Commit 42d74994 authored by Marco Clemencic's avatar Marco Clemencic
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export also module targets to ensure that we do not have conflicts

If a subdirectory in a derived project tries to create the same module
as another subdirectory in the used project, the configuration will stop
with an error.
parent 2d2a5903
......@@ -867,6 +867,7 @@ function(gaudi_add_module library)
#----Installation details-------------------------------------------------------
install(TARGETS ${library} LIBRARY DESTINATION ${lib})
gaudi_export(MODULE ${library})
# Backward compatibility macro
......@@ -1435,7 +1436,7 @@ macro(gaudi_external_project_environment)
# gaudi_export( (LIBRARY | EXECUTABLE)
# gaudi_export( (LIBRARY | EXECUTABLE | MODULE)
# <name> )
# Internal function used to export targets.
......@@ -1455,8 +1456,9 @@ macro(gaudi_generate_exports)
get_filename_component(pkgname ${package} NAME)
get_property(exported_libs DIRECTORY ${package} PROPERTY GAUDI_EXPORTED_LIBRARY)
get_property(exported_execs DIRECTORY ${package} PROPERTY GAUDI_EXPORTED_EXECUTABLE)
get_property(exported_mods DIRECTORY ${package} PROPERTY GAUDI_EXPORTED_MODULE)
if (exported_libs OR exported_execs)
if (exported_libs OR exported_execs OR exported_mods)
set(pkg_exp_file ${pkgname}Export.cmake)
message(STATUS "Generating ${pkg_exp_file}")
......@@ -1502,6 +1504,10 @@ get_filename_component(_IMPORT_PREFIX \"\${_IMPORT_PREFIX}\" PATH)
file(APPEND ${pkg_exp_file} " )\n")
foreach(module ${exported_mods})
file(APPEND ${pkg_exp_file} "add_library(${module} MODULE IMPORTED)\n")
install(FILES ${pkg_exp_file} DESTINATION cmake)
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