1. 31 Jul, 2015 4 commits
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      XROOTD: Fix the callback port value for asynchronous requests · 4bd9e2d2
      Elvin Sindrilaru authored
      This is the port on which the XRootD manager waits for connections from
      the diskmanagerd daemons to get responses to the various requests that
      the clients have previously submitted. This avoids the issue of binding
      each time we restart the XRootD daemon to a random port and therefore
      the diskmanagerd daemons avoid "Connection refused" errors on their side.
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      XROOTD: Increase the max number of async requests in-flight · 8ddefd32
      Elvin Sindrilaru authored
      This represents maximum number of entries that a XRootD manager can
      hold in its map regarding requests from clients which have not yet
      received a response from CASTOR.
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      XROOTD: Add functionality to query for the list of pending requests · 1e642cfe
      Elvin Sindrilaru authored
      One can use the defaut xrdfs command to query for the size and the
      list of pending requests in the XRootD manager. These are client requests
      waiting for a replies from CASTOR. All these clients are now in a
      stalling state. The actual command one can use is:
      xrdfs root://localhost// query opaque /getpending
      For security reasons this command can only be executed from the same
      machine that runs the XRootD manager daemon. The listing provides
      information about the timestamp when the request was submitted, the
      timestamp when the response was received, the request id that the
      stager provided us with and the client identity.
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      XROOTD: Protect against missing checksum · 973a1775
      Elvin Sindrilaru authored
      In case a file does not have any checksum type or value set in the
      namespace we return a proper error message. This avoids a bug which
      leads to a crash of the XRootD daemon as it can not deal with empty
      checksum values.
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  9. 24 Jun, 2015 1 commit
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      XROOTD: Adopt a clear convention for the 'm' bit · 4ee32996
      Elvin Sindrilaru authored
      In XRootD we use the following convention to make the difference between
      a file on tape with a disk copy and a file on tape without any disk copies:
        - file is on disk and was migrated to tape -> BACKUP_EXISTS
        - file is not on disk but migrated to tape -> BACKUP_EXISTS | OFFLINE
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