo Presti
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Removed debug line

parent 75197530
......@@ -37,7 +37,6 @@ grep 'CREATE OR REPLACE' ${TMPDIR}/${TOPNS}/db/postgresTrailer.sql | awk 'BEGIN
# hack to prevent Umbrello from overwriting the original XMI file
set XMITOUSE=`echo ${XMIFILE} | awk -F'/' '{ print $NF }'`
echo ${XMITOUSE}
(/usr/bin/gencastor.bin -o ${TMPDIR} -c ${TOPNS} --nocrashhandler ${TMPDIR}/${XMITOUSE} > /dev/tty) >& /dev/null
set pushdsilent
pushd ${TMPDIR}
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