Commit 5dbe719e authored by Marco Clemencic's avatar Marco Clemencic
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filter stdout for tests to hide removeal of ErrorCounter property

fixes several failing tests in LHCb caused by gaudi/Gaudi!273
parent 09859bd6
......@@ -789,8 +789,6 @@ for w,o,r in [
(None, r"e([-+])0([0-9][0-9])", r"e\1\2"),
# Output line changed in Gaudi v24
(None, r'Service reference count check:', r'Looping over all active services...'),
# Change of property name in Algorithm (GAUDI-1030)
(None, r"Property(.*)'ErrorCount':", r"Property\1'ErrorCounter':"),
# Ignore count of declared properties (anyway they are all printed)
(None, r"^(.*(DEBUG|SUCCESS) List of ALL properties of .*#properties = )\d+", r"\1NN"),
]: #[ ("TIMER.TIMER","[0-9]+[0-9.]*", "") ]
......@@ -848,6 +846,7 @@ lineSkipper = LineSkipper(["//GP:",
r"Property(.*)'AuditRe(start|initialize)':", # these were missing in tools
r"Property(.*)'ErrorCount(er)?':", # removed with gaudi/Gaudi!273
# ignore uninteresting/obsolete messages
r"Property update for OutputLevel : new value =",
r"EventLoopMgr\s*DEBUG Creating OutputStream",
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