Commit 547a12e7 authored by Marco Clemencic's avatar Marco Clemencic
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improvement to the generic CMake Makefile

parent 558c24e8
......@@ -60,12 +60,12 @@ purge:
# delegate any target to the build directory (except 'purge')
ifneq ($(MAKECMDGOALS),purge)
%: $(BUILDDIR)/Makefile
%: $(BUILDDIR)/Makefile FORCE
$(MAKE) -C build.$(CMTCONFIG) $*
# aliases
.PHONY: configure tests
.PHONY: configure tests FORCE
ifneq ($(wildcard $(BUILDDIR)/Makefile),)
configure: rebuild_cache
......@@ -77,6 +77,10 @@ tests: all
-$(MAKE) -C build.$(CMTCONFIG) test
$(MAKE) -C build.$(CMTCONFIG) QMTestSummary
# ensure that the target are always passed to the CMake Makefile
@ # dummy target
# Special trick to allow a non-standard makefile name
# If the makefile is not called 'Makefile', we get its update delegated to
# cmake, unless we block the delegation.
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