Commit f5286a84 authored by Sebastien Ponce's avatar Sebastien Ponce
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Allowed to inherit from default QMTTest object

One can now set GAUDI_QMTEST_MODULE and GAUDI_QMTEST_CLASS to overwrite the default python object used to instantiate qmt tests.
This allows to have dedicated objects, e.g. experiment specific, checking some specialized output in a different way
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......@@ -142,9 +142,18 @@ def main():
fileToExec = imp.Test()
results =
elif filename.endswith(".qmt"):
from QMTTest import QMTTest
fileToTest = QMTTest(filename)
results =
# Check which class should be used to instantiate QMTests
# by default it is QMTTest but this can be overwritten via the environment
test_module = os.environ.get('GAUDI_QMTEST_MODULE', 'GaudiTesting.QMTTest')
test_class = os.environ.get('GAUDI_QMTEST_CLASS', 'QMTTest')
exec 'from {} import {} as test_class'.format(test_module, test_class)
fileToTest = test_class(filename)
results =
except Exception, e:
logging.error('Exception caught when trying to instantiate qmt test python object')
return 1
report = globals()[ + '_report']
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